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  • It's Not So Much Why Buffett Bought Exxon Mobil, It's Why He Bought It Now  [View article]
    The "old lady" & "widows and orphans" companies are the better ones to invest in, in most cases. We're in JNJ, GIS, GE, CVX, CLX, GSK, PG and other similar companies that, combined, give us 4%+- in dividend yields. Most have a P/E less than 17 & a ROE of 25%+. Yes, to many our portfolio is boring but we are 31% less volatile than the S & P.
    XOM is on our watch list and we'll buy at a undervalue price. Excellent article.
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  • Coca-Cola For Your Retirement Portfolio  [View article]
    Stephen, Take the $400,000 and break it down to $50,000 as a short/medium term goal. $50,000 is 13% of $400,000. Then break it down in the same percentages. If you are interested in Dividend Income as a long term goal I suggest you study Dividend Value Investing. Many Community Colleges have Personal Financial Courses that are taught by people that are Investment Smart, and hold an MBA/Economics Degree. Shoot for companies that pay a Dividend that hass paid between 3-5% over the last ten years, and make sure that they are sustainable over the next five years. Buying stocks is EXACTLY as buying the compamy.
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  • My Retirement Income Quarterly Review - The Final Wrap Up  [View article]
    Bob, I'm going to read/study your Model of "Dividend Growth oriented" investing as I also am handling the majority of our portfolio. The one exception is my wife's secondary retirement program as they don't allow it. I handle her 457 plan though. I'm "favored" towards MORN as my main model for investing/financial information, as I've seen the whole host of information that I need from their site, though I also use others to re-verify. One question: When you state that you are a Dividend Growth oriented investor, are you referring to the dividend growth to be sustainable?

    Thanks, your articles are excellent.
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  • $10 A Day Keeps The Retirement Woes Away  [View article]
    Excellent remark to a very good article. It's the elimation of a person's debt that is "attainable" if they forget the "need it now syndrome."
    Eli sounds like he's far ahead of other in his age group, financially speaking.
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  • Hewlett Packard: Why Investors Should Trust Meg Whitman  [View article]
    HPQ is headed for a recall just like their 1040 fax!
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  • Morningstar Introduces Forward-Looking Morningstar Analyst Rating™ for Funds and Global Fund Reports 
    Morningstar is, by far, the best objective financial anaylst corporation in the world. I've benefitted by their information via their books, newsletters, membership, and many other ways. Glad I was in on the initial IPO.
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  • US BANCORP \DE\ FILES (8-K) Disclosing Other Events 
    USB better train their employees in a uniform way since each question can bring about a completely different answer. Employee and customer satisfaction is very high, especially in California, where they purchased the assets and liabilities of two major California holdings, PFF Bank and Downey Bank, to get into the once "golden" state. About half of their income revenue is fee based via "overdraft and other charges." Yet, if they can continue to soothe the ruffled feathers of the disgruntled, they'll do well.
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