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  • Apple, Samsung end patent battles outside U.S. [View news story]
    Samsung is a dishonest bunch of poseurs. So is Xiaomi. They have no quality software to come close to IOS. And they are both forced to cut prices now so it'[s doubtful either are making any profits in the cel phone business anymore. And to equate IOS and Android anymore is dishonest. There is a reason Microsoft is abandoning Windows, it is too damn difficult and expensive to compete with IOS and no one can. I am sick and tried of seeing phony market share arguments prop up the wildly overvalued GOOG and its Android. Android is fine for undemanding customers who don't care that much about the internet, but if you want to do it right, there is only one place to be, the super safe, super fast and delightfully amazing IOS.

    Apple is king. and IOS is the real reason. PLus a loot of others reasons as well. And expect Apple's advantage gap to wide not decrease going forward. They are already years ahead of any competition and have basiucally left them all in the dust. Plus it is very expensive to try and compete with Apple. MSFT, GOOG and Samsung all lost around 9 billion each in the last 18 months trying to. That is a loot of money for any company but Apple.
    Aug 6 12:52 AM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple: October iPhone Report Seems Questionable [View article]
    That was a false rumor, a lie. People have been putting out dishonest negative rumors about Apple this money. Ignore them and buy on any dip. It is all but confirmed Apple will announce the new iPhones Sept 9 and release them shortly thereafter. No delay.

    The Apple TV "delay" story is also impossible to confirm. It all depends on top secret negotiations between Apple and companies like Comcast, and no blogger or rumor monger knows the truth.

    The iWatch and sapphire delay rumors are also just BS. Those people have no idea, they are just guessing, or worse.
    Aug 6 12:45 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple Inc.: When Should You Take Profits? [View article]
    Profit-taking on AAPl is stupid beneath 120. But longer term we will hit 150. I might sell around then as I see something better to invest in. But that is 57 points from now.

    I bought more AAPl today below 95. A screaming bargain giveaway IMHO.

    Yes Putin might do something nuts but AAPL will make almost the same record profits no matter what Putin does, so buy and hold this stock and sell others instead if you are scared. But AAPl remains the biggest value bargain in the market now. Most people don't realize that yet, which makes it a real opportunity. We will say goodbye to the 90's soon and be in the hundreds permanently after that.

    So dump the pie in the sky hopeful dream stocks and buy the proven winner.
    Aug 6 12:38 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • I Wouldn't Worry Myself About A 'Delayed' iPhone Launch [View article]
    There is no delay. Those were false rumors put out by Apple enemies or shorts. The fact is the Sept 9th date is all but confirmed as the big announcement day, right on schedule, in fact sooner than usual,. and the iPhones should be available about ten days later.

    THis is the time to buy AAPL, not worry about false rumors and shorts telling lies.
    Aug 6 12:35 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Code Orange For Apple: Market Share Decline Is A Pounding Headache [View article]
    Market share has zero to do with profits. THis is a dishonest article as we all know.

    it is like saying someone sells more Piper Cubs than Boeing 747'sw so the cub maker is winning. Just absurdly stupid argument. Tim Cook has said it over and over. Apple only cares about quality not quantity. And Apple's profits are the best in the history of the world. So what's there not to like?
    Aug 6 12:33 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple: Hardware Innovation Is No Longer Enough [View article]
    Right, being the most successful company in history making the best more cherished products on the planet is "not enough".

    It is amazing that of all the companies to criticize or try to sow doubt and despair about, some people pick AAPL.

    I could think of a thousand companies to fear buying stock in ahead of AAPL.

    How about its competitors for instance? AAPl has clobbered Google, Samsung, Blackberry, Microsoft, etc. and yet those stocks act as if they have a chance to win the mobile wars. No way. Google may have more units, but it has a very hard time making money off it. Like owning a million acres of desert land. It's huge but not much can be made of it. Same with Facebook.

    And Microsoft. Why is it at a higher PE than AAPL? makes no sense. The IBM deal just clobbered MSFT and Windows is going by bye and Office is on IOS and Apple could take down the Xbox as well. People think MSFT is a safe investment and a growing company. I beg to differ.

    AAPL meanwhile remains the most undervalued super success story in market history. People are worried about Putin and are selling everything this week, but even in Russia, if there is a severe recession, people will still buy iPhones.

    And all this clamor about the demise of the pad is silly. Apple dominates the pad business and can sell 40-50 million a year. But the fact is more and more people are buying Macs and/or waiting for the next larger iPhone. It is the other pad makes who are really suffering. Lenovo just got smart and pulled out of the pad business. Samsung has to give away their pads to get rid of them. And no other had has any other interesting features or is worth more than $150. Only the iPad is king of that sector. And I am sure Tim Cook has already reduced production of the iPad and increased iPhones and Macs.

    Whatever size the public wants is fine, but either way Apple makes the same money., In fact they make more on Macs and iPads, a lot more. And MAcs ar super hot this year, and will continue to be.
    Aug 6 12:24 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Please Stop Using Ex-Cash P/E When Evaluating Apple [View article]
    Apple's cash power is above and beyond any existing company. The huge mountain of cash is holds is real and should be accounted for as it is so much more than anyone else has.

    160 billion now and growing at about 12-15 billion per quarter. When you subtract this from the current market cap, the stock is amazingly cheap, only 400 billion, which if you do the math is only about 8 years of free cashflow. Nothing else is priced into the stock including any future growth or any physical assets or any patent or brand name value.

    Take advantage of this temporary dipping in the market and AAPl in particular and buy and hold all you can afford. There have been a lot of phoiny negative rumors and stories around the past few weeks. None of them are likely true as is proven by the Sept 9 Apple iPhone event. That proves Tim Cook has everything running on schedule.
    Aug 5 02:01 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Report: Apple holding iPhone event on Sep. 9 [View news story]
    So much for all the phony "rumors" (possibly intentional lies) about delays to every Apple product. Methinks there are some unscrupulous people out there spreading these false rumors. Beware and buy on these ridiculous dips.
    Aug 5 01:58 PM | 8 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Why Apple's iPad Is Floundering [View article]
    Mac sales sales are surging. iPad sales are still huge but waning a bit. So what?
    What difference does it make really? The earnigns may be even better as Apple books more profit per mac than pad.

    Clearly, people prefer the Mac more and more. And the entire Pad space is waning. Apple still dominates it and millions of people love their pads.

    Pads should never be compared to iPhones either. Twice as many people upgrade iP{hones every time as compared to iPads. Ther are not compelling reasons to trade in your iPad for the next year's. They work fine doe years.

    In other words, this is a silly issue and Apple's profits will beat all expectations going forward. But watch those Mac sales. I have been seeing them everywhere these days. Now they are not much more than a Surface, they are the thing to buy for any tech savvy person, especially young guys. All around the world. The Mac could be the next huge growth driver. The iPad lay even slide into third place.
    Aug 5 12:21 AM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • A Better Entry Point For Apple Will Become Available For Patient Investors [View article]
    AAPL is worth about 15% more than it was 18 months ago. Apple has bought back that much stock. So even at 705/100.05 we're not actually at an all time high. You can see therefore how woefully this stock is undervalued.
    Aug 3 11:42 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • A Better Entry Point For Apple Will Become Available For Patient Investors [View article]
    Blair admits he has lost 75% on Apple and will now lose even more. Dividend coming up he will have to pay on all his shorted shares. and then AAPl will surge into the 100's and then all he can pray for is a meteorite hitting Cupertino and wiping out the company.

    Michael Blair is a textbook example of how not to invest. Focus on real earnings, but prejudices or old past-tense moves. The stock market was all wrong about AAPl in 2013. That will never happen again. In fact, if my guess is correct, we will be seeing the last of the 90's very soon and be above 100 permanently. Well above too, in time.
    Aug 3 11:40 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • A Better Entry Point For Apple Will Become Available For Patient Investors [View article]
    Total nonsense from Michael Blair, who lives in an alternate universe where Apple is a failing fading company. He predicts AAPl will fall 35% just because it fell 20 months ago when he put on his short. He is so deeply underwater than he is resorting to desperate lies and misinformation in order to try and convince anyone to sell AAPl and buy BBRY (his long, he is a disgruntled Canadian who hates Apple for putting BB out of business).

    Back to real world, fasten your seatbelts because this stock is going up, up and away. With a puny PE of 11 ex cash and all kinds of huge catalysts coming fast and furious soon, AAPl will easily live through 100 and keep moving. Buy all you can soon, the stock is very cheap.

    Every August for the past five years has been huge for AAPL, but this time they have even more products coming out. So we might not even see the customary dip in September. But also study the charts and you will see the longs who held through September were richly rewarded by January. Only 2013 defies this pattern, and late 2013 was when Steve Jobs died and all the Apple enemies attacked at once and screwed with Wall St's head. They had no faith in Tim Cook and loved samsung and they were all 100% wrong.

    Wall ST continues fearing owning AAPL, but little by little they are getting over it, and once they finally do, they will see this deserves to be a trillion dollar market cap (easily) right now selling at a 50% discount.

    You can take your chances with other stocks, but AAPL is the closest thing to a perfect investment we have now. Both a deep growth and deep value stock. Those are supposed to contradict each other but in AAPl's case they don't due to the wildly irrational slide in 2013 when Wall St dumped AAPl just because everyone else was. No other reason. In the real world, Apple continues performing brilliantly and working to set in place the massive success we see in the workings today.

    A year from now AAPl will be around 150. That is my prediction based on real cash earnings. Not BS or irrational fears. Remember all of AAPle's enemies are beaten or on their heels; Samsung, Blackberry, Motorola, Nokia, Microsoft, Google etc. In the space where Apple does business they really have no competition now and that should continue for years. Google, Microsoft and Samsung all lost about 9 billion dollars trying to take on Apple directly. You really think they will dare to again? And if they don't, who can?
    Aug 3 11:37 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • BlackBerry: Is BBM For Windows Phone A Trial Balloon? [View article]
    Windows is being phazed out and Nokia will end up out of business, or close., Like Motorola and Blackberry. No one can compete with Apple unless you want to charge much-much less. Apple is simply vastly superior to anything out there. And IOS already has a Blackberry ap.

    WHich is why I say, unless BB performs a miracle, they will end up an ap on IOS with some associated business. That is a pretty small company.

    I would dump your BBRY and buy AAPl instead. It is a much cheaper stock and you can sleep nights.
    Aug 3 11:25 PM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • A Better Entry Point For Apple Will Become Available For Patient Investors [View article]
    I see Michael Blair did not disclose his has been short AAPl for more than a year and is down 50%. That should be disclosed, Michael. You have to show your cards when you write ridiculous articles like this one.
    Aug 3 12:36 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • A Better Entry Point For Apple Will Become Available For Patient Investors [View article]
    August has been a huge month for AAPl stock every year for the past five years. Which is why Michael Blair felt so desperate with his huge short on APPL (already down 50%) that he felt the need to disguise himself and simply make up lies to try and hurt readers.

    ANyone who gets scared and sells in the 90's will regret it big-time. The 90's is just a resting place during a much longer mountain climb. And the rest is about over. We already hit 99. And almost any stock that hits 99 is going into the 100's.

    Again, virtually nothing can stop Apple now. And certainly not Blackberry, Microsoft, Samsung or Google. They are all beaten already.
    Aug 3 12:35 AM | 7 Likes Like |Link to Comment