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  • Apple: Let Us Not Get Overexcited [View article]
    This past quarter will be the worst one of the year for AAPL. That is how great Apple is doing, Just keep that in mind if any bear tries to convince you to sell at this still very low undervalued price. This is the beginning of the recovery not the end. And the end result will be new highs beyond 700 and maybe beyond 800.

    Wall ST says it wants new products and innovation, well they are coming fast and furious starting in September which is only six months away .and now that the irrational negative sentiment is out of the way, loo out above. This stock is coming. If GOOG can rise 110 points in one day after a ho-hum quarter, why not AAPL?
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  • Apple: Let Us Not Get Overexcited [View article]
    This blogger world prefer a company like Google that offers no dividend, lots of insider selling, split the stock so half the holders can't vote and has no buybacks at all. Plus GOOG has a 400% higher PE than AAPL despite the fact it has missed earnings 75% of the time and may actually be shrinking,
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  • Apple: Let Us Not Get Overexcited [View article]
    This is merely a wrong negative Apple blog trying to disguise itself as someone reasonable. Trying to highlight iPad sales as a "miss" when Tim Cook clearly explained that this was just a seasonal thing that by chance happened to be the opposite move as 12 months ago. IPad sales are not slow. The Ipad rules the pad world. And trying to diss Apple's promise to rise the dividend every year. I don't know a single company that promises that. And do have any idea how many institutional buyers want and need a healthy growing company that also has a nice growing dividend, especially one which is guaranteed?

    Also while comparing it to Cola Cola may be partly fair due to the value of the two brand names, though Apple's is more valuable than Coke or Disney, the other two in the top three, Coca Cola is not healthy (that is good for your health) so it is gradually fading, while Apple is very healthy and is growing strongly.

    Frankly, all Apple bears should just cut the BS attempts, stop it and go attack some company that actually has real problems. Or a high flier which is extremely overvalued like Google or facebook. Apple depite its 43 point pop is still selling at only cash on hand plus 6 years of free cashflow. very very undervalued Everything else is free with this stock, including all its patents, all future growth, anything beyond 6 years out and the value of its brand name, which being more valuable than Coca Cola or Disney, should added to the market cap as a 200 billion extra intangible.

    Brand blames as important as Apple are worth a tremendous amount of money. Disney gets a premium for theirs. Why does Aple get no value at all for theirs>

    This is one reason why AAP, deserves to be at 960, not 560.
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  • Apple: China Delivers [View article]
    At 560 you are still getting everything by cash on hand and six years of free cashflow for free. That is a fact. Do the math. Plus you get a nice dividend.

    This is why I am pegging AAPL's fair value at $950. About a trillion dollar market cap is where they belong and deserve to be.
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  • With All That Cash, Who Will Apple Buy Next? [View article]
    I spoke to the manager of a major Apple store and asked him about what Apple would buy. He had no idea but suggested they might buy bandwidth towers. Others have recommended easy pickups like Pandora to remove competition. A big Hollywood power player I know told me they sniffed around Hollywood a year ago and would have bought anything that made sense, but nothing did to them. Apple does not want to run a movie studio and have to deal with movie star egos. I could se maybe taking out Ebay for Paypal, but then they would have to deal with Ebay. Yahoo and build out their search engine to replace Google.

    Bottomline, Apple doesn't need to buy anyone, just sweeten the pot whenever need be to get first place in line. Which will probably continue.

    But Tesla, now there is a conceptual idea. But what would they do with Elon? They cant make him CEO. He probably has a huge ego. So that could be a problem,
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  • Apple: China Delivers [View article]
    Chinese I understand have a shortage of females so the guys really need to advertise to attract women to marry. The best bling or peacock feathers is an iPhone. Better than the former favorite, a gold watch, and much more useful and entertaining. A guy with an iPhone is considered a winner with money maybe worth marrying.

    Also, the women also want iPhones. And get them. Better than jewelry to them. I date a girl in South America and they are the same. the phone is the #1 priority, even more so than fashionable clothing. And even those who are unemployed with no visible means still manage to shrimp and save for months to get an expensive phone. They used to crave Blackberrys since they are gone, Apple is the new Blackberry. Everyone underestimates the value to Apple of BB's demise. They were really the only true competition, and apple killed them off. And now Samsung has fallen victim as well. Good riddance.

    Just look at facebook and see all the young women taking selfies with their iPhones, showing off what phone they own. Since they cant afford cars or homes, this is where they put their limited funds. It is a true solid status symbol that also is super useful and worth the money. Multiple these cases times a billion and you realize where Apple's growth is coming from and why it is so sustainable. The iPhone6 will eclipse any product ever made. Just wait.
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  • Positives Are Mounting For Apple [View article]
    $640 is a reasonable target this month. This is a $950 value stock. and with many new products coming later this year, plus apple buying tons of stock, expect a likely 150 point rise by end of year. $700 at least, and this time we should be able to break through and hold over $700, so maybe $750 by year's end IMHO
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  • Positives Are Mounting For Apple [View article]
    Today was very bullish as anyone who wanted to sell could and though there was a temporary minor dip, by end of day we ended a little higher.

    Several key facts which will now attract many many big instititional investors: Cook promised to raise dividends every year. AAPL still sells at a huge discount to market. China Mobile turned out to be a big success after all. Apple's enormous buybacks put solid floor under stock so very little risk. 7-1 split encourages many people to buy smaller amounts. And AAPl cold now enter the Dow. And the syndrome of selling into good news and earnings for AAPL has been ended.

    Plus, notice AAPL's two biggest competitors Samsung and Google both missed earnings and have major problems to solve before they can grow.

    I don't know how MSFT beat, but in mobile they too are sucking Apple's tailpipe. So really no competition.
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  • Apple: China Delivers [View article]
    I read that the China Mobile 4G rollout takes about a year. so the sales will continue gradually, getting big boost with the new iPhones release.

    Even more impressive is how Apple now owns Japan. and who cares more about tech than Japanese? Very good sign and I am sure growth was also huge in new territories like Latin America and the Middle East since Blackberry has all but disappeared. Apple is getting all their old customers including in the lucrative enterprise market.

    Also, watched CNBC all day and there was one Apple bear. His argument was that since they missed on IPads that proves they are failing. Of course he ignored Cook's logical explanation for the seasonal dip. last year they were ramping up iPad sales in the first quarter, this year, they were doing the opposite. That totally explained the differential. Also now you get a nice ipad for $450 so very affordable. Macs did very well too, as PC sales were dipping again. Microsoft and friends are still experiencing the long slow goodbye.

    Equally satisfying was how dishonest pirates at Samsung have gotten hung out to dry, or hoisted on their own petard and blown away. They have very little time to squeeze any more money out of premium smart phones. By the end of the year they'd better just compete with Lenovo for the lower income buyers. Plus, very soon we could get a final court verdict against Samsung, and then Google is next. The evidence is definitely on Apple's side that Samsung and Google colluded to rip off the iPhone and IOS.
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  • Apple: China Delivers [View article]
    The bear argument against AAPL now is completely destroyed. A few brave souls will probably try to diss Apple, some of them are even paid to do so, but they will convince no one.

    Here are the arguments which no longer have any credibility:

    1) Apple is up against fierce competition from Samsung and others

    2) Apple's margins are falling

    3) Apple is losing market share (lumping in every cheap device to get to that)

    4) If Apple doesn't make cheaper products they are done

    5) Apple has no innovation

    6) Cook is a robot pussy and without Steve Jobs they are sunk

    7) All Apple can do is buy back its stock

    8) Android rules (yes, amongst poor people with no credit cards)

    9) Telcos will squeeze Apple (yeah right, Wells fargo)

    10) Apple is fully valued at 500 (yeah if you dismiss their entire brand named value and all their patents)

    11) Apple is too big and mature to grow

    12) Wall St hates Apple (that was the only true statement until yesterday)
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  • Apple Hits A Home Run [View article]
    AAPL is not worth 600-650, it is worth 900-950. This initial reaction to real world news proving bears wrong is just the beginning. At $700, AAPl was still undervalued. AT 650 it begins to price in the kind of growth it is really experiencing. The China Mobile deal has not even begun to be priced in yet nor have 80 billion in buy backs.

    This is not pie in the sky, folks, this is real existing value, as at this low market cap you still are only pricing the entire company at 7 years free cashflow. As if Apple will not exists in 8 years, nor has no other assets. Guess what, their brand name alone is worth several hundred billion. Disney and Coca Cola get those premiums for their brand names, why not Apple which is a more valuable brand than with one of them. Apple has also the most loyal customers f any brand by far and every day are stealing premium customers for their overvalued competitors like Google, Samsung and Microsoft, they are beating those companies badly, and besides them they have no competition at all.

    I wonder why anyone would invest in companies like Google and Facebook which give away almost everything they create. Remember al those analysts who downgraded Apple for fear of falling margins? Well, margins went up this quarter to 39% despite it being the slowest sales quarter of the year. Samsung is selling two Galaxies for the price of one. So what I am saying is we have a long way to down on the upside before anyone can honestly tell us Apple is fairly valued. I am talking another 250 points minimum.

    At 950 Apple is finally fairly valued. Why? Because within 2 years Apple will have 1 billion IOS users, and those users are big buyers, worth $1000 apiece. That make this a trillion dollar company, and we are still 50% below that more or less.

    Also the huge buybacks, promised annual dividend hikes and 7-1 split all make this a much ore attractive stock for al kinds of reasons. But the growth people, today proved the growth is real. And no growth at all has yet been priced into tis stock, even after a 43 point pop after hours. No growth at al yet priced in. Thin about it and do the math. it is very simple. No pie in the sky hopes necessary. It has already happened.
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  • Cook Does Icahn's Dirty Work At Apple [View article]
    Apple buybacks are smart and shareholder friendly because Apple simply has too much cash, will probably not want to buy some 50+ billion dollar company and because it is a clever way to indirectly monetize their tax haven cash. By sing it as collateral for iBonds they evade taxes but also boost the value of every share, save big on dividends and show great faith in the company and its future plans.

    The buybacks also make this a very safe investment as Apple has proven that they are opportunistic buyers. They do not buy willy nilly, they buy on irrational dips, and that not only puts a hard floor under the stock price but Apple also makes a huge profit on this as the stock price escalates later. Just think of the profit that made buying 15 billion worth around 500, especially when this stock sells for 800 which I believe it will, maybe sooner than anyone thought.

    Why anyone would complain about the buybacks or blame Icahn for meddling is beyond me. IMHO Icahn, however selfish his motives, gave Apple a great idea as did Einhorn last year. In fact with the buybacks, the downside to this stock is amost nill and the upside is as much as 80%, so why complain?
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  • Cook Does Icahn's Dirty Work At Apple [View article]
    Apple beat and surprised o every single metric but Pad sales, and that is one of the last important.

    Did you see Apple's margins in the slowest sales period if the year while Samsung is desperately offering two Galaxies for the price of one in order to get anyone to buy one?

    Apple is a growth stock and deep value stock in one, plus the most secure balance sheet in corporate history. They made more money this Q than any company ever has. And with no new product announcements.

    As I have been saying for many months, much of the new Apple growth is now coming in parts of the world where Apple barely existed two years ago. And boy do they own Japan. They are taking all the old Blackberry business plus more and more of the premium Android and Windows users.

    Apple already owns 85% of the premium smart phone market and I predict that will increase to 95%. Plus more and more people who can't really afford Apple products will shrimp and save and make it a priority to own. So the premium market will expand, as it is already doing.

    The big losers here are Google Samsung and Microsoft. Those are all good stocks to short now, and put your money where the action is, into a still very cheap AAPl with the potential to go up 50%-100% in the next 6-24 months, and almost no downside risk thanks to the 40 billion more Apple has promised to spend on buybacks.
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  • Cook Does Icahn's Dirty Work At Apple [View article]
    Is this is the end of the era where Wall St disses and rips the best damn company in history which is 100% undervalued that is fine by me. That era which lasted 16 months was stupid, short sighted and dishonest. There was never a singe rational reason to drive this stock down so sharply from 700, not one. It was all liars and enemies of Apple leading lemmings off a cliff, and none of the bear arguments ever held any water. they were all based on grossly false equivalencies, fabricate fears and the assumption that just because Samsung is good at ripping off Apple then outspending them 14-1 on advertising that that someone would make Apple #2. In fact that war for the top is over. Apple is clear king of the hill. In fact it owns the hill.
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  • Apple: What Do The Bears Say Now? [View article]
    The problem with Apple bears has been they also feel entitled to their on set of facts, and yet none zero of the dire predictions ever came true. Not a single one, and they were all designed as scare tactics to try and drive the stock price down, maybe it was even a deliberate conspiracy.

    The liars responsible for downgrades at wells Fargo, Citi, Nomura and Jeffries deserve to be fired for gross negligence or just fat out lying. if you are a client of any of them you should take your money and advice elsewhere.
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