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  • Teck Resources Hunkering Down [View article]
    Minus the recent, Qingdao loan fraud with (C), a lot of commodities have not recovered. Look at the price of gold since the financial crash, you can even see what I would call a "bubble." With that said, in today's WSJ The red metal is rallying trading up 0.18 cents in June from <3.00 in march, investors bet 14K futures on copper contracts--a bullish indicator.

    Is anyone following the qingdao whale? I think there's people not selling copper to china because they found better buyers...Looking at the chart of copper prices, it too ran in tandem with gold and somewhat crashed, but more gradually I'd say. And china is a leading indicator for copper spot prices
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  • Teck Resources Hunkering Down [View article]
    Oh cool. And thanks John for all the board of director information.

    Thanks for the info. 1greatcfa and palmdesertrat.
    It's nice to know that teck is mining low grade copper. I'm long teck resources and I've been reinvested dividends.

    I believe their tar sand oil should bring in consistent revenue. The ceo said it plays well with trucks they already own. It comes into play what late '16? What would good is if the became a mini-(BHP) or (RIO) and go out and buy (DDC) that has a mrkt cap of $1B or a similar diamond company or a number of other smaller gold, silver, or copper producers. Jeez they were going to shell out $4B for that Iron ore mine right?
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  • Teck Resources Hunkering Down [View article]
    Teck has been subscribing to several small cap gold and copper mining companies on google finance page.
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  • Caesars CEO eyes debt deal, says can finance $5B Japan expansion [View news story]
    Yes, I agree. But Caesar will likely press on. They probably made the biggest mistake when they decline wynn's Macau offer. I doubt anyone gaming corp. could match Adelson's provisional $10B investment. Plus, he's been working with the government and prime minister right?

    czr just won a S. Korea gaming license.

    Notable CZR shareholders are Paulson & Co., Inc., and Soros Fund Management LLC
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  • You Can Bank On Fifth Third Bancorp [View article]
    Hey. I've been looking at vantiv but notice it was previously owned by 5th 3rd Bancorp; I imagine share by back is in the works. According to msn money, Bancorp still owns ~21% of total shares.

    Looking at (FITB) chart it decline sharply before the crash. However, I think they'll recover faster than (BAC). :).

    I already follow you chris, just never read this one. Is this stock still going sideways since you bought?
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  • Alcoa Is Set To Gain Big Profits [View article]
    Indonesia recently ban exporting bauxite to china. This may as a consequence raise demand price for alumina and aluminum. China imported 65% of the ore from Indonesia.
    Today, LME prices hit 1866
    China idled like 750 ton smelters this year.
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  • Macau casino names gain after government clarifies [View news story]
    haha. Yes, I have heard reports of this subject. Patrons would use a bank card to buy a classy item, e.g., a watch, then pawn it. It is a way around china's money limit.
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  • Why Alcoa Stock IS Related To Aluminum Prices, Not Just The Stock Market [View article]
    When does Alcoa roll out the Ford bodies? They're reducing aluminum output in Brazil right? Wasn't it Rusal and Alcoa kind of in cahoots in 2013 to reduce output by 40% worldwide?

    Gold and aluminum have been trending downwards as of late.

    Isn't Alcoa supplying F18s wings (LMT) and what not in the aero-industry?

    Rusal convince Indonesia to ban nickel and bauxite. The biggest buyer of such ores is China. Thus, the notion is ore prices would rise.

    Interesting China blog about alumina

    I'm currently long (CENX)
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  • Arch Coal - The Perfect Play Off A Coal Market Rebound [View article]
    WSJ article saying arch has 4 years of liquidity
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  • Arch Coal - The Perfect Play Off A Coal Market Rebound [View article]
    Recently Arch coal refinance several debt maturities that would've been due 2016 and pushed to '18. Arch still has debt to pay by '16 '17 but not as much.

    I'm long on arch but worried on bankruptcy.

    Shipping coal out of the Pacific Northwest is a pipe dream Both Governors of WA. & Ore. State are fundamentally against coal.

    Recently peabody and arch with UNP have been seeking to export coal via Guaymas Mexico.

    Some news item I found about Tennessee coal plants
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  • Alcoa Inc. Stock Skyrocketing While Aluminum Price Showing Some Life [View article]
    Steel industry worried over aluminum contracts.

    A news bit about Goldman Sachs and JPM all on collusion of commodity pricing.

    Yes the divergence is quit a problem to think about. I'm long century aluminum. When is Alcoa going to distribute Ford's aluminum molds/products?
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  • Arch Coal: Thermal Market Improving But Met Coal Remains Weak [View article]
    Oh and about the article, thanks for the info. on coal sales and what falls under contracts. Selling 16 mt after fulfilling contracts isn't too hard I imagine. Arch revised its projected met. sales to a high of 7.3 mt and thermal sales 132mt.

    Nice to know that the leer mine has high grade coke coal to displace lower met. coal producers; thus, take market share. And I think Walter is one them right? I remember reading last year's annual report and Steve leer said 'the boys on wall street don't consider us a met company.' Hey wasn't the Leer mine previously owned by Patriot? Or arch bought the land adjacent to leer I believe. Revenue from leer should come into play in Q2 14.

    Comparing revenues Q1 2013 over Q1 2014 Arch has reduced s/g/a expenses by ~$4M and was able to produce the same amount of revenue $735M Q1/14 vs 737 Q1/13 even after the sale of its profitable Utah mines which took place in the summer of '13. By the way did they receive the payment(s) yet? What's scary is gross profit fell from 87M to 49M in the same quarters. What gives? Their Total interest expense is ~$93M/Q and I know $87M in one qrt. won't cover that. I've known this for more than a few quarters now but to the unknowing this means arch isn't able to pay the interests on their loans.

    Plus, 2014 will see met. coal price rise due to US auto sales and utility companies have been switching to coal as of late since the frigid winter early this year. Despite what you read: there's more coal plants operating now than there was 10 years ago.

    Thanks for the link to Reuter's. In Q4 '13 rail line hinder coal transportation in PRB and Arch was able to refinance debt maturities to '18. Previously, arch had a very large sum due in 2016 and I believe they refinance 600M debt.
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  • Unlikely winners in REITs in May [View news story]
    what are the names Berkshire owns.
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  • Why Murphy Oil Stock Is A Long-Term Investment Opportunity [View article]
    I believe bids are in the works for assets sales in SE asia too. $2B is the number that rings up. Murphy is following the recent deals of oil assets in Asian that Newfield exploration and Hess corp sold earlier this last year.
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  • Leucadia Poised To Continue Strong Long-Term Returns [View article]
    Obama's admin. is adjusting application reviews. During the "FERC process" corporations pay up to a $100M bucks just to file. Besides Cheniere, LUK LNG project in Oregon is on its way for review. The article is from Reuters which is a credible source.

    Early last week, Jim Cramer said on cnbc tv that $LNG is using a sleight of hand to raise it stock price. The ceo is being paid good money while the company hasn't made a profit in 17 years.

    Either Joseph or Ian said this in 2010 letter about the LNG project: “It appears to us that the environmental and economic benefits of natural gas will make it a preferred worldwide energy source in the foreseeable future. The import and export of LNG has a role to play within that market. With this theme in mind, we’ve opened our wallet to fund this venture for another year, within which timeframe we hope to cross the finish line. Tune in next year.”

    Out of the 3 LNG projects that started in Oregon--I did some research--Leucadia's is the last one still marching on and was originally planned as an import project. In 2006 one such company filed bankruptcy.
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