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  • BlackBerry Will Continue To Grow [View article]
    5.7 billion market cap for BBRY. And they have already sold off their real estate and let go or lost the majority of employees including probably the most talented ones. I know AAPl moved in a long time ago and hired away their top international sales people. Tim COok then went to the Middle East and inked deals with Turkey, DUbai, Saudis, Israel, ertc. where BBRY used to be strong. AAPl owns that space now.

    AAPL could have easily bought BBRY (as could have Lenovo) but no one bought the company. Possibly because of Canadian regulators, but also maybe because BBRY is not compatible or the patents don't have any value outside their own eco-system.

    About a year ago BBRY came out with a new phone. That apparently did not work out. I see they have a new device they launched in Indonesia with 20 people in line. But remember, for this company to actually survive they need to start making billions of dollars, or at least hundreds of millions, and fast. And they are not going to do that in the carplay space. So unless they invent something uniquely useful and popular and patent that and Apple can't do what they are doing ---

    I remain amazed that anyone considers this an investment. More like a wild spec bet, and what are the odds BBRY can survive? It costs a lot of money to survive, Chen or no Chen, and unless they are getting new financing and pull a Netflix, I just don't see it -- especially with Apple as a competitor. Netflix did not have any huge competition when they made their comeback, and they never even got close to insolvency.

    I am still waiting for anyone to explain how this company can be worth anymore than a few billion dollars, or less.
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  • BlackBerry Will Continue To Grow [View article]
    BBBY sold their real estate and actually sold employees (what are they indentured servants?) to VW to stay alive? That means they can't get bank financing or lure in any partners or bail-out. They are selling off their last hard assets. And you think for a minute any customer would want a Blackberry sound system in their car? This is 2014 not 1994.

    ALmost nobody uses BB's anymore. I bought my girlfriend one because it was 50% Off (2 years old leftover) but now she wants an iPhone.

    What I would advise is you to examine how many skilled people actually work for BBBY anymore, how much cash is in the bank as opposed to debt, what is the rate of the cash burn and what if any products do they have besides some minor ap on IOS. Also look at that Truman (?) VC which apparently owns first dibs at all assets in case of insolvency. And remember insolvency is possible soon if they burn through that real estate money. And if they do, then could the stock go to zero?

    Then if you find such a product ask yourself if BB has the people and money to launch and actually sell; it in the real world, and not just in Indonesia. It takes a global launch to make any traction particularly as BB was a global company with strength in far away markets.

    Bottomline, Apple put BBBY effectively out of business years ago. Yes it still technically exists and has a patent trove no one has bought yet, but what else can they do besides try to sell off pieces of the company like real estate? And now the VW deal will not get them into the car business. Apple already has a deal with Audi which is the same company as VW. BBBY also has no leverage in the music business. AAPL practically owns that space.
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  • Noise Hides True Threat To Whole Foods [View article]
    Trader Joes steals my business from WFM. Thje produce is fine and cheaper, nothintg rancid like the other poster claims, the meats, seafood and liquors both much cheaper and wide selection. Coffee and bread cheaper. Cheese cheaper. WFM can only compete with TJ's in a few areas.

    And since I go to the farmer's market for produce, much cheaper than WFM, this limits me to small item trips. Otherwise I can save $20 or more going to TJ's.

    This is also why I am not adding to WFM. Still hold shares I bought in Nov 2008 and have a 3500% profit on them.
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  • GT Advanced Technologies: Why Apple's iWatch Will Have A Sapphire Display [View article]
    You're right, in the long run GTAT will double or triple or quadruple probably. But if you are a CEO and your smallish company's stock is being manipulated up and down by swindlers who lie about your company for their own benefit, it is smart to stand up to them to retain integrity and just, stable valuation.

    The right few words from the CEO could knock out all those shorting this fine undervalued success story. That will happen sooner or later as soon as the Apple details become available, but in the meantime, don't let yourself be manipulated by two-faced BS artists in search of a fast buck.

    I feel bad for those snookered into selling into the downgrades. They will soon be kicking themselves for not buying into the ruse instead.
    Jul 8 10:10 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Chinese government calls for phone subsidy cuts; UBS sees iPhone impact [View news story]
    Apple will not be hurt. It will just make them even more popular. The public doesn't like being told "you can't have this really cool product". What that does is lift the product's value, not diminish it.

    \An d Apple has many new Apple stores opening in CHina to circumvent the whole subsidy issue, not to mention and yes a huge grey market in Iphones too. Apple will not lose a single yuan over this. Samsung will though.
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  • Chinese government calls for phone subsidy cuts; UBS sees iPhone impact [View news story]
    The Russian telcos and government tried the same strongarm tactics vs Apple last year. Guess what happened. Customers went around them both and just bought from Apple-com. Apple had 95% growth in Russia despite the government and telcos trying to mafia them.

    The fact is, consumers want Apple products,m in China, Russia and everywhere else, and that is not going to be stopped or slowed down much at all.

    samsung is the only victim here. At the worst possible time for them too.
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  • Chinese government calls for phone subsidy cuts; UBS sees iPhone impact [View news story]
    Watch AAPL sales in CHina increase by 25-50% this year, and Samsung's fall by nearly the same.
    Jul 8 10:02 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Chinese government calls for phone subsidy cuts; UBS sees iPhone impact [View news story]
    UBS has been wrong about an awful lot lately. They seem to attack the best companies and then support the losers instead. They seem to have some kind of contrarian leadership problem. Trying to bottom fish or something.

    Notice they did not criticize Samsung which is the real loser, much more vulnerable than Apple because they are being clobbered by the superior Apple products and software and are hemoraging premium market share to Apple, especially in China. But also in the US and everywhere now. Why didn't UBS mention that?

    So for them to attack AAPL means AAPL is probably the best available investment for your money. gg
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  • 5 Reasons To Buy Google [View article]
    Also trying to continue copying and keeping up with Apple is very expensive, too expensive in fact, as Samsung just found out. That said, I expect most of the slavish copies of Apple products Google just announced will do about as well as their social media business when they tried to copy facebook.

    Guess what? Wall St has believed for the past year or more that Google is the innovator and Apple needs more innovation. In fact, just the opposite is true now. Even Nest they basically bought from Apple's universe. And the Google glasses, self driving car and zany military robot factor are all unmarketable. Just a waste of money.

    I know, GOOG is a great company, but not at 30 PE. Maybe at 17 PE. Just do the math and you will agree. And I would dump GOOG and buy AAPl before the earnings reports. Look back at GOOG's past 4-5 reports and you will see that missing estimates is not a fluke, it is a pattern.
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  • Chinese government calls for phone subsidy cuts; UBS sees iPhone impact [View news story]
    THis will not slow down Apple in CHina. It will just the iPhone more of an aspirational status symbol and increase grey market purchasing in the US. Typically, Chinese grey marketers send hundreds of couriers to the US when the new iPhones come out, they buy all they can carry then hop on a plane back to China. And yes it will hurt high-priced Samsungs even more. In fact, Samsung may be finished in the above $500 market. They simply cannot compete, especially with the larger iPhone coming soon.
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  • Apple's Swift: The Real Reason To Buy [View article]
    Alcoa started out the earnings season perfectly. Great. Now the fear and doubt will dissipate but investors are likely to be a little cautious and migrate more into safer bargains like AAPL than the 30+ PE high-fliers.

    it is now 9 trading days until Apple announces earnings. Me thinks they are 98% likely to beat and 50% likely to beat by a lot. After all, they are on the same trajectory now as they were three months ago, just a little slower seasonal quarter. But estimates are lower too. So a handy beat is likely.

    And then I hope and have reason to expect we may finally cross that 100/700 barrier again, and maybe even leapfrog over it if the numbers and news are good enough.

    In the meantime, it is important to investigate and meditate over why Samsung is failing so badly. Is it cheap Chinese phones? No. Though they will certainly be a huge problem for Samsung going forward. The main reason is Apple and IOS. And this gradual total takeover of the entire top 20% of mobile and computing by Apple is going exactly as I predicted. So AAPl owners, sleep well at nights because you have picked the right stock to own, the one above all others, especially this year and next.
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  • 5 Reasons To Buy Google [View article]
    Wrong. GOOG paid 12.5 billion for Motorola, cash they had to borrow with interest, spent maybe 1 billion more trying to run it for a year, then dumped it for 3 billion plus some stock. I call that an 8 billion loss plus some stock. Maybe more. Plus selling to Lenovo pissed off Samsung so much they have decided to bolt Android altogether soon.

    WHo knows, maybe the stock will eventually partly recoup some losses, but it was a huge failure and yet Wall St actually bid the stock up when they announcing the dumping, and GOOG has yet to take the writeoff of the stock hit.

    But if you like we can call it a 6 billion loss. That is still an entire quarter's income
    GOOG lost within one year. ANd it failed to execute which shows management may be incompetent or deluded. Which may be why they made sure they can't be voted out of their jobs. What a diss that was to shareholders, for management's benefit alone. Plus you know they have all been insider selling.

    Also, GOOG has missed most earnings estimates in recent memory and the one time they did a little better the stock went up 110 points after hours. I remember when I saw that I checked the headlines and the NY Times announced they had missed earnings. So a narrow beat, narrow miss or meet at best and the stock goes up 20%+ Those entire 110 points were pure bubble air. Never earned.

    The reason for this is Wall St sentiment. for several years GOOG has been given a free pass for everything including sliding ad revenues last quarter, which they dismissed as a fluke. But here are five reasons to take the money and run from GOOG, invest in AAPl and sleep nights:

    1) Sliding ad revenues may not be a fluke, but a new pattern thanks to premium customers migrating by the millions to IOS

    2) Google's biggest Android partner Samsung just got taken top the woodshed by AAPl and beaten to a pulp, and that beating will continue for many months

    3) The Motorola losses are not priced into the stock yet, remember GOOG went up after that news, unprecedented

    4) Most of Google's inventions have no practical or marketable purpose, and looked like every single one of their "new" initiatives is an inferior copy of Apple's. And do you expect people to buy Google watches and Android medical devices or cars? Maybe on the cheap end, a few, but hardly a secure business.

    5) And here is the biggie. Google gives away (or close to ti) everything they make or do and depend solely on backend profits, primarily ad revenues. They can do this because they dominate search. But look it up, Apple has in the works a new Siri based search engine to replace Google on IOS, they recently gave translation to Bing, Apple maps are now Google's equal or better, and Steve Job's last dying wish was to get back at Google for ripping off Android to begin with.

    And I would add AAPl pays a nice dividend and buys back its stock. GOOG doesn't.

    Google is a great company, but a 30 PE when AAPl is at 11 PE ex cash? Why? It makes no sense whatever. It makes no sense either than MSFT and INTC have higher PE's than AAPL. Nor that FB has a 60 PE. All this is bound to change, and when it does, look out below for GOOG and the rest, and look for AAPL to be the one with the higher PE, or at least equal. GOOG deserves no more than a 20 PE. In fact I am not sure if they are growing anymore at all. And even if they are growing, it is not byu much and less than AAPL.

    So place your bets with the winner, not the copy cat who is falling further and further behind.
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  • Why Whole Foods Is Cheap, Take Advantage Of Mr. Market's Panic [View article]
    I don't know, WFM still looks risky here. Of course I bought mine during the Nov 2008 crash and have a 3500% profit so I'm kind of biased on pricing, but methinks the new stores have been priced in. The question is, how can WFM best boost profits while at the same time bringing down certain prices. Their produce is great but over-priced. I can get a whole grocery bag full of fresh organic produce at the farmer's market for $12. At WFM, that buys me just a few items. If I were WFM I could cut prices on produce and also offer more bargains in alcohol. That would get me shopping there more. Until then I wont buy above 35.

    Also that huge downgrade today of the other organic food store has to be forgotten. The whole sector is under a cloud now.
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  • GT Advanced Technologies: Why Apple's iWatch Will Have A Sapphire Display [View article]
    Looks like the sell-off is over. Little by little, we should recover now. And with any good news, we could get right back above $20 again.

    Just hope GTAT's CEO stands up to the pump and dumpers. Those analysts really got away with grand larceny.
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  • Apple's Swift: The Real Reason To Buy [View article]
    Turned out to be a good day for AAPL. Shook out the weak hands, then came back almost to even and closed only a half point off. And now Alcoa smashed estimates so the market should be just fine now, especially for stocks like AAPL which has more than enough profit growth to justify their PE's.

    Also great news for AAPl that Samsung continues falling. That is not because of cheap Android phones, that is because of AAPL. Though Samsung ruses to lose face by admitting that. Now all AAPL has to do is release its larger iPhone and it is lights out for expensive Samsung phones. They will no choice but to retreat back into the mob of cheaper competitors.
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