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  • Birdman4213
    Anyone adding more $ARR positions? Currently a 13.33% dividend!
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    • FREDDESAIN: At this price I had to put on a position. Beautiful dividend which should be sustainable. I like the monthly payers. Check out $PSEC.
    • Grand Nagus Kelly: ARR isn't going anywhere. No money available now. Hoping it drops to 6 cause I'll be able to get 1,000 shares in a few days.
    • Ocean Man: Should be sustainable? It's been cut 4 times in the past year.
    • FREDDESAIN: Alot of traders are very angst-ridden about mreits. The Fed will back off MBS purchases someday, hopefully soon, and the game will change.
    • Ocean Man: Your argument is that the program called QE-infinity will end soon?
    • FREDDESAIN: I see a lot of upside potential as the Fed eases off. Naturally it won't be an abrupt turnaround.