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  • Apple - September 9 Will Give You A Stomach Ache And Nothing More... Focus On Sales [View article]
    Forget about the theory that AAPl will go down on good news. Maybe a few idiots will sell, but that is the oldest best-known out-dated trade theory in the world. I heard it talked about four times on CNBC in the past week or so. And multiple articles on SA about how you sell on Sept 9 instead of buy.

    So two points, first, the old sell on good Apple news theory is old hat and will never work again, for any significant gain. And second, selling on good news doesn't make any common sense. And since we have had very little run-up lately, I would say just the opposite is now ready to happen. I feel huge pent-up demand to own AAPl shares but people are waiting because of the idiotic "sell on good news" theory that shorts and day traders have put out. So it may be that instead of going down, we spike upward following what are sure to be fantastic new announcements. In other words, buy and hold. Forget about trying to time old out-dated Wall St patterns which have nothing to do with reality today.

    Not priced into the stock yet are all kinds of huge catalysts like mobile payment deals with Visa, Mastercard and Amex. The iWatch and health and medical advances. Ongoing buybacks making our shares worth that much more. Huge surge in Mac sales. The never priced-in IBM deal. Huge growth in all kinds of developing markets. And the big-time problems and multi-billion dollar losses facing Android, Samsung, Microsoft and anyone else who dares to compete with Apple.
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  • Celebrating Apple's New All-Time Highs With 4 Reasons For Caution [View article]
    Institutional ownership of AAPl is very light. That is another big catalyst. They need to buy more AAPL. More more. And it is a very safe stock so why not? Whatever Putin or SIs does will not affect AAPl's profits more than 1%. And unlike many high-fliers, AAPL makes their huge margin profits upfront and always. COmpanies like facebook and Google are always scrambling to find ways to datamine people to make profits off our info. That is a lame business model, destined to fail in the longterm. AAPL has the perfect business model. Too much demand, always paid full price upfront. Not a single leftover. 100% massive profitability and market dominance. Now selling for 11 PE ex cash, the cheapest major tech stock which is actually growing, by far.
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  • Celebrating Apple's New All-Time Highs With 4 Reasons For Caution [View article]
    Buy buy buy AAPL and hold for at least a year. This is the year or two of Apple's new total domination. The stock remains priced extremely cautiously , a big disconnect with real world mega success. Anyone who tell you to be cautious and sell AAPl is a BS artist with his own wrongheaded motives only.
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  • Apple's Payments Platform May Be Ready To Roll [View article]
    iWatches will start at $400.

    Apple has discussed charging 'around $400' for its wearable 'iWatch' - report
    Apple's anticipated "iWatch" may carry a price of around $400 when it goes on sale, though the wearable device is likely to be offered at a range of price points, according to a new report.

    But the patent they filed shows a cel batter sized watch computer that can slide into any band, including very expensive ones designed by the best in the world, even ultra luxury ones. So expect a lot of profit on the bands. Hence the hirings APple made of the top people from Tag Heuer, Burburry and Nike Fuelband.
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  • Apple's Payments Platform May Be Ready To Roll [View article]
    Apple also inks deal with American Express. HUge-huge-huge.

    Apple reportedly inks deal with American Express for 'iPhone 6' payment system
    Credit card giant American Express is apparently onboard with Apple's forthcoming mobile payment system, expected to be a part of the company's next-generation iPhone set to be unveiled at a Sept. 9 media event.
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  • Apple's Payments Platform May Be Ready To Roll [View article]
    HUge news from Appleinsider, Apple has signed deal with Visa and Mastercard both.

    Apple's secret iPhone 6 digital payment system said to also include Visa & MasterCard
    Hot on the heels of a report that Apple has inked a deal with American Express, a second report has stated that the company has also signed deals with Visa and MasterCard.

    Can you say an extra 100 billion? So why is the stock still so cheap?

    Buybuybuy and hold. And do not worry.
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  • Apple's Payments Platform May Be Ready To Roll [View article]
    I predict that at 159 Michael Blair will finally be right. The stock will go down then. A good fast short. But only temporarily. It will eventually be over 200.

    And I'll bet Blair will not cover at 149. Convinced it will go back to 70 because Apple destroyed Blackberry and that is serious revenge for a patriotic Canuck. jj
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  • Apple's Payments Platform May Be Ready To Roll [View article]
    HUge new payments business just one of ten huge things not yet priced into this stock. I list them. When finally priced in, we will be north of 150. Extremely cheap stock for a megacap relative to real world success and profitability. Wall St is about nine months behind the times on AAPL so far.

    Never priced in:

    1) Huge stock buybacks
    2) Huge new bio medical business
    3) Huge new mobile payments
    4) Huge surges in Macs
    5) HUge IBM deal
    6) Huge growth in developing countries regardless of what Putin or Isis does
    7) Huge value of brand name and patents
    8) Huge value in Apple getting lowest interest rates on earth for bonds
    9) iWatch and wearables
    10) Windows is being phased out and Android is way behind and fragmented

    Put it all together and 150 is the proper target, not 107 or whatever the short term traders are trying to get. That will be in the permanent rearview mirror soon.

    Also expect large dividend increases soon. Maybe as much as 50%.
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  • Celebrating Apple's New All-Time Highs With 4 Reasons For Caution [View article]
    Disregard all supply chain rumors about supposed delays. Tim Cook is extremely competent. He would now allow any meaningful delays in announced products, nor would be leave money on the table. As Tim Cook told us, these supply chain leaks are unreliable info as they only look at one factory while Apple may in fact have multiple factories working on the same thing. So if they fall behind at one plant, they may be making up for it at another. And besides, even if there are some minor delays, customers will wait and it will just make the new products that much more desirable.

    Unlike Samsung which is trying to dump unwanted product, every single Apple product unit will sell at full price. That is all you need to know. So it is only a question of how many units they can produce. And though the number is not infinite, it is huge. Expect 80 million iPhones to be sold by the end of year. Huge massive success story.
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  • Celebrating Apple's New All-Time Highs With 4 Reasons For Caution [View article]
    This article is full of false assumptions. First, AAPL has performed much better than any cautious investor a year ago might have thought and is now firing on all cylinders and thrashing all competition. They are one step away from totally dominating the premium end of mobile and computing globally, and are selling briskly in three times as many countries as they were 2 years ago. That calls for a much more optimist PE that the puny 11 ex cash they have now, especially since troubled competitors like MSFT and GOOG have much higher PE's.

    AAPl has proven to be the most secure investment in the world recent which still has growth potential. AAPl is so far Putin proof. And whatever wars happen, they wil not diminish Apple's earnings.

    The Sept 9th expected sell off is such an old well-known theory that it won't happen. In fact it has stopped the stock from going up much in the past few weeks. Likely now the opposite will happen. The selling, weak hands, shorting and waiting to buy has already happened. There is now huge pent up demand to own AAPL shares and expected extra good news on Sept 9th should propel the stock through 110. I have heard that Sept 9th sell-off theory so many times that it's tiresome. Anyone paying attention who is scared about Sept 9th has already bailed or is waiting to buy on some dip which probably wont happen. So they will buy higher instead.

    As Jim Cramer says, quit trading AAPL. It is not a tradeable stock because the downside is almost nill. If it did go down 5% Apple itself would be there to buy bilions worth as they have been doing regularly lately. They still have more than10 billion to spend on shares and they like discounts.
    Speaking if discounts, at 102, we are still the cheapest major tech stock besides HP, and HP has little chance of growth. Apple meanwhile is king. They have won. Samsung is no longer a threat. Android is no longer a threat. Windows is going by bye. And we are about to see the most profitable several quarters in corporate history.
    So ask yourself what stock you would rather own, especially wiuth all these crazy wars going on? AAPL is #1. Buy, hold, profit and sleep well at night.
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  • Apple's iWatch Is A Game Changer [View article]
    Mockups of the iWatch are wrong. The actual patent they got calls for any type wristband you want from utility to ultra luxury, then a cel phone battery sized "watch" slides in and out of the band, so you could own multiple bands for different occasions.

    CNBC's tech expert (black guy cant remember his name) said today that Apple's announcement might signal a Siri based voice activated system. Which would be the same system they are reportedly working to replace Google as the #1 search engine.

    BTW, I would sell GOOG now and switch to AAPL. Google needs AApl ten times as much as the opposite. And IOS will be where all the real money is more and more. Therefore, AAPl will be GOOG's boss. And the more leverage AAPl has over GOOG, the bigger their earnings get. Microsoft too, but IMHO they are already defeated. No idea why people big up the stock so much. it is way overvalued compared to AAPL. And GOOG is even more move overvalued. Google's earnings are shrinking not growing. And the culprit is Apple. They are continually taking money away from Google and Microsoft, not to mention Samsung and all the others. This could continue for years and years.
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  • Apple: Shares At All-Time Highs In Bull Market And Still A Great Buy [View article]
    There is Wall ST BS going on now about AAPL. veryone wants the stock, but everyone is afraid everyone will sell on Sept 9 as they did last year. So probably the opposite will happen and it will go up Sept 9. But it will stagnate for now. This stock wants to get to 120 fast but so far Wall St psychology (and that is the only reason) wont let it.

    I highly recommend ignoring Wall St schemes and buying and holding, and definitely do not sell, or short. Once Sept 9 is over, assuming the news is fantastic, we will go a lot higher, no doubt. And Apple has proven it is also Putin proof. Whatever Putin does, russians and others will still desperately want their iPhones.

    I predicted the study that came out today proving young people are not spending on expensive clothes because their priority is their iPhone, not $100 jeans or designer clothes. That is happening all over the world right now including in China.
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  • Xiaomi: Copied Apple's DNA? [View article]
    I believe Xioami is a Chinese government conspiracy to keep Apple from totally dominating their market, and also to spy on their people. Most of the stories about X are phony touting pieces. I doubt their OS is any good at all. doesn't mater how fancy the case is. They all have nice cases these days. A $60 LG I bought looks fantastic. Who cares? IOS is where the action is. And the iPhones are always much better than anything else.

    Counterfeit iPhones have been available for years ikn China. No one is interested. And the minds behind Xioami are not properly motivated. If they had any real talent or passion they would be emigrating to SIlicon Valley.

    Samsung has proven that copies of Apple dont make money after maybe an initial spurt. In places like China, people are willing to pay twice the price for a real iPhone.

    And if the Chinese government tries to stop Apple's popularity, Apple could always move those 250,000 jobs to Taiwan.
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  • A Bigger iPad To Reverse The Declining Sales Trend [View article]
    Lt's be clear. Apple does not have an iPad problem. They make ten times as much as anyone on pads. People though are generally preferring Macs. Which is good for Apple. Still, there are millions of people who need and wants pads and a larger one will be a positive. especially with mobile professionals who dont work at a desk.

    exciting times for Apple. Will the iWatch be announced in two weeks? If so, wow. See Samsung slavishly trying to copy in advance. No one want their Gear watches but they are obsessed with trying to do whatever Apple does, less well. Pathetic really. Samsung makes good TV's, cheap phones and chips, they should stick with that. They are not qualified to be Apple's near-equal. They have already failed. Their management is making huge mistakes. The Gear is an embarrassing failure. But the iWatch could be a huge huge success.
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  • Apple's Opportunity In India [View article]
    Apple can be the most profitable company on earth for many years to come even if only the top 10% buy their products. But the reality is that much of the other 90% yearn to own Apple products so they do whatever is necessary to get them. Therefore 10% turns into 25% and once windows is gone, even more. The top 25% of the market though accounts for about 85% of the profits. Low end hardware makers make very little profits. In fact, I bet Samsung, Nokia and Moto are losing money now on premium phones. And Amazon's latest phone project is a complete disaster. Almost no one is buying them. They are finished in the phone business. And Nokia may follow soon so long as it is tethered to Windows which no one wants.
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