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  • Apple: May Has Come And Gone And No $140; Where We Stand [View article]
    All stocks are impossible to predict, otherwise we could do it and all buy a stock for a company which makes no money, plays all kinds of tricks and squanders investors cash.

    Oh yeah, that is Facebook

    So far Wall ST predicted it would be more valuable than Disney and it is.
    GUess they were right.
    May 31, 2015. 11:13 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple: May Has Come And Gone And No $140; Where We Stand [View article]
    I just loaded my 1000+ photos onto the new Google Photo service they just announced and the damn thing crashed.
    May 31, 2015. 11:11 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple: May Has Come And Gone And No $140; Where We Stand [View article]
    Apple pay is quietly taking over North America and is about to spread global. CHina is next, which is why Apple is making a deal with Alibaba for Apple Pay.
    May 31, 2015. 04:03 PM | 12 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple: May Has Come And Gone And No $140; Where We Stand [View article]
    The APple Watch is a hit. Ives was promoted. And AAPL is likely to cross 150 and challenge 200 this year and next. Hardly dead money.

    dead money are stocks which are fully valued but pay a nice dividend so there is no catalyst to buy or sell them. Like MSFT last year for a long time. Typical dead money stock. AAPL has gone up 60% in 12 months and has been basing for a few months in this 130 range. It is a coiled spring which is getting more and more coiled. Time is on the AAPL holder's side as recently AAPL has always made its upward moves in sudden 10% type moves, as resistance is broken above, insurance puts and shorts are removed, and big investors are not only reminded how cheap the stock is, but how safe and solid, and then lemmings and buy programs add to the fire. Then it stops and bases again. Next stop and base period will ne north of 140 and will happen soon. Maybe very soon with the developers conference and many big announcements coming June 8-12
    May 31, 2015. 04:02 PM | 12 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Eastern Air Lines Is Back: Should American Airlines Care? [View article]
    regardless, AAL is a truly oversold stock selling at something like a 40% discount to value. the recent sell-off was excessive and not based on anything but "what if" type worries. Not reality.
    May 31, 2015. 03:51 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple: May Has Come And Gone And No $140; Where We Stand [View article]
    Wrong. Last year AAPl rallied into and especially during and after the WWDC.
    And prior years are really irrelevant to what Apple and its stock performance is today.

    Check the chart. It started at 89 and went up 4 points during the conference. After that, it more or less kept going up, spiking to 97 after the July call, then up to 104 by the end of the summer, in anticipation of the next iPhone.

    BTW, those critics who poo-poo all future iPhone releases saying that the iPhone6 was it, the peak and they can't possible equal or beat that again, don't know what they are talking about. They are usually shorts mewing wishful thinking. That was always the Michael Blair line, "OK Apple is doing great but from now on it's all downhill". He was 100% wrong.

    In reality, without any real competition in the premium mobile and computing world, the iPhone, Macs, iPad, and anything IOS should all enjoy longterm sustained growth in the 15-30% range for years to come. Apple will only plateau at a higher level (like 80 billion profits per year) if something happens to tarnish the brand a bit.

    But I see no competitive operating system on the horizon. ANdroid is getting worse not better, and Windows is in longterm decline. Plus neither Microsoft nor Google is likely to invest what it takes to keep pace with OS, not to mention ever close any ground. As Icahn says, because of Apple's superior eco-system, they are like Secretariat lapping the field. And that has definitely not been priced into the stocks. GOOG still sells at a 28 PE super growth stock premium, MSFT has not given back the 30% gain since Nadella took over, and AAPL may have rizen, but it has risen nowhere near what it shuold have given its new real-world domination of all things internet, esp when it comes to profits.

    Which brings up one more important point. The fundamental error Wall St has been making is the same one Michael Blair made, looking at units sold or active user numbers instead of profits. The fact is one Apple user is worth 1000% of what an Android or Windows user is worth in terms of profits. And users of Facebook are largely worth close to nothing.
    May 31, 2015. 03:45 PM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple: May Has Come And Gone And No $140; Where We Stand [View article]
    Do not worry, AAPL shareholders (with an emphasis on holders not weak hands or those attempting to time the short-term price moves) time is on our side.

    AAPL has been basing now for months, and the coiled spring is much tighter than usual as Wall St traders ignored the record setting earnings report last month and actually drove the price down afterward. Not sure how they do it, why or what they are thinking, but this nonsense will end soon. The stock should already be well over $150 based on the last two earnings reports alone, so AAPL is now the best value/growth stock (quite a rare combo) in the market in a very oversold condition.

    I have waited out and added shares periods like these before. They are frustrating but they always end, and when they do the stock goes up around 10%, then does this again. The good news is can do this three times per year or more, so a 30% gain from here within the year is quite sensible and possible and perhaps even inevitable.

    Last summer, the "sell in May" touts were 100% wrong as Apple started rallying in early June (triggered by the developer conference announcements which is June 8-12) then went from 89 to 103 between June 4 and Sept 4. The JUly earnings call helped a great deal, as it should again this summer, and then in late summer excitement over the upcoming new iPhone etc added fuel to the fire.

    I suspect we have more or less the same kind of summer this year. 130 is of course 30% higher than a year ago, but AAPl was vastly oversold/undervalued then and still is as we have had many enormous chunks of good news in 2015 for Apple worth far more than 30%. Plus a big chunk of shares have been bought-back (about 17% of the float so far, I believe) and so we can expect at least two nice upward runs for AAPL from the new base of about 130 up to 140 and maybe 150. Or at least we should get to 150 by christmas time.

    Some of the probably cataylsts will be: proof the Apple Watch is a hit and a big new earnings driver, big new expansion and upgrade of Apple TV toward making Apple the #1 premium video delivery system in the world (and the most profitable), a new Apple Search engine which will make Google Search look obsolete and corrupt, new breakthroughs in health/medical, proof the IBm enterprise deal is working and with that increased iPad sales, about 20 new Apple Stores, more buybacks and iBonds floats, impressive moves into advertising, gaming, home and auto, and more record earnings beats every quarter.

    What I am really waiting for though is for stupid, stubborn, myoptic Wall ST to quit undervaluing AAPL by 50-100%, for big funds to get rid of the wildly-overvalued FB's and Netflix's and Goog's of the world and to buy AAPL instead, and for common consensus in the Wall St media to be that they were all really-really stupid not to be buying all the AAPl they could in 2013-2015 when the shares were so damn cheap.

    Hopefully that will take no more than one year, by which time we should be knocking on 200's door.
    May 31, 2015. 03:34 PM | 5 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Google Will Likely Remain The Default Search Engine On Apple iOS Devices [View article]
    Search engines are not that difficult to build if you have the billions of dollars required and hire the right people. Apple classified ads for the last year suggest a lot of hiring in this area, after they hired away the best Google maps people the year before to make Apple at least as good as Google maps.

    There are now reports of Apple vans scurrying around making 3D records of streets and neighborhoods the way Google used to do. None of us know the exact time frame on Apple Search but knowing Apple, they will have a quantum leap forward to announce one of these days. Just as soon as it passes all their quality control checks.

    Another possibility is that the IBm alliance brings Watson into the Apple Search pictured. Siri and voice controls will be there, but Watson would bring in amazing possibilities. In the announcement with IBM of their alliance Tim Cook told us Apple and IBM engineers have been secretly working together for a long time. Yeah? On what? Maybe not just pro aps.

    Those who think Google Search is so beloved people would use it no matter what are not up to date. Google Search has been corrupted and is now part of the datamining ad and ecommerce targeting algorithm which is Google. When you search for something on Google these days, it will direct you to what Google makes the most money from, not what you want, and it usually directs you away from free services and free information.

    For instance, when I want to print out a free government form, Google gives me a half dozen results, but the top five are all for-pay scams. You have to scroll down to the find the US gov site. And there are even for-profit sites posing as US government sites. So there are scams within scams and that is why the EU is fining Google billions. A search engine is supposed to be accurate and consumer friendly, not serving the interests of the search engine's owner.

    If I had to guess I'd say Apple will take its time and get Apple Search right, so it will not be released for 6-12 months. But when it is released do not expect anyone on IOS to use Google Search again, and that alone cuts 30%+ of Google's revenues, makes them disappear. Apple has that power.

    And to one poster, I agree never fall in love with a stock, UNLESS it is AAPL now and for the last year or two. WHy is AAPL the best investment in the market and maybe the best of our lifetime? Here is why.

    1) Two years ago Steve Jobs died and the Samsung-loving enemies, shorts and sharks smelt blood in the water and attacked en masse. Samsung alone spent 17 billion in a single year to try and topple Apple. Brokerage firms who should have been buying went along with it,. dumped and downgraded AAPL. The stock sank 50%, and really for no reason as back in the real world Apple was doing great and Tim Cook was preparing for the next chapter in Apple's evolution, focusing mainly on making IOS the best damn OS that has ever existed. SO you start with a stock that is at least 50% undervalued.

    2) Since then Apple has won all the mobile and computing wars. Samsung and ANdroid are defeated and relegated to the lower rungs of the economic customer base where profits are hard to come by and devices are commoditized. PLus Android itself is badly fragmented and Windows has fallen way behind as well. Apple meanwhile has soared and now is on track to have a billion loyal active users and upgraders within a year or so, and they have conquered China amazingly quickly.

    3) Apple has bought back 17% of the company though those buybacks have never been priced into the stock. So now you have a 67% undervalued stock.

    4) Apple has broken all earnings records, is growing at over 20% and just getting going in many parts of the world so the growth is sustainable for years. This makes the company worth nearly twice as much as it was perceived as being worth after Jobs died. SO now we have about a 150% undervaluation.

    5) The stock has risen 60% so now we are back to 100% undervaluation. You see the recovery of AAPL has not really begun to catch up with the true real world growth of Apple and its soaring value. In fact Apple's entire market cap now is only ten years of free cashflow or about what the iPhone alone is worth. Everything else you get for free and there is a lot more.

    6) And I will throw in Apple Watch and Apple Pay, neither of which have ever been priced in. These two new products could and should within a year or so, make more money by themselves than Google makes.

    7) Oh yeah and 190 billion in cash, need to count that too. Much of which will be returned to shareholders, to buy back around 25% of the stock total, and also to fund new initiatives like Apple Search, Apple Car, Apple Clean Energy, etc.

    Meanwhile, GOOG at 28 PE hasn't gone up or down in a year. Wall St keeps propping it up despite the mostly bad news, but it wont take it higher either. They are basically frozen in time, that is 2013 when they were still a growth company, before they blew 9 billion on Motorola, and it looked like Samsung/Android might beat or meet Apple. If they had succeeded, yes GOOG might be worth over 20 PE, but they didn't, they lost big, and are losing more every day. SO GOOG's 28 PE should be cut in half, and AAPL's should go up 50-100%.

    I am not in love with AAPl stick, I am just like Carl Icahn. When I see such a no-brainer, with such a huge moat around it, with no more competition, global dominance and such great management, I figure why buy anything else, just buy and hold AAPL, and sooner or later Wall St will wake up to reality, dump overvalued problem stocks like FB, Netflix, Tesla and GOOG, plus old tech going-nowhere stocks like INTC and MSFT and just buy AAPL instead. Pluis I consider AAPl one of the safest investments. Even if it dips 5% like it has on several occasions, those are simply buying opportunities. This stock is not going below 124 again probably ever.

    That is what smart money should do. And some have, but too many more haven't woken up yet. As the experts tell you now, this market is fully valued and many stocks are overvalued. But a smart stockpicker can still find bargains and AAPL is at the top of the list by a mile. The only other value IO can find which comes close is AAL, but AAL has plenty of competition and AAPl does not.
    May 31, 2015. 12:03 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Google Will Likely Remain The Default Search Engine On Apple iOS Devices [View article]
    Anyone holding or buying GOOG instead of just owning AAPL is a fool from whom his money will soon be parted.

    Wall St has been falsely hyping GOOG for far too long, letting them get away with eight missed quarters in a row and a disasterous Motorola acquisition and the gigantic failure of Samsung. Time to finally value GOOG where it belongs, at 250 And take FB at least down to 50 too. That is the biggest helium ballloon in tech

    AAPL is the opposite of a bubble, and is so far ahead of Google and anyone else that i makes absolutely no sens not to own this stock, which also happens to be the cheapest major tech stock despite being the best and fastest growing one. In fact it is the greatest company in history, and yet Wall St still "has its doubts". Always the doubts. The made-up reasons. The over caution so no premium. Valued at only ten years of free cashflow, or the value of the iPhone and nothing else. As if AAPl will go out of business 11 years from now. Just absurd.

    Carl Icahn it right. AAPL is worth 240 right now. And no other company can stop them from proving it. Take that to the bank. It is the biggest no-brainer in the market today.
    May 30, 2015. 11:25 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Google Will Likely Remain The Default Search Engine On Apple iOS Devices [View article]
    Why GOOG is finished as growth company and AAPL is a sky rocket

    Google I/O 2015 sets a low bar for Apple's WWDC to leap

    By Daniel Eran Dilger
    Saturday, May 30, 2015, 06:30 pm PT (09:30 pm ET)
    From all the breathless coverage detailing Google's I/O 2015 conference announcements, you might not have noticed that virtually all of what Google had to show this year were things Apple had already introduced over the past year (or long ago). Once hailed as being "more innovative" and faster at introducing new features, Android has become a slow follower.

    Google IO 2015

    Google I/O 2015 = WWDC 2014

    Google started out touting HBO Now for Android, after Apple debuted the new service as exclusive to iOS in early April. From there, the company detailed the next Android "M," which plans to throw away all the confusing, flaw-riddled app permissions of Android and go with the exact same user request system introduced years ago by Apple's iOS, where apps that want to use the camera or access contacts simply ask to do so first.

    Android's unintuitive copy and paste will also eventually be replaced with a new system that takes its design cues from iOS 3.0 (from 2009), as noted by John Gruber.

    Google Pay similarly gives up on the failed implementation of Google Wallet to identically copy Apple's implementation of Apple Pay. And to make this workable, Android will also look to iOS in providing OS-level fingerprint authentication. The problem with this is that few Android phones have a functional fingerprint reader, and those that do have rolled their own support for competing payment systems, like Samsung Pay.

    Apple introduced fingerprint support in iOS two years ago, and Apple Pay last year. Since then, every major bank (and many of their smaller competitors) in the United States have been relentlessly advertising Apple Pay on Apple's behalf. Additionally, even credit processors like Braintree have been screaming about their support Apple Pay from their billboards, despite Braintree being owned by PayPal, ostensibly a direct competitor of Apple Pay.

    Google also introduced the same kinds of smart sleep technologies that Apple introduced for both iOS and OS X over the past years, in recognition of the fact that Android devices generally have less usable battery life even while many devices pack on bigger heavier batteries than a comparable iPhone.

    And despite buying Nest and inheriting the company's "Thread" Internet of Things technology (now barely a year old), Google has now started over to roll its own new implementation of device control designed to compete with HomeKit, which Apple introduced a year ago (and is already appearing in silicon from major chipmakers).

    One unique initiative Google introduced relates to blurring the app and the web browser, with browser tricks to make web pages look more like apps, "Now On Tap" to spy into what apps are doing and web hyperlinks to launch apps and automatically go to a specific function (what could possibly go wrong here, right?). That helps Google wrangle itself into apps, at least on Android, an area where the company has been frantically locked out as the world goes mobile. However, this ploy seems to be a little too little, a little too late, as apps are already well established with barriers to a web-like global search engine.

    Google losing control over Android

    Even if Google's catch-up efforts with Android M went off without a hitch, most users won't see any benefits for years. After all, it's been a year since Google introduced Android 5.0 L, yet less than 10 percent of Google Play's installed base is currently using it, according to Google itself.

    Android OS dashboard May 2015

    Worldwide, adoption of Android L is even lower, largely because Google's primary effort with L was to push adoption of a streamlined, web-like "Material Design" appearance to weaken the differentiation of its licensees, something Android's licensees don't particularly like because it isn't in their interest to all look the same, merely commodities for Google's ad ambitions to play like pawns.

    In stark contrast, Apple's iOS 8 began immediately benefitting users. Nearly a year after it was first introduced at WWDC last summer, it now makes up 82 percent of the installed base of Apple's mobile users. Apple's latest iOS 8 wasn't without flaws or problems, but it did introduce compelling features that sparked rapid deployment by users themselves. Further, outside of those with aging hardware (like the now five year old original iPad), virtually anyone who wants iOS 8 can get it.

    iOS 8 distribution May 2015

    There were also quality control issues and problems with getting Google's Android L to work on Android hardware, but that included brand new models within Google's own Nexus line.

    In fact, Google's own Nexus 7 tablet (once the star of Google I/O, before the company realized it was not good at hardware) never really got L working well, simply because it couldn't handle the new OS, despite Android L also bending over backward to accommodate simpler, cheaper hardware as a primary goal.

    Less than ten percent adoption after a year—particularly within Google's own Play-savvy users—is pretty bad for any operating system, let alone in the mobile world where new OS software makes a huge difference in usability, security, reliability and user satisfaction.

    It's no wonder why iPhone 6 models have been eviscerating Android at the high end, leaving Google's mobile OS project stuck at the bottom end where there's no profits, little excitement and no reason to celebrate. That hasn't stopped Google's non-stop media cycle of euphemistically portraying Android as something other than a disappointing, directionless, rewardless effort in busywork.

    Google likes to talk about Android as being "popular" and winning in bulk, without clarifying that the volumes of devices shipping with Android are mired in old versions of the software that don't support the features Google is desperately promoting, while—at the same time—the most "successful" and "popular" volumes of Android devices are also occurring in a market Google has been completely shut out of: China.

    If Android is winning and so popular, why is Google targeting iOS?

    Google Photos, a feature salvaged from the ashes of the failed Google+ social network, is being introduced at launch for iOS, much like all the other Google apps. Google relies on iOS for more than half of its mobile ad revenues. That's because iOS has attracted a valuable demographic of users, while Android hasn't.

    This is evident from another significant story from Google I/O: "CocoaPods," an effort by Google to facilitate the incorporation of its shared libraries for Analytics and Google Maps into third party iOS apps. Google is fighting to stay on iOS. That's a big difference from the 1990s, when Microsoft actively thwarted the Macintosh with inferior versions of its apps and frequently ignored Apple's platform entirely.

    In contrast, Apple hasn't been releasing its popular apps for Android, ranging from Keynote to iMovie to its own version of Photos. Apple's iCloud doesn't even extend support to Android, the way iTunes did in order to help make iPods popular among Windows users.

    Apple ported many of its Mac apps to Windows because Windows was the important, popular PC platform in the early 2000s. It is not important for Apple to support Android today. The installed base of Android users are not an essential audience to target, and are not even very attractive.

    Google knows this, third party developers know this, and Apple certainly knows this, even if members of the tech media work effortlessly to paint a false picture that Android is winning, popular and successful, just because it has a large installed base, more than half of which is actively running a version of Android from the era of iOS 6 or earlier.

    Google's star Android licensee is falling

    Look at the most successful (perhaps "only successful") Android licensee: Samsung. While it struggles to remain relevantM in the face of iPhone 6, Samsung has also fought with Google for control of the software powering its smartphones as sales of its high end, profitable models have collapsed.

    Google has tried to make Android J, K and L better for Google, at the expense of its licensees. Android M packs in additional efforts to wrestle control away from Samsung and pigeonhole its licensees into basic device makers reminiscent of the profitless PC makers who served Microsoft's interests a decade or two ago.

    However, Google has done nothing to really help its licensees take back any territory from Apple. Instead, Android licensees have battled among themselves and against Google, creating fractions and incompatibilities while introducing their own ways to do things, often in direct competition with Google.

    In fact, while the tech media overall has worked hard to propagate Google's official version of events—such as portraying China's Xiaomi as being a grave threat to Apple—the reality is that Xiaomi's success comes at Google's expense. Every cheap Xiaomi phone replaces Google Play, Gmail, Google+ and Google Ads with non-Google services that Google can't compete against.

    Of the two largest markets for smartphones on earth, Google is completely locked out of the larger one that's growing the fastest. Coincidently, Apple is now one of the very few Western companies to be successful at all in China, and Apple has been extremely successful. "Of the two largest markets for smartphones on earth, Google is completely locked out of the larger one that's growing the fastest"

    Even outside of China, Android is doing very little to back up Google's revenues or earnings. Mobile ads are paying less even as Google's desktop ad market plateaus as users increasingly go mobile.

    Further, Google's tentacles in iOS are getting cut off and replaced with default iOS services ranging from Siri search to Apple's own Maps, iCloud, iMessage and even initiatives like iAd. Apple is getting better at services far faster and more effectively than Google is making any inroads into selling hardware.

    Even worse for Google, Samsung is now actively pushing its own Android competitor Tizen, initially on its "smartwatches" but soon on its own phones, an effort it has been working on since at least 2011, according to documents that surfaced during its patent infringement trial.

    Apple has never been more successfully positioned

    While Google's desktop PC ad empire crumbles and its mobile partners fight it for the meager dollars available within the Android ecosystem, Apple's computer business has never been better. Further, Apple's partners—ranging from hardware and software developers to banks and enterprise customers—are actively advertising and working to promote its initiatives, ranging from iOS apps to Apple Pay, HomeKit, Health, Metal and Swift.

    And those were just a few of the headline initiatives Apple launched last year around WWDC. Apple also introduced new technologies including Continuity, which not only benefitted existing Mac and iOS users, but also laid a foundation for Apple Watch as a Handoff wearable that can take calls from your phone.

    Virtually everything Apple introduced last year was immediately relevant to the majority of its users and partners. In contrast, Google has merely introduced a series of projects, much like the old Apple of the early 1990s: introducing scattershot, ineffectual but grandiose plans on the level of PowerTalk and QuickDraw GX.

    Apple's new introductions at last year's WWDC 2014 were far more novel and interesting than this year's Google I/O. With Apple's vast gulf over Google in earnings, employees, ecosystem and frankly, competence in implementation and deployment, you can expect that WWDC 2015 will launch Apple even further ahead, setting up support for new products, new capabilities and new technologies.
    May 30, 2015. 11:19 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Jony Ive Was Demoted, Not Promoted, And Other Things Apple [View article]
    Smart phones have become commoditized, Android phones only though.
    Android in fact has become a separate market from Apple. Yes there are massive steady migrations of customers from Android to IOS, but once an IOS user always an IOS user and almost no one ever switches back.

    One reason AAPl stock is so cheap is that Wall ST by in large still dsoesn't understand this basic fact. It is puzzling as there are many smart people on Wall St but many of them dont seem to be able to do simple math, they merely follow others like lemmings, or let their personal prejudices rule their stock selection. WHy else would otherwise perfectly fine bank brokers like Wells Fargo, Citi and others downgrade AAPL before record-breaking earnings announcements, and then not apologize and do a mea culpa afterwards?

    For several years now there is some kind of conspiracy going on to keep AAPl from recovering its full stock value. Yes it has risen a lot in the last year, but the stock price still lags far behind reality. The 13-14 is ridiculous as obviously Apple is growing a lot faster than that. And as Carl Icahn shows, if given only a moderate 18 PE, AAPL would sell at $240. And AAPL actually deserves a PE in the 20's. Like GOOG. And GOOG doesn't deserve their 28 PE at all, hasn't for years. SO until these two companies more or less swap PE's a great opportunity is there for investors in AAPL and shorters of GOOG. I would also short FB which is perhaps the most overvalued stock since Enron or CMGI.
    May 30, 2015. 04:19 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Jony Ive Was Demoted, Not Promoted, And Other Things Apple [View article]
    Let me correct several major errors Paulo made in this article.

    1) Ives definitely got promoted, and is now being given more freedom to do what he does best, dream and design a multitude of possible new products and improvements.

    2) The Apple Watch will sell north of 30 million units by year's end. They sold out the first million the first day and then shortly after that there was a supply glitch. But sales will accelerating greatly by the end of this month when watches will be physically available in all Apple Stores. Expect half the sales to come from CHina where it is all the rage, but globally it is a real disruptor. The watch industry is already feeling it painfully (see Michael Kors recent report)

    3) Only 20% of Apple users have yet upgraded to iPhone6. So within a year or two the number will be 90%. Very few Apple users do not upgrade within 3 years. As for the 6S or 7 or whatever it will be called, be certain it will contain valuable upgrades. Apple might also make a small iPhone and is refurbing and re-selling tens of millions of iPhone5's. Especially since many developing markets have only just begun to enjoy availability of Apple products, expect iPhone purchases to keep growing at around a 20% clip for several years to come.

    I would also point out that any "glass half empty" argument on Apple ignores the fact that the stock is more or less 100% undervalues. In fact, ex cash (190 billion) the 545 billion market cap is about what the iPhone alone is worth, so you are getting everything else for free at today's prices, including the golden goose that is actually APple's most valuable asset, IOS itself.

    AAPL is a no-brainer strong buy at least up to 180. And it's last competitor GOOG with its 28 PE and slow facing earnings growth (plus the fact Apple Search is coming) is a strong sell, a take the profits and run stock. Ditto Facebook where a lot of tech investors have foolishly speculated that a company that earns no money is worth more than Disney, GE and Coca Cola. NOT

    The fundamental truth that Wall St still doesn't get is that one Apple customer is worth at least $1500 in profit. One Android no more than $100. and one Facebook active user about $10. So numbers of users or units sold have little relation to real profits. In terms of profits, Apple completely dominates the industry, and CHina alone provides enough growth for Apple to keep dominating for many years to come.
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  • Screening airline stocks by correlation to oil prices [View news story]
    No, I heard AAL is not hedging so they get the full benefit of low fuel prices.
    I was in CPA last year and it hedged and lost the entire benefit. Hedging is not safe after all, in fact these days with lower fuel prices it is foolish.
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  • The Jony Ive Promotion [View article]
    PS: With all the great things going Apple's way and coming up the pike, Wall ST shows its stupidity and ignorance again today by selling AAPL off $1.50. Just very very out of it. Perhaps some mindless selling program which knows nothing about reality.
    May 29, 2015. 08:36 PM | 9 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The Jony Ive Promotion [View article]
    Jony has been promoted to Chief Genius without need for all the day to day office minutia. Now he has time to dream and has assembled quite team of geniuses around him him to help him to do. They can hang on in St Tropez and do that iof they please. The message is to be a free artist visionary and not have to clock in at CUpertino if he doesn't feel like it. SO it is a promotion for sure.

    Perhaps more important is the un-publicized promotion of Jimmy Iovine to Chief Media and MArketing executive. Iovine is now in charge of TV, games, music, advertising and anything else Madison Ave or Hollywood connected.

    I firmly believe that with Apple mountain of cash behind him, Iovine can literally do almost anything Apple wants or needs in the entertainment and ad/marketing sectors, including making Apple TV #1 in the world and Beats streaming also #1., plus the build out of Apple advertising, a huge potential collosus which has the potential to dwarf Google and Facebook put together and all without datamining its customers of intruding on their personal privacy, something Google and Facebook do constantly..
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