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Brian Neall, Founder of, has been trading and investing in stocks successfully since 2002 using a unique blend of fundamental and technical analysis. Since late 2004, he has written the Weekly Alert and now the Daily Alert newsletter featuring top growth stocks and stocks that are both beating estimates by a wide margin and whose consensus estimates are rising quickly. Providing valuable and timely analysis and insight of the overall market, sectors and individual stocks for investors, swing traders and traders using other methodologies. Tens of thousands of investors and traders have purchased his book and newsletter. He offers a 3 week free trial to his newsletter on his site, He ...More
  • Description: Investment Consultant. Trading frequency: Daily
  • Interests: Energy stocks, Options, Stocks - long, Stocks - short, Tech stocks
COMPANY Combining best-of-breed fundamental and technical analysis to identify and trade stocks poised to explode
Blog blog Insights on Trades on Top Growth Stocks and Stocks with Rising Estimates. Review of some our top trading setups. Valuable trading lessons for today's market applied to real trades.
PowerInvesting - Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom Combining best-of-breed fundamental and technical analysis to skryocket your trading profits. This book uncovers a simple five step process to identify and trade stocks with a high probability of success.
Watch EXPE earnings release on the 29th. PCLN reports May 10th. TZOO just blew away earnings estimates today. Stock up nearly 20%. Apr 26, 2010