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  • The Coming Market Impact Of Apple's 64-Bit A7 [View article]
    Ranssa - yours comment above and a lot of others comments here and of course Ed McKernan:s Article is now the big step in my mind to understand the future little better. And now I am also even much more concern about that Apple is a GOLDEN STRIKE PLAYER in the future! Thanks a lot all of you!! (smile!) My pension seems secured!
    But I hope that Apple split shares soon or less may bee 40:1 so also small players can afford to buy Apple shares. They are also costumers of all Apple products in the future. The more people as become shareholders in the future the more people buy APPLE products. That is my opinion about that. Me myself is an example about that. I am going to by my first Apple product any day soon and that is IPhone 5S probably GOLD. LONG APPLE!
    Oct 4, 2013. 04:53 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The Coming Market Impact Of Apple's 64-Bit A7 [View article]
    I hope that Ashraf Eassa make his comments here soon or less! It should be very interesting to read what he has to say about the article and all comments written here.
    Oct 3, 2013. 07:18 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Kinder Morgan Energy Partners LP: Reality Vs. Hyperbole [View article]
    I have no complain at all about Mr Gue as writing this Article. I think it is very good done and interesting too!
    So I am just curious about what Mr Gue have to say about this Company:s and Trust:s value that have declined much and of course don´t have make me glad about the last 18 months!
    1) CHKR
    2) CIG
    3) EOC
    4) MCP
    5) OKS
    6) PER
    7) UAPC
    8) UTG
    9) AGNC
    10) AT
    11) CPL
    12) SDT
    13) SLV
    14) SLW
    14) UAN
    The most information of them if I remember right comes from the company Street Authority were you now works if I understand right. So I am glad if you can do better than those give that bad information that I get from your company at the past!
    Sep 19, 2013. 12:18 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple's Big Opportunity: China's Not Going Anywhere [View article]
    I have trust at the Apple buy back shares program . Why don´t that program function! When shares of Apple get down so much lately in so short time something my bee wrong! I count that Apple buy back program should work and hold the Apple shares up! Do someone out there know why It don´t work? I don´t know!
    Still long Apple!
    Sep 16, 2013. 02:42 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • How Apple May Fail In China [View article]
    In Sweden where I live there is about 11 million people living nowadays. The most of them preferred Apple:s products. Lets say that there is more $millionaires in China than people in Sweden and the most of $millionaires buy Apple:s products. I think that is the way it work!
    I myself soon or later are going to buy one Iphone, and one Ipad, and one MacBook air, maybe also o PRO. My granddaughter sponsor by me has just buy an MacBook Air at about US$1,5 thousand and I pay here half the cost!
    Very long Apple, Cisco, Intel, Microsoft and Actions Semiconductor (Chinese company) and many more shares at different branches.
    Sep 13, 2013. 01:19 PM | 6 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • I Bought Apple [View article]
    What idiot at APPLE or Brocker miss to bay back Apple shares today at about US$ 467.75. Fired him or here immediately!! Shiit!
    Sep 11, 2013. 04:09 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • StatOil: How Big Is The Bay Du Nord Discovery? [View article]
    I forget to write about the production that start at oilfield Brynhild this autumn and that Lundin Petroleum then get about 30% more oil production than today at full production. Also from DI news paper.
    And that only LP paid about 2 billion Norwegian crones at tax last year.
    Not bad at all! Or? (smile!)
    Sep 10, 2013. 01:08 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • AFLAC's Management Presents at The Raymond James 9th Annual European Investors North American Equities Conference (Transcript) [View article]
    I am glad that this meeting have time to some questions than the former meeting for a couple a days ago. But conspicuously that one of the worlds biggest insurance company not have more finance questions from different financial institutions!
    I am still long Aflac and Merkel with more companies and trusts in different branches.
    Sep 10, 2013. 12:16 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • StatOil: How Big Is The Bay Du Nord Discovery? [View article]
    Yesterday, Monday 9 September 2013, DI (Daily Industry) - (The one and only Finance newspaper in Sweden that i prefer) have one hole page, page 9, with an Article about Oil production in Norway. For example they wrote that Statoil this year drills 23 oil wells and Lundin drills 18 oil wells, (Evaluations - and Prospecting wells).
    Oil discovery / oil field Edward Grieg discovered year 2007 and near the gigantic oil discovery / oil field Johan Sverdrup year 2010. And this spring also near at southwest side where EG and JS is a new discovered Luno 2.
    Soon Lundin Petroleum start a new drilling north JS planed to take 60 days with a new oilrig (Island Innovator) which cost US$500000 at 24 hours.
    The news paper DI also have plan information about the estimated Lundin Pertoleum production from EG at the end of year 2015 increasing with 35000 oil Barrel a day which then double LundinPetroleum:s oil production to 70000 oil Barrel a day.
    And at year 2018 is estimated when JS started oil production Lundin Petroleum:s production once again double to about 150000 Barrel a day.
    And as we know Statoil and Maersk-Möller also are big involved in those area and some oil fields there.
    When Johan Sverdrup have come to full production it is estimated to produce 500000 Barrels a day at one generation more. Then the oil production from JS alone stand for one of four oil production of Norway:s total oil production.
    I think this is an amazing opportunity to be on this trip and turn it over to children and grandchildren soon or less.I am long as I have write above here before Statoil, Lundin Petroleum, Petrobrass, some oil and gasoline project in US and a lot of others different shares in others branches. My favorite shares for the moment is APPLE (long also) and it stands now for about 30% of my portfolio.
    Sep 10, 2013. 05:11 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Aflac's Management Presents at Scotiabank GBM Financials Summit 2013 (Transcript) [View article]
    I like Aflac and hold Aflac shares long but I don´t like that the time for questions was so short limited. It was not good! Shame on you Aflac - management people!
    Long Aflac but don´t like your stress stile!
    Sep 5, 2013. 03:36 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Actions Semiconductor Has Turned Around [View article]
    If so, soon or later, it suits me fine Markus, as a start at rocket! (mile!)
    Sep 5, 2013. 12:15 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Actions Semiconductor Has Turned Around [View article]
    Thanks for your efforts Markus to do this article about Actions Semiconductor (ACTS). For half a year ago I ask here about information, if possible, at ACTS. I am glad that you have write this article and I like what's in it!
    Why then?
    I bought ACTS, for me a relative lot of shares, 05-15-2012 at US$1.40 because I then saw the possibility that ACTS cold rise. So far I have right about that! For now up 64.63%. Earlier this year the share price was near to double.
    I am long ACTS, Apple, Intel, Cisco, Microsoft and a lot of shares in other branches.
    Sep 5, 2013. 10:52 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • StatOil: How Big Is The Bay Du Nord Discovery? [View article]
    I buy my first shares in Statoil at about 16 mounts ago and buy more at about 14 month ago. I am still back at my first buy at US$29.31. But up at my second buy (about US$19,24) in US$ +17%. But Swedish value have rise against US$ so I am back approximately more 15%.
    It is time to Statoil to rise soon or less I think!
    Aug 28, 2013. 01:00 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • StatOil: How Big Is The Bay Du Nord Discovery? [View article]
    Traded, I miss spelling you know!! (smile!) I looking for a big energy company now traded at Nasdaq and now prepare to get traded at Dow Jones. It have p/e under 3 and have a lot of gas discoveries and is for the branch very profitable. It plan to start energy investment also in US and south America!
    Aug 28, 2013. 12:26 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • StatOil: How Big Is The Bay Du Nord Discovery? [View article]
    Start count money Michel! I have already do that! (smile!) I have take a sauna now and soon eat grill meat and to that drink some glass of good vine! (smile!)
    Aug 28, 2013. 11:38 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment