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  • Details Emerge For Solazyme's Potential Co-Products  [View article]
    I too am underwater at just under $11/share but I made a bit of money on an option trade and also buying some more at the bottom though not enough to move my cost basis much.

    Yesterday I almost dove back into the option pool before the conference call but thought better of it and am glad I took the more conservative mode. If Miketesla gives us something good, I may still make that option trade.
    PS if you want to learn about options, I highly recommend The Motley Fool. That's where I learned and it has supported my portfolio far.
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  • Details Emerge For Solazyme's Potential Co-Products  [View article]
    I agree, he did sound hesitant and a bit overly accomadating but after hearing the story, I understood why viz., nothing there to crow about.

    That's a great question, "if any...those big holder have thrown in the towel?" I hope someone can comment on that as that would be a serious heads up.
    Still long and underwater
    PS I don't think anyone, especially an insider, can really walk away from this technology and even if one big investor abandoned ship, I'd bet there'll be another to take his place.
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  • Details Emerge For Solazyme's Potential Co-Products  [View article]
    I advise you (without your asking so I apologize) to pay attention to position size. This is the killer of long term return.

    For a company like SZYM, i have decided (very personal decision and will change with the individual) that I am OVER SUBSCRIBED at 1.5% of my portfolio. That means, SZYM, with the losses to date that the present value has eaten up 1.5% of my total portfolio. I got carried away with their potential and kept buying on the way down and here I sit with many shares at over $10 cost.

    In hindsight, I would have placed a position size on SZYM at .5% at the beginning and used that as my guide. (You can always add more but to start, based upon its financials and potential, .5% is reasonable to

    So depending upon what risk you are willing to accept (ie, willing to lose it all), decide that FIRST and then go make some buys or sales.

    All I've done due to the enormous potential I see, is to hold onto that OVERSIZED stock position and hope that it will reach that potential. There are so many smart guys that will tell you HOPE is not a component of investing. To me that means, only use hope a few times a year to make your decisions and SZYM has filled my quota.

    Just want to help and I hope you take this in the spirit it is given.

    Good investing and health
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  • Details Emerge For Solazyme's Potential Co-Products  [View article]

    Some guys signed up for a marathon and then took off on a sprint pace....with their expectations at least, but this stock really does require more patience than most and my guess is due to the enormous disruption in the various industries.

    I wonder if there has been another company like this in the past that we could study and get some idea of what might happen and how long it may take?

    Any marathon scholars out there?
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  • Solazyme Provides Base For Higher Income  [View article]

    I agree and if there's any Rum left, send it over.

    Were there no more than 2 analysts that wanted to ask a question?

    Still, getting a flavor for the attitude and hearing what they focus on is peripheral help in determining whether to make a timely move or not. I chose not to after today's call. What is upsetting is the amount of time I spend on this investment with little opportunity to earn a living......reminds me of OMEX and the time spent there, entertaining but not productive.
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  • Details Emerge For Solazyme's Potential Co-Products  [View article]
    RE: today's conference call

    In the world of fundamentals and solid evidence, we are where we were.

    In the world of potential/hope we have moved up a bit since Wolfson sounded more positive than the last time so in my mind the future is still bright.....which puts us just where we were.

    I see no change to anything here, all systems are almost a go and those of us that believe in the story have no reason to add or drop. I was going to jump in heavily here but I see it is still a bit early.

    Rather than fight the market, I'm going to watch oil prices and when they move significantly up, I'll reconsider jumping in with some options on SZYM. Maybe by then there will be more food/moisturizer product sales too.

    Did any one get a clear indication that if a big food sale came down the pike, they could fill it? I mean is production of the high margin products an issue?
    Hanging in there
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  • Solazyme Provides Base For Higher Income  [View article]
    Thanks Matt,

    Great info, great answer and greatly appreciated.
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  • Solazyme Provides Base For Higher Income  [View article]
    Anyone have an approximate estimate of when money will run out and dilutive efforts move to the front?

    Maybe some astute analyst will ask that question today. I hope so.
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  • Details Emerge For Solazyme's Potential Co-Products  [View article]

    SZYM has "oils" all over their press releases.

    Here's a wiki sentence about SZYM: "Solazyme Inc. is a publicly held biotechnology company in the United States. Solazyme uses proprietary technology to transform a range of low-cost plant-based sugars into high-value oils."

    So the great unwashed masses who don't read anything completely, (nor are they probably invested here) have this company's image firmly ensconced in the oil sector. This is not wrong but sure out of total focus.

    However, this mal-focus is an advantage for those of us that understand what else their technology can do so please give up the amazement that it moves with the oil sector. Instead, understand that when the oil sector recovers, which it will do, our SZYM will take off and at that point all others will find the true potential here.
    Just my opinion
    PS let's be glad others don't have Marc Freeman's enlightened perspective.....yet.
    Jul 28, 2015. 06:21 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Solazyme Provides Base For Higher Income  [View article]
    Hi Krakken,

    Any company can go under so the real question is how to measure the probabilities of that happening and then buying a crystal ball to figure out when.

    Unfortunately, both of those actions are beyond my expertise but I wanted to chime in anyway and give my personal viewpoint for being invested and risking thousands of dollars by holding the stock.

    Of course, the first rule of investing is don't invest anything you can't afford to lose. (This isn't savings money but money chasing a return which brings concomitant risk.)

    They have so much potential that I believe their true but potential value is unmeasurable, hence hard to tell when they may catch afire. It's sort of like a race between realizing their potential and how patient investors with deep pockets will be. I don't think the primary investors, the big guys, have any intention of dumping this stock since they have had ample opportunity to do so and like me, have hung in there.

    Having said that, my guess is them going out out of business is a low probability and hence, I hold on, knowing it could some day go to zero or become a green Monsanto. Furthermore, I have confidence in management which is the primary reason I hold on, that and the technology. The worst I see happening is Wolfson being replaced by a different type of operator who may be more savvy to the whims of the market place....should that be needed but I don't think we are there yet if we ever get there.

    I also would have no problem buying in today at the closing price or close to it but be prepared to hold for 3-10 years to realize any potential.

    Just my opinion and you would be best served by not making that an action plan since that thinking has me at an overall loss to date. (Although I do confess being profitable on several shares I bought at the recent bottom, $2.23).
    Jul 28, 2015. 05:16 PM | 6 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • MasterCard Just Keeps Charging Up  [View article]

    The almost 30 PE did not give you cause? Can you share with me your thought process on buying more even with the high PE?

    Thanks and I'm just looking for info, not being critical at all. I'd like to buy more MA but am afraid of jumping in and then having a pull back that takes 2 years for the stock to recover from. I know it is a long term hold but I really hate to buy a stock and then watch it plunge, hence I miss a lot of good moves on high PE stocks.
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  • Solazyme Provides Base For Higher Income  [View article]
    Great info, guys, making SA a terrific place to start one's research.
    PS this story is so interesting, (viz., to see how this all works out), someone should make a movie of it.
    Jul 25, 2015. 02:01 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Details Emerge For Solazyme's Potential Co-Products  [View article]
    Thanks Guys,

    Good info from Flotek and hopefully just the beginning of it.
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  • Rich Kinder Should Be Rooting For Lower Prices  [View article]
    Ferjen, you say: I found some old articles where Kinder was espousing the 6% dividend yield, which would put the stock around $32 - $33. So maybe start there? I dunno...

    I'd start with what RK bought his most recent shares at, around $39. For me, that's good enough and today's price is lower.
    Long KMI with options to buy 33% more
    Jul 21, 2015. 06:40 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Rich Kinder Should Be Rooting For Lower Prices  [View article]
    "My take is that over the long run the business model that is higher leveraged relative to it's peers and has faster growth will win out provided the debt is put to good use. The business model that is lower leveraged relative to it's peers and has slower growth is just as great a risk to the investor as is a company with higher leverage."

    Amen and pass the KMI
    Long KMI and intending to get a bit longer
    Jul 19, 2015. 10:22 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment