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  • Lawmakers in the U.S. see a quick-patch solution as the best hope of averting the automatic tax increases and spending cuts set to hit on January 1. Over the weekend the blame game was in full cycle while key Senators hit the talk TV circuit. The last word from President Obama is that he would immediately sign a bill into law extending tax cuts for those making $250K or less.  [View news story]
    Why are all of you fools, including those in the government, sitting around arguing whether or not we should return to policies that worked for this country in the 90s (democrats) or in the 80s (republicans). The truth is we cannot tax our way out of these problems because it will stifle growth, and we can't grow our way out of these problems without encumbering even more debt, which you then need to stife growth to pay for.

    If we, as a people, expect to prosper we must find a revision to capitalism that takes the imperious of our enonemy away from spending and redirect us into an investment and innovation based enonemy. There are three ways to make a profit, cut costs (cut spending), raise prices (raise taxes), or we can lower prices on the same goods by making our production and distribution more efficient (completely re-engineering the tax code, and the structure of our government programs.)

    Right now we are trying to use old paradigm solutions to fix new problems specifically crated by the old paradigm and our supposed "solutions" to those problems. Evolve or die... This is the way of the world!
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  • Intel (INTC): Q2 EPS of $0.54 beats by $0.02. Revenue of $13.5B (+4% Y/Y) misses by $60M. Expects Q3 revenue of $13.8B-$14.8B vs. $14.6B consensus. Expects 3%-5% 2012 revenue growth vs. 4.7% consensus. Shares -2% AH. (PR)   [View news story]
    This is about as good as anyone could have reasonably hoped for considering the state of the world economy and tech in general. The last 1/3rd of the year will see great gains for the semi-conductors as a whole. We should see a strong Christmas season for tech, and the new tablets from Microsoft and Asus (along with Iphone 5) should really help things along. Anyone who gets in right now is set to make a nice penny. This being said, the big pop will not come until after the summer when we really start seeing all of these new products in action.
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  • Diablo 3 Delays Damage Activision Blizzard In More Than 1 Way  [View article]
    Game came out of Tuesday, like all games do. The fact that you thought it came out on Friday, like a movie, means that you are unqualified to even open you mouth on this topic.

    You clearly have never played a game other than the game of angry birds you gingerly play while sitting on the toilet, which is the only place such mindless games should be played. There is no real profit generating plan for such social network games beyond somehow trying to trick eight year old children with credit cards into spending 200 dollars on skins. These games only have such a high player base because they are FREE or ONE DOLLAR. They require the same amount of commitment that it takes to play these games, almost none. This is why there is a new "most popular game" every two weeks, because they all hold your attention for about two weeks, and the new game is also free.

    On the other hand, there were, as of a few days ago, still millions of people around the world play DIABLO 2. Diablo 2 had the graphics of a sega saturn game, and it retained players for 12 years without fail. These same players would spend thousands of dollars to buy items for this game, which blizzard will now get a cut of. The server issues are NOT new to the online gaming community, and anyone who isn't manic depressive or new to the entire community would not have been very upset. If anything server failures on GAME LAUNCH DAY are ALWAYS expected.

    Now stop talking about things you know nothing about. Its not good for you.

    Go talk about something you know about, and leave the gaming to the gamers.
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  • Why I Left My Cheerleader Pom-Pons At The Door And Sold Activision Blizzard (Part 2)  [View article]
    First off, how in the world did you ever believe such a thing as the "Rational Expectation Hypothesis." If this hypothesis were true, the world at large, including that of the markets, would be ruled by scientists and mathematicians, not traders and kings.

    Your argument concerning the past of ATVI stands up to scrutiny, but your assumptions about the nature of WOW, its subscribers, and Diablo 3 cause your overall point to be flawed. Wow subscriptions will never dip below around 9 million until some game TAKES these subscribers by force. Many of the people still playing WOW are marginally to severely addicted. Previously in my life I have been one of these addicts, so i know how powerful this game and its claws can be. The prospect of a new shinier piece of gaming crack is not going to steal you away from you comfortable and familiar drug, especially when they are still stringing everyone along with new patches, balance changes, and expansions. Star Wars online has already prover to be a joke, and there is no other threat looming. If the numbers from WOW go down, they will have simply gone to Diablo 3.

    If you compare the outright enthusiasm and die-hard following that EVERY blizzard (and many activision) games generate versus every other game and company, there is absolutely no comparison. Diablo 2, until yesterday, was still one of the most played games in the world when you factor for age. After around 17 years there were still millions of followers for a game that basically had N-64 Graphics, and forced you to have a map over half of your screen. I have played Diablo 3, and it is everything that one could have imagined and more. You can feel the 17 years of preparation in the flow of this game, regardless of server issues. It WILL be absolutely huge.

    Finally, RMAH will NOT allow players to collect REAL money without a fee, you can on the other hand collect "Blizzard Dollars" without a fee, and spend all of that money on other blizzard products. This setup will allow blizzard an amazing revolving door for income generated from the AH, and will be a significant boost to profit. Once again, as shortly as 4 months ago you could find someone out there paying 300 dollars for Diablo 2 items, 17 years after it was released. Even with increased supply, these prices will be stupidly high.

    Diablo 3 is a game changer for ATVI and for the industry a a whole. Don't jump ship.
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