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  • Apricus Biosciences: Future Profits From Sexual Health Research And Marketing [View article]
    In my opinion the investment thesis at this point in time is whether you believe that five or six of the largest pharmaceutical company's in the world are idiots and stupid and like to through away tens of millions of dollars and waste their time and energy and disrupt their own operations for an exercise in futility. One has to realize that in addition to paying Licensing fees etc. these company's have to train sales men prepare literature devote time, etc. which are not published costs, The launching of a drug is a very expensive long term investment.My money is betting on the fact that these Company's are smarter and better then I am at evaluating the prospects of whether the product will be a success or not. They are committing large amounts of capital, time and effort to launching the product. I am on board for the ride I do not believe these people are stupid.
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  • Standard Pacific (SPF) is downgraded to Sell at JPMorgan, which nevertheless raises its price target to $8 from $6.50. It's a valuation call, with the analysts noting the stock's 131% 2012 gain vs. 94% for the homebuilder group, as well as its PE and price-to-book premiums vs. its peers. Shares -0.9% premarket. [View news story]
    Lets see, we should sell now because it outperformed its peers, and the analyst thinks the stock will go higher, even though he didn't believe the stock should go higher then 6.50.

    If I sold at his target price of 6.50 I would have had an 18% smaller profit than I have now.

    But if I sell here, he thinks the stock will go higher, and judging by the accuracy of his last target plus the additional .30 cents to get to $8 I think the stock goes to over $9 per share. who knows maybe more.

    I am confused. I guess I should have sold at 6.50.

    In the mean time the Housing industry looks like it is starting what could be one of the most vibrant growth periods in its history.
    Jan 11 10:18 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Hedge fund titan Leon Cooperman has been selling Apple (AAPL) but buying battered Freeport McMoRan (FCX), he tells CNBC. Cooperman holds FCX founder Jim Bob Moffett in high regard despite coming under fire from shareholders, but he's not keen on AAPL's reluctance to return cash to investors and warns the iPhone’s uniqueness may be diminishing. [View news story]
    Cooperman never said he was out of APPL he still has a significant position and I think he said they might have added to the position recently. He basically said he lightened up as the stock was running towards 700. He took profits on part of his position.
    Cooperman is a very highly skilled and successful stock picker with a really great track record. Not a fast money guy roughly 1/3 of his fund is his own money. If I am correct he only had 2 or 3 down years out of the last 25 and way out performed the mkt in those.
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  • 5 Apple Risks Revealed [View article]
    Do you know anyone who has had an iPhone that has switched to another phone. I don't. I recently saw a statistic that said there are 160,000,000 iPhones in use today. AAPL has sold some 265,000,000 iPhones since they introduced the 1st one.

    Like Cramer says encourage negativity in your long ideas when the shorts cover the pops are greater, I suggest the author short some AAPL.
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  • Flash Crash Signals Fraud In The Market For Apple Shares [View article]
    Its pretty pathetic when one stupid, technically incompetent electronic exchange, which screws up its own IPO .002cents in a couple of trades. Trades 100 shares down fifty dollars creates this sort of discussion.
    Remember APPL'S symbol Starts with AA .
    We should be thankful that only 100 shares traded on that exchange at that time.
    Mar 26 10:17 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Bank of America (BAC) disputes its LA Times portrayal as putting the squeeze to small businesses: "What we've done is not cut or close credit lines for small business clients across the board, but rather... a very, very, very small percentage of customers, and just put into place standard practices such as a maturity date and an annual renewal process." Some industry watchers aren't buying it.  [View news story]
    The big Banks are borrowing 100s of billions of dollars at the Fed window at virtually no cost. They are not lending it out to businesses to hire and expand, and increase employment but are just investing it in treasuries at no risk. These cost free loans should be tied to the amount of small business lending they do.
    The banks believe that their earnings are their rights. They are trying very trick possible to raise their earnings. BAC is a leader in trying to screw its customers. They just got shot down on imposing new consumer fees. Now they are trying to screw the small businessman. The job creators.
    In the mean time they are spending hundreds of millions on lobbying Congress for deregulation.
    We now have only six banks that control the U.S. economy. It is time to break up the banks.
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  • Note To Apple Shareholders: Stop Trying To Spend The Company's Cash [View article]
    The more cash the lower the multiple. Everyone who loves Apple
    owns the stock already myself included. The biggest group of potential purchasers of the stock those who have the most money and buying power are the large institutions. Many of them can only buy stocks that pay dividends these are the value players. Like it or not Apple's PE is not that of a growth company but that of a large industrial company. The price of the stock is too high for the average buyer other than an institution. As the stock stands still and can't get out of its own way the company continues to just build cash up.
    I uderstand that the Company paid out huge sums of money recently to retain employees. Why shouldn't investors be able to participate in the company's success without have to sell their stock.
    Unless they are planning to buy a couple of countries, there is no way that they need to hoard that much cash. Hoarding that much cash shows a lack of confidence in their own belief in their future earnings potential.
    I would also suggest that the company split its stock ten for one. If that was done and the stock was in the range of the average investor I would bet the stock PE would increase dramatically.
    Dec 15 11:07 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment