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  • Auditing the Fed Is Economic Suicide [View article]
    Holy Crap Man - There Is More At Stake Here Than Just Inflation - How About FINANCIAL SLAVERY !!!

    Federal Reserve Politically Independent ??? - You Need To Do Some More Research On The State Of Current Events. Only in crisis do the "Connections Become Evident".

    How about the fact that a "Labor Union Boss" has RECENTLY been appointed the Head Of The New York Fed. - No Political Influence There?

    How about the fact that the Federal Reserve IS A PRIVATE ENTITY That Has Never Been Audited. Do You Mind That "A FEW" Hold Sway Over The Destiny Of The Many? Is This Not Against The Very Canons Of Founding Principles Of The United States - ALL ARE CREATED EQUAL. The Federal Reserve Is Not A Governmental Entity - Shouldn't It Come Under The Jurisdiction Of The Country It "Supposedly Resides In"?

    Are You Aware That The Federal Reserve Now Has Hired The ENRON LOBBYIST - Linda Robertson? Enron Was Definitely A Very Upstanding Company. (Snark)

    Do You Not Care AS A CITIZEN OF THE UNITED STATES - WHERE THE NEXT GENERATIONS MONEY WAS SPENT? (Just because the "Spending Spree" has not Effected You Yet, Does Not Mean It Never Will)

    There Are An AMAZING NUMBER OF OBVIOUS SHENANIGANS PLAYING OUT At The Moment - Without Fear Of Justice There Is No Law.

    Your Arguments ARE ALL SHORT SIGHTED - "DON'T UPSET THE APPLE CART" Even Though It Is Apparent That "The Drivers Care Not For Who Is In Their Way."

    Do Not Continue To Be A Patsy Just Because You Feel Comfortable Or Are Afraid Of Change.

    Those Who Throw Their Brethren To The Wolves Have No Merit.
    Aug 28 03:25 AM | 26 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Celebrating the 'Recovery': I'm Disgusted [View article]
    Be Disgusted, VERY DISGUSTED !!!

    Apparently Not Much Has Changed And Derivatives Are Back In Fashion:

    USA Today - Remember me? Wall Street repackages debt for sale

    "In recent months investment banks have been repackaging old mortgage securities and offering to sell them as new products, a plan that's nearly identical to the complicated investment packages at the heart of the market's collapse."

    HOLY CRAP !!!
    Aug 24 08:34 PM | 23 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Consumer Bankruptcy Filings Hit 4 Year High [View article]
    This Metric Will "Impress" In The Months To Come.

    The wave may get so big that it forces banks to actually "Account Default" instead of "Stalling". Could be the "Snowflake That Causes The Avalanche".

    Bankruptcy and Credit Card Default Rates are the "Tipping Point" foreshadowing "Events" that are much more difficult to "Paper Over".
    Aug 10 04:43 PM | 18 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Seven Uncomfortable Predictions for the Economy [View article]
    Clinton 1999 was the repeal of Glass-Steagal. Introduced by Repubs; Signed by Dem.

    Those who get wrapped up in the Right-Left, Repub-Dem paradigm delude themselves. The actions are the same.

    Choose Substance Over Symbolism. Event and action as the only evaluation metric.

    I care not what club our leaders subscribe to - I care only about what they do. There is little representation in DC these days - K-Street has more influence than any State in the Union.

    On Mar 30 10:43 AM Jimbo wrote:

    > I cannot share joes opinion that the prophet Obama will steer us
    > away from the "conservative Iceberg". The so-called "conservatives"
    > have certainly screwed up things( such as repealing Glass-Steagall)
    > but I fear that the naive and inexperienced Obama and his collectivist
    > acolytes will fly our economy into the ground. I see nowhere to run
    > or hide either.
    Mar 30 03:01 PM | 17 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Auditing the Fed Is Economic Suicide [View article]
    I did not realize you were from Canada - Sorry For Presuming That You Understood The Founding Principles Of The United States.

    Still Suggest You "Broaden Your Scope" Of The Data You Consider.
    Aug 28 03:29 AM | 14 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Proposal for Fed to Become the Next AIG [View article]
    I would like to know if the Fed has purchased any "Interest Rate Derivatives" used to hedge against rises in interest rate.

    If they have, then will they really go against their "Holdings" and raise interest rates when they should?

    The More Stuff "Put Behind The Curtain" The More Potential Conflict Of Interest.
    Aug 21 03:33 PM | 14 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The First 200 Days of Obamanomics Have Been an Economic Success [View article]
    Do you read the bills, that congress and the president do not, before they sign them into law? If you did you would not be so amenable.

    How can you say that he is a "Success" if he chooses not to read the bills he signs into law? Where Is The Representation In this Action?

    Do Not Be So Easily Led By Smooth Words And A Charismatic Demeanor.

    The President And Congress Are A "Proxy" For "Those That Have Made The Purchase" Many Years Ago.
    Aug 7 01:33 AM | 14 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Consumer Bankruptcy Filings Hit 4 Year High [View article]
    On Aug 10 05:21 PM Jack FghtClb wrote:

    > I think historians will use a 'mo' prefix to the -ron used to describe
    > you.
    > Relative public debt to most economic indicators are at higher levels
    > but within normal ranges. And the consumer has seen benefits of
    > a 50% increase in the SPX - spell it with me f-e-e-d-b-a-c-k...c-y-...
    > Unemployment is l-a-g-g-i-n-g.

    I would have to ask:

    How Would You Define "Normal" When So Many "Metrics" Have Changed. ("Mark To Myth" and so many other "Acronyms" Created By Government Within The Last Year Pertaining To "Saving The Economy"?)

    In My Opinion - Employment is a "Factor" that is indicative of "The System". Refer To Phase All You Want. The Greater The "Unemployment", The Greater The Effect On Prosperity And Social Discord. It is "Magnitude - Not Phase" That Should Be Considered "Dangerous".

    Homeless And Hungry Do Not Make Compliant Citizens.

    Please, Personal Attacks Add Nothing To The Discourse And Add Nothing To Possible Solution.

    The Only Way To "Fix Something" That Is Broken Is To Understand The Mechanisms By Which It Operates.
    Aug 10 08:55 PM | 12 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The Gold Rally in Perspective [View article]
    I agree with John.

    Although I would guess a low probability to pull back to around $1100.00; How long can the "Powers That Be" keep up "The Jedi Mind Trick" on the "Willingly Ignorant". (The future is not set; many pieces are moving)

    Gold is the "Societal Linus Blanket"; A Perceived, If Not true, Security.

    In our "Done Been Scared To Death Too Long State" of constant "Fear and Worry Bombardment"; I think the move up will be less of a rate of rise than the "Gold Rush Of The Late 70's".

    Unless Something REALLY CRAZY Takes Place.

    If "Unwinding By Calamity" Occurs, The Next "Gold Rush" Will Make All Others "Pale In Comparison".
    May 16 05:50 AM | 11 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Solving a Sovereign Debt Crisis by Issuing More of the Same [View article]
    "Do they really think the markets are stupid enough to fall for this line of Ouroboros nonsense?" => Karl Denninger

    I doubt they do, but the "Magic Money Fountains" seem to keep spewing their soothing salve. The Federal Reserve Is Without Audit/Accountability and is therefore "A Bottomless Supply Of Funding". (Who will listen to and follow the piper ???)

    It is too bad that the populous will not reap the benefits, as their futures are "Financially Engineered" as "Debt Slaves By Proxy".
    May 10 03:35 AM | 11 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The First 200 Days of Obamanomics Have Been an Economic Success [View article]
    "The F22 is probably the most egregious example in the defense budget of spending on hugely expensive weapons systems that the Pentagon doesn’t want because they are not useful for today’s national security needs." - Jeffery Frankel

    You do realize that if you stand still others will pass you by no matter how slow they move?

    This plane "Disappears" to our own tech if it turns off its tracking beacon. If we can not track it, Who Can?

    I would say that is worth twice as much as we paid for it; not to mention the other benefits.

    Short Sighted Solutions Stymie Sovereignty.
    Aug 7 01:22 AM | 11 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Obama Makes Sense [View article]
    This seems to be a case of "Do As I Say, Not As I Do".

    I do not care what "Club" the people in charge are affiliated with - I care about the actions and execution of policy and event.

    So far I have seen the "Opposite Of Responsible" since "Change" came to government. I would say the "Same" came to government with an excuse to try whatever "Feels Good". None Of The Root Causes Are Even Identified To The Populous; Just The Propagation Of "Don't Worry Be Happy". Resulting in further looting of the nations wealth to throw down the money hole.

    The "Borrow The Future To Save The Past" has the potential to undermine "Sovereignty" of many nations.

    Do you remember all the "Crazy Truthers" a few years back being ostracized about their view of a "One World Currency" and the "Amero". Hey check out the headlines of the current month - How could those people get so lucky in the similarity. (Just because some run to great lengths of supposition does not mean that the Grain Of Truth they started with is invalid.) What better way to get this to the table than to spend so much that the confidence in your bonds wane and effectively - Dang, We Need A New Currency - One Without Boarders.

    If you think the CORPROTOCRACY IS BAD NOW, wait until "The Money Men" do not have to deal with the nuisance of boarders and governments. One Big Happy Money Machine. Your irrelevance will increase.

    Lament The Constitution And Its Lack Of Application In America. If it was still the law of the land we would be no where near where we are today with respect to Empire and Finance.

    Mar 13 04:24 PM | 11 Likes Like |Link to Comment
    Killing Someone by Drunk Driving, Leaving The Scene Of The Crime; Reporting It 24 Hours Later, AND STILL REMAINING A SENATOR?

    If that is not a "Dead Giveaway Of Actual Conspiracy", I am not sure what would qualify.

    I personally have no remorse that Ted Kennedy is "Done".
    Aug 26 12:55 PM | 10 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Fiscal Responsibility: Obama Takes the Reins [View article]
    The Republican/Democrat Paradigm Is Silly - They Are One And The Same In Action. They are The Money Party or The Corruption Club. The Constitution is ignored by both.

    As for the "Stimulus", I would have felt better if they had actually pretended to read it. This type of behavior tells me that the circus is almost over.

    With the Shadow Banking Derivatives Hole still not being addressed, still causing utter uncertainty, nothing will be effective. Band aids do not reconcile gaping wounds.

    Those that give up liberty for safety deserve neither. The Subjugation continues.

    When talk of reducing the size and thus the money leeching ability of the Federal Government is discussed I will see at least some hope. Government Does Nothing Well - There is no incentive to do so; no reprisal for failure.
    Feb 24 01:56 PM | 10 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Uncertainty on the Streets [View article]
    Excellent As Usual Steven Hansen.

    450,000+ per week "Initial Unemployment Claims" Is Still Disconcerting To Me.

    The Secondary Effects On Tax Revenues, Government Expenditure, and general Velocity Of Money within the "Real Economy", will surely continue to be evident.

    Bank of Japan and Bank of Canada getting in on the "Sweet Deal" of The Federal Reserve "Magic Money Fountain" seems very "Under The Radar" using the European Headlines as "Cover".

    Federal Reserve "Deals" With Foreign Entities Should Have Audits And Accountability, at least, To The US Government; The Sanders Amendment Gutted This Component Of The Ron Paul Audit Language.

    I wonder, if the Venetians in the 1340s had had a "Federal Reserve Type Printing Press", would King Edward III have been "Unsuccessful In Dominoes" ??? (maybe, but eventually Scale and Magnitude become detriments)

    Financial Engineering And Derivatives May Be An Older Concept Than One Might Think.
    May 16 06:40 AM | 9 Likes Like |Link to Comment