• hsnl2003
    $MJNA closing today at .35 cents tomorrow .50 its obvious...
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    • vicad: I think you forgot to add "ly not happening" lol I do have some shares in them, btw.
    • hsnl2003: well i'm predicting from the technical analysis if you check the chart yo will see strong resistance even a cave man can read it!!
    • vicad: Cave man says you have 1hr and 10 minutes for your first prognosis to happen, unless you are going to start bending grammar in your favor.
    • hsnl2003: which stock are you predicting to do well ?
    • vicad: man, i am not a day trader. i look at stocks long-term only at this point. check out $FTLF and their most recent 10Q. $CIIX is another one.