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  • Apple: 4 Potential Takeover Targets [View article]
    AAPL does have two much cash, great problem to have, but while none of us can do anything but guess what they might do with it, here are a few facts.

    AAPL has risen enough so that the dividend has fallen below 2%, so expect a sizeable dividend boost probebly in January but maybe before.

    Apple just brought in the Blackrock lady to their board and Tim Cooks commentg on that was that she was an expert at global expansion and overseas acquisitions to facilitate such expansion. So, since Apple has the majority of its cash overseas, and there are tax issues, it would make sense for them to buy foreign companies. That could be anything from A to Z, whatever they really need they can buy. But since Apple is so secretive about its future plans we can only wildly guess.

    BBRY has been for sale for years and AAPL sniffed around and decided against it. Actually I think they made a bid for some patents and were rejected. So why would AAPl buy them now? Only if BBRY comes begging to please buy us and they make the price right. To pay for some large premium over $10 a share would not make sense for Apple as they really do not need anything BBRY has.

    So what does AAPl need that they are not already developing? A premium video delivery system that bests all the rest, but they are possibly already setting that up, not by purchasing Comcast, but my tryng to do a strategic alliance which may include a large investment by Apple in infrastructure.

    An Apple store manager I talked to about this told me Apple is likely to buy increased superior bandwidth. What that means I am not sure but to be the very best and fastest at delivering video entertainment would certainly be a priority.

    Apart from that, Apples strategy is usually to ally like with IBM or to hire away the best talent (Tag Heuer, Google Maps, Nike Fuelband, etc.)

    Also, despite the recent rise Apple management knows its stock is still cheap relative to its true real-world value so buying back another big chunk of the company is very possible as well. This is also becaused Apple gets a great deal on those iBonds, paying only the minimal interest rate to bondholders due to their AAA+ credit rating.

    And if congress ever does anything but vote to repeal healthcare or sue Obama, they might just pass a repatriation law to bring that cash home for a reduced tax rate, and then that would free up Apple to make all kinds of acquisitions in the USA.
    Aug 23 02:05 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple's iWatch Profit Potential [View article]
    The iWatch is not priced into AAPL at all. Wall St is taking a wait and see attitude, unless Tesla and its battery factory which wont even exist for years. If Apple does what I think and releases a kick-ass new wrist wearable, it will sell more than 50 million the first year and the stock should spike 10+ points.
    Aug 22 04:30 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple's Competitive Edge: Apple As Market Regulator [View article]
    Apple may release a new siri based search engine within the year which is intended to replace Google Search (and all the ad and ecommerce revenues) on IOS and Safari.

    Once that happens, do not be surprised if Google continues missing earnings estimates for years to come. GOOG is very overvalued. But even if you dont believe that, AAPl remains super undervalued. New high or not. Only a 11+ PE ex cash hoard. Three times as much cash as Google or anyone else.
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  • Apple's Competitive Edge: Apple As Market Regulator [View article]
    Windows (ie Nokia) is going out of business in the next few years.
    If they file a lawsuit it will be a typical desperate move of a failing company to grab some cash.

    IOS is the king now, at least it will be confirmed within a year or so, sicne Nadell is phazing out Windows and Android is already a year behind IOS and Google refuses to try and catch up.

    So any Android or Windows devcies are fine if they are cheap, but they cannot compare with Apple, especially when the price rises to over $400. You can now buy a new iPhone4 for $420 which is far cheaper than a Lumina and most Samsung phones. Do the math.

    AAPl remains about 50% undervalued, and that is without any pie in the sky dreams coming true, that it its present real world trajectory.
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  • Apple's iPad Problem Is Lenovo's Wintel Tablet [View article]
    Intel runs on windows, an OS which is gradually going out of business and existence. That is hardly something Apple with IOS would fear.
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  • Apple's iPad Problem Is Lenovo's Wintel Tablet [View article]
    Ahem, excuse me but Lenovo already bailed out of the pad business out of fear of the iPad and also shrinking pad sales and too much low end competition.

    I posted the article about a week ago. Search and you shall find.
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  • Apple: Rising But Not Yet Fully Rerating, Still Room For Valuation Multiple Expansion [View article]
    AAPL IS TOO UNDERVALUED VS GOOG. Google is a great company but do not have the dominance Apple does, that is IOS and all the premium spenders online. Google derives most of their growth income in fact out of IOS, and that is where Apple could cut off Goog and the knees.

    AAPL is not happy Google copied the iPhone and IOS. They are in the process of rebalancing this. That is, they will not sue Google, but they will be replacing Google search as the main engine on Safari (they is being worked on now and will be released once it is as good or better than Google search) but Goog pays Apple a measly 2 billion a year to be #1 on safari and IOS. And so at the least we can expect that annual fee to triple or quadruple. Apple has alerady replaced Google translation with Bing and has no need for Google Maps. So what else does Apple ened Google for? Google needs Apple a lot more.

    Goog is currently missing earnings regularly, has sliding ad revenues (another area where Apple can steal market share from them) and has not yet written off the terrible waste of money on Motorola, as much as a 9 billion loss there they have not admitted yet.

    I know Wall St loves Goog, so lets give it a 20% premium greater than Apple. That still does let Apple get even close to pulling even. AAPL would haev to go up 50 points and Google down 200 points for fair value to be reached. and maybe it will be within the year.

    Also, it is a terrible miscalculation to assume MSFT{s new CEO is going to deliver miracles and make up for the slow but certain demise of Windows and PCs, and they too lost around 9 billion trying to compete with the iPhone with Nokia.

    So please Wall St, wake up and favor the winner not the also'rans. AAPL deserves a much higher PE than MSFT, and that should be obvious. and right now theirs is lower. makes no sense.
    Aug 22 04:20 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple, Samsung Face China Telco Freeze-Out [View article]
    It is foolish to sell on Sept 9 too. Unless you are a day or week trader. Patterns in past years show the peak periods for AAPl stock are in December and January plus April, not September. There is usually a run-up in August, but only scalpers and weak hands will sell on good news this year. Why? Because we can expect twice as much good news as usual this year. Plus this year we have Apple itself as the biggest buyer of all buying heavily on any dips, is appears. They bought a boatload of stock back at 90 and again at 94 and again in the high 90's Expect that to continue as they have more than ten billion left to spend and can easily do a lot more.
    Aug 21 12:20 AM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple, Samsung Face China Telco Freeze-Out [View article]
    This article is load of BS and uninformed wishful thinking as apparently the author is short Apple or something. There is zero evidence any telco or anyone is going to hurt Apple in CHina. Samsung is a different story. They are being squeezed badly from below and above. But 90% of tech savvy Chinese lust for an iPhone or other APple product and that is true for 100 other countries around the world as well. Apple will sell every iPhone it can make at top price and does not need subsidies or government purchases to do it.

    If you travel a lot as I do, you will clearly see that this is the year of Apple globally, and that is likely to continue and increase for years to come.

    There are many people who fro whatever reason do not want AAPl to go up or Apple to succeed, but they cannot stop it. Yes it will not go straight up and there will be dips here and there like any stock, but these days such dips are merely buying opportunities. Listen to Morgan Stanley and not anti-Apple bloggers.
    Aug 21 12:17 AM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • With Apple Over $100, Time To Sell? [View article]
    Several more big differences and reasons to buy and hold,. don't sell:

    1) Last time it hit 700 Steve Jobs had just died and Watt St was dubious about Tim Cook
    2) Last time it fell, Tim Cook made a big mistaken and didn't do anything to defend the company or stock price, now he is just the opposite.

    3) Samsung was then coming on strong spending 14 bilion on ads attacking Apple. Now Samsung is on the ropes, beaten by IOS, still selling a ton of phones but losing money on the premium level where it has to compete with Apple.
    4) Other competitors also squashed; Blackberry. Nokia, Motorola etc

    5) Apple in three timesa as many countries growing fast including the big one, CHina after a huge China mobile deal
    6) HUge IBM deal
    7) Micvrosoft phasing out Windows which will leave IOS the only OS left
    8) Apple replacing Google Search on IOS,
    9) Huge buybacks put a floor under stock
    10) Nice growing dividend

    OK that's enough, but there is more. All big differneces from 18 months ago.

    I don't just see AAPL not going down, I see it reaching 120 easily and 150 probably
    Aug 20 09:48 AM | 9 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple tops $100 following bullish Morgan Stanley note [View news story]
    If traders sell AAPL on Sept 9, then be ready to buy for a discount, because historically it only lasts a few days then back up to even higher levels. Check the charts. Traditionally the peak times for AAPl stock are in early december then in late January. Not September.

    But of course this year is different, the old trade might not work, as many more announcements than usual and Tim Cook is running on all cylinders. Very difficult to replace an Icon. But give him credit, he has done so very succcessfully after a fitful first 9 months,m during which time he learned lessons then corrected prior errors, the main one which was to ignore the stock price and not take care of his shareholders. He then re-negotiated his contract to be based on the stock price and hired a new CFGO whose specialty is rewarding stockholders. He also put a woman on the board who is a founder of Blackrock, whose specialty it is to grow a global powerhouse. And inked a great deal with IBM the market has yet to acknowledge.
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  • Apple tops $100 following bullish Morgan Stanley note [View news story]
    NO way they are delaying the Iwatch until next yer. They have had the best team in the world working on it all year and Nike exited the market knowing what was coming. Nike knows more than your analyst. Tim COok is on the board of Nike and he hired away their top Fuelband designer. You think they did that to delay a year?
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  • Apple tops $100 following bullish Morgan Stanley note [View news story]
    Paoulo, you are ill informed about the iWatch credible rumors. Read Appleinsider and educate yourself before you spout off bearish comments for no rational reason. If you are short AAPl you are in big trouble so cover tomorrow. But do not BS APple experts about how measly their products might be. Please. You know nothing.
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  • Apple tops $100 following bullish Morgan Stanley note [View news story]
    Paulo I would not p[it yourself against Morgan Stanley. They may be a little optimistic, but 40 million would probably be in the bag. And it will be a brilliant beautiful product which could save your life. So do not underestimate Tim COok's likely first big product launch. Remember Jonny Ives is still there, the guy who designed the iPhone and iPad. Steve Jobs and a partner and is is now Tim Cook's partner, adding dozens more for this product, all the smartest best in the world.

    Plus they will run seamlessly on IOS with your other Apple products.

    No other brand has this kind of excellence.
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  • Apple tops $100 following bullish Morgan Stanley note [View news story]
    Paulo, Apple is no longer in its first year. it is now taking over the world. It is at its peak. They could sell 250 million iPhones every quarter if they could make enough and sell them for $400. Everywhere in the world everyone wants an iPhone or Mac or iPad. They want Apple. So the iWatch will be a huge seller. 50 million in one year is not too much. it is more or less accurate.
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