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  • Coeur Mining reports "solid" Q1 output, reaffirms 2014 production guidance [View news story]
    The price of both silver/gold depends on JPM position at any one time since the have big time covers on both short/lone positions and have been letting cash in their short positions past year and a QT.The Dodd act was suppose to limited their positions but JPM is the FEDS laws are for theirs!
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  • Hecla says Q1 silver production rose 32% Y/Y, gold output more than tripled [View news story]
    HL keeps going down while the Dollar and debt keep going up-why?
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  • Silver Miners Analyst Watch: August Edition [View article]
    If one started today Aug.16,2013 I believe even will the 10% incease last five trading days with end of last Friday close, THE METALS in the mid to high volume Co's have a shot to increase more then the SP 500 Co's by the end of year.
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  • Red-Hot Coeur D'Alene Mines Headed for a Pullback [View article]
    When you wrote the article cde was near 25.00 and going down fast and is 22.90 close on Mon.In the latter your article suggest that a move under 30.00 is in the cards so get out and short it--it too late and wayyyyyyyy after the fact-try honestly next time!
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  • The S&P Downgrade and Our Addiction to Debt [View article]
    We are surly addictive to debt and Wars and giving our middle classes low wages while giving others overseas countries huge amount of Jobs/monies and of couse lifetime wars which help our Military industrial complex but produce nothing for our domestic front but TRILLIONS of MORE DEBT!The upper2% now control over 38 TRILLION DOLLARS in wealth taken from over 40 years from the labor/wages/benefits and taxes pay into the s.s./medicare and civil services workers pay.The off the books debt is almost seven times the on line debt and most of the FEDS and stimilus has not partners with private sector who through the Banks invested on jobs/Co's oversea not here in US.If the above keeps up and the debt issue take more away from the middle classes and private sector continue to go overseas a massive social protest against the ruling classes and Big 's Corp's will have to insue.In the latter the consumers will rebel will large countrywide upraising and discontent that will make the middle east social discontent look like child play!
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  • Red-Hot Coeur D'Alene Mines Headed for a Pullback [View article]
    How about a one year leap on HL once it hits 7.50-8.50?
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  • Red-Hot Coeur D'Alene Mines Headed for a Pullback [View article]
    Cde might go back to 30.00 but this atricle as usually wait for this pull back to start last week on thursday 3/14/11 close and let it run off 90% of its losses before taken a position that is might lose another 3.00 what a JOKE!
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  • Where Is the Silver? [View article]
    The missing link could be the deflation vs inflation issues and how high can deficit spending go and maybe the continuing deleverging process that is affecting this little silver gem!I believe the private/public deficit spending really started in Reagan admin.{see USBUDGET.GOV and legislation Quarterly FY years 81-09}with massive tax cuts for upper 3% and Export corp's that ship union jobs wages oversea/plus redid CPI indexing to low ball COL products which a destoryed Wages base for over 40 Years.The above deficit spending and borrowing off all federal/private retirements funds and massive tax increases at local/State and federal levels for middle classes further lower their wages base into a service economic system and into a massive debt deficits economic base system.The latter and above did not have any effect on metal but even reverse the prices on a downward trend from 1980 high of 800+Gold and 60+ Silver to down to 230/4.00 in early 90's.One can say as the Nation debt and deficits spending went highier the Metals went lower until basically into the later 90's as the fed govt. spending vs income slow.Bush2 and Repub's took deficits spending,cutting out productive jobs and shipping overseas to new World breaking record levels Never seen by Modern economies as States/local govt. jump up their budget's on phony credit card/housing wealth that finally bankrupt all the States/local govt's and of course the FEDERAL govt..The metals other then GOLD in very low ratio to total debt accumlation during this time frame, in both/private sector{Now projected to be 300-400 TRILLION-not counting hidden derivatives of 100"s of TRILLIONS}has again went south, and really has done nothing to response to this OVERALL SECTORS Massive debt, especially silver{which is use more then ever before vs. inventory on hand}vs Dollar{which actually gone up as overall Debt accumulated beroke more modern day records}.
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  • Gold Decouples on International Debt Crisis Concerns - Gold Forecast to Reach $3,000 [View article]
    Greek 100 Billion is nothing as US sell that amount every 10 days so I am sure we can sell another 20 Billion a week for a few weeks Greek and call it a day!The World is awash with Paper especially US paper so what's a few 100's of Billion more here and there.Hell we spend 100's a Billion fpr our Muslims Brothers and sisters every few months in the middle east for they can Vote-so why give a 'Little LOVE" to GREEKS?
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  • Gold Decouples on International Debt Crisis Concerns - Gold Forecast to Reach $3,000 [View article]
    I trend to agree with your assetment since the REAL unequel distribution of Wealth In US is limited to upper 2-3% who own and control 90-95% of the GDP.In the latter the upper classes control the majority of the working population wealth and therefore in a Material society their Mind control and thought patterns.The Dollar will make new highs then after Euroland goes down we will go through the devaluation process and live a lower material life and follow even more , the ruling classes Marching orders to keep voting for the two party system and your local Rep's and listen to thoses Millionairs talkers{Fox/CNBC,ect,e...
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  • Gold Decouples on International Debt Crisis Concerns - Gold Forecast to Reach $3,000 [View article]
    Silver has gone no where since it high of 22 in July of 08 and is now over 70-1 ratio to Gold.IThis week alone Silver has again gone Down almost 8%{Slv}in Etf fund!The Massive paper DEBT across the World and especially in US along with the Dollar and its Massive recording breaking debt and debt obiligations is getting a free ride because of it international status.The US govt, and Wall St also has its Political control of Moody,Fitch and SP rating Co's,but sometime next year the Gig will be up and most investors will run away from US debt debt,CD's ect and run toward the Gold.Silver however will not gain much because the Industrail World slow growth moving forward will have negative effect on the metal!
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  • Thursday Options Recap [View article]
    I like UNG going forward at 6.85 since OIL is going to be non supported for future OIL rigs out there in the oceans for a few years until people get over recent spill in gulf!
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  • Gold Is Not in a Bull Market [View article]
    I think you are right on as to do with inflation{see legislation quarterly Reagan Years 1981-89 CPI index Changes/COL,Tax Code changes for working classes,Tax Cuts for upper TAX brackets}}as Index was changed in 82 and again in 84 and along with changes in Tax brackets to get more Taxes out of working classes and take out the COL by 25 to 75% away from REAL COL.I must admit that Repub's did excellent legislation to upper the COL for the working classes without giving them the REAL COL and then during the next thirty year passing legislation to ship their Jobs oversea Tax them not only at feds level highier,but also cit programs at local levels so they get tax more and their household bills increases to the real COL as their wages and jobs are destoryed.They increased The wages of the upper 5% by lower their tax base not only in investment income but also allowing for Slave wages without REAL COL and getting the majority of even the working classes to go anti-union to creative "Right to Work" states working condtions{low Minimum Wages,service rate industrail conditions}and final destoryed all industrail union base wages and OUr consumer economy!

    On Nov 02 07:56 AM sdavid0419 wrote:

    > He did hit several true themes. GOLD is MONEY. The US and some but
    > not ALL other countries are printing money like it is going out of
    > style. AND the IF things get that bad get a cabin and a gun was also
    > correct. Gun show sales are way up...not statistics to cabins in
    > the woods. Also, not mentioned is the tremendous inflation figure
    > that is magically being hidden. Add to the list of my previous evidence
    > my new health insurance bill 25% higher than last year and if congress
    > gets its scheme passed I'm guessing at least another 10% in rising
    > costs or added taxes. Also my cable TV bill just jumped from $121/mnth
    > to $162/mnth. No matter how many times our government changes the
    > way inflation is calculated it is what it is and that is climbing
    > out of control. Oh thats right gas locally went from $2.37/gal to
    > $2.63/gal in one week.
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