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  • Why I Sold Prospect Capital [View article]
    1caflash here. I ran some figures on my Main Street Capital investment; what might happen by the year 2024. Currently, MAIN pays .165 cents monthly which I am compounding. If the company never raises its dividend nor gives shareholders another special dividend after June 25, 2014, then I have a chance to increase my MAIN investment by at least 121.86% by December 31, 2024. This would happen if the average dividend reinvestment price per share was $40. I considered that if MAIN averaged 10 million shares secondary offerings each of the next 10 years, then the company could possibly raise more than 3 billion dollars, and there would be roughly 150,000,000 common shares outstanding. I believe that over this time frame Main Street Capital could do this which would help it keep investing in what it does best, while providing its shareholders with a continuous reasonable yield for their investments. Folks, I am marrying this stock. I am not into Prospect Capital, but the article and the comments are interesting. My speculative side bought Cinedigm (CIDM) at $2.90 per share mid-February, 2014. I am also keeping it long-term. CIDM is transforming itself in ways that I believe will be beneficial to shareholders within 3 to 5 years or less. The company keeps announcing strategies with which I agree. Any investment at some time tests how strong your risk tolerance is.
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  • An Alternative Design For A Retirement Income Portfolio [View article]
    D.S., you responded in a very thoughtful manner. My Social Security benefits are taxed, my tax-deferred IRA will be taxed, and I am in a high federal and state tax bracket. When I trade in a taxable account and have gains, those are taxed, and the dividends are taxed. The Social Security enabled me to have a smooth transition into Medicare, and the government employees and healthcare folks were very helpful. Hopefully, readers understand why I took early benefits; one reason is to help pay my taxes! I also had income from a land purchase expire about the same time my Social Security benefits started. The "break even" comment is simple math. I agree wholeheartedly with what you are attempting to do, and I wish you and yours much success.
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  • An Alternative Design For A Retirement Income Portfolio [View article]
    I decided to take early Social Security. Had I waited until 70 years of age, it would have taken at least until I turned 82.3 years young to break even. My healthcare plan is also very different than many other folks, and those monthly costs went down, although my deductibles rose. I try investing like I do not have that income because I'm not sure how long the U.S. will fund it with the debt load the country faces. D.S., the longer you can postpone establishing a taxable account, the better you and yours might be. If you have a tax deferred IRA, then you'll have to take required minimum distributions, so you will be paying Uncle Sam. Control what you can, and stick with the strategy that works for you. I enjoyed reading your contribution and the subsequent comments.
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  • Main Street Capital's (MAIN) CEO Vincent Foster on Q1 2014 Results - Earnings Call Transcript [View article]
    Seeking Alpha's conference call transcripts are always appreciated. Forbes wrote that MAIN has become oversold. I noticed that analysts who had questions did not ask about the indices' pressure regarding BDCs in general. I will continue to hold my Main Street Capital position which during 2014 was increased by about 17%, and keep dividend reinvesting the cash received into more MAIN shares.
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  • Profit Rankings For BDCs: May 2014 Part 2 [View article]
    MAIN did not raise its monthly dividends; I should have noticed that before I posted the previous comment.
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  • Profit Rankings For BDCs: May 2014 Part 2 [View article]
    MAIN is the only BDC in my portfolio. I prefer the monthly and special dividends, and like how the company does not try to dilute its common stock too fast. I will also be awaiting MAIN's quarterly report after the bell on May 8th. It will be especially interesting if the company can raise its monthly dividend. I am grateful to BDC Buzz for his research and perspective.
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  • Why Whole Foods Is A Good Short To $44 [View article]
    Read about JAMN. It's a penny stock. The adviser with whom I do business will not let me buy shares. The brokerage claims it is "too risky". I've been reading about who is backing the company's growth. It's products are starting to be featured in more grocery outlets, and it is also being sold at Colorado Rockies' home games. I will not be making money by posting these comments; however, I believe that JAMN has great potential. People enjoy coffee. I envision that within five years, the Marley's and others will expand the product lines to include teas, juices, and foods containing their ingredients. I have no shares in either Whole Foods or Jammin' Java, but I find the latter extremely interesting, and believe that Jamn is on the ground(s) floor (pun intended) of being a fine investment. Thanks for spending your valuable time reading this.
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  • To Buy, To Hold Or To Trim? A Look At 5 BDCs [View article]
    I noticed that PSEC's management is very optimistic about the company's future. I figured out what I was doing wrong on Seeking Alpha; arguing with other investors without the proper knowledge. Folks like LINN Energy. Why should I object? Do you like Prospect Capital? I understand. Maybe you do not favor Chevron. I do. My point is that I will not fight anyone on this site about what investments he or she likes. I am an old guy who needs income, and my new broker will help me reach some goals. Previously, I had PSEC shares. We started a new position June 21, 2013. This should work well for the distribution phase of my investment experiences. Mr. Stewart, thanks for writing your article.
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  • Robert Half International Is Ready To Gain From Economic Recovery [View article]
    Things can change in a heartbeat. The firm with which I deal closed its office in my town, and the financial adviser I liked is with another brokerage. Recently, I met my new one. I appreciated his research, so I am not dripping any stocks. I feel like a June 2013 graduate, although my favorite headgear is a Vans "Off The Wall" cap. Income streams and the distribution phase triumphed over the accumulation philosophy. My first investments through him are designed to hopefully produce income while lessening my tax burden and reducing my brokerage fees. He advised me to keep my other investments and be patient.
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  • Robert Half International Is Ready To Gain From Economic Recovery [View article]
    F.A.: Thank you for the well-written overview of RHI. CVX, HTCO, HTGC, MAIN, UVE and VVC are my other DRIP stocks, although I trimmed MAIN for a 12%+ long-term gain. My latest buy was ADNC on June 5, 2013. I wanted a technology company with possible growth. I enjoyed your article and want to shout out for S.A.'s earnings call transcription service, which I find extremely valuable.
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  • Linn Energy Faces Yet Another Bear Attack [View article]
    There must be a lot of experts commenting, because I have a hard time finding out what is overvalued and what isn't. Folks were writing that Main Street Capital was overvalued when I was buying some at just under $30 a share. Read the Seeking Alpha Earnings Call Transcript and you will find out that management might announce a special dividend in addition to its newly declared regular monthly dividends, and it is thinking about having a special payout semi-annually. Last year, I had not heard of MAIN, but I took a chance, and the company hasn't disappointed me. This whole LINN/LNCO/BRY story might be fine, but I am learning from you, and the LNCO loss helped balance my short-term gains. I like it when somebody challenges me, because if it turns out that I was wrong to sell the stock, then it will be a reminder to become more educated about the subject. If you love your Moms, then don't forget to give them gifts on your birthday celebrations.
    May 11 02:57 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Linn Energy: Don't Believe The (Negative) Hype [View article]
    California could be a big stumbling block hurting LINN's and Berry Petroleum's ambitious plans for the Monterey Shale region. Read a recent article through Forbes; the author explains the situation well. I know that I have been giving many of you a hard time about the proposed merger, but at least I have presented some of my concerns regarding it. I certainly am not against development in that area of my state; neither is Governor Brown.
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  • Linn Energy Faces Yet Another Bear Attack [View article]
    What I do understand is that there might be an oversupply, not only of shares which not everybody wants, but also of the products in which LINN and BRY are involved. I am an old-fashioned guy. Coke sells drinks, etcetera. LNCO was set up as a vehicle tied-into LINN's MLP shares. Correct? I realize what the company is trying to do, but even though I do not own any LINN, LNCO or BRY shares, if I had a Berry Petroleum investment, then I would rather see an all-cash buyout than be purchased by a company which survives on puts, hedges, and consistently tries improving itself through leverage. When Mr. Buffett does transactions, then he buys or sells shares of a company he understands, or gets good deals from loaning money to businesses, or offers a price to own a company. I cannot compare myself to Warren, but I'm sure you get the message. Look at Magnum Hunter and many others. MHR has so many finance covenants that it could put at least one well-known church to shame. Maybe this is the New Math for businesses; perhaps Jim Cramer is right and the big institutions are hungry for shares. The deal is a bit complicated, so Mr. Ellis had to appear on Jim's show to explain it. He did a nice job, but I'm out. Big deal. Where is my diet Coke?
    May 9 05:35 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Linn Energy Faces Yet Another Bear Attack [View article]
    P.S.: I will not be buying anymore LNCO shares, no matter what the price; there are too many solid companies with good business models that will be available when foreign and institutional investors decide to take their profits.
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  • Linn Energy Faces Yet Another Bear Attack [View article]
    My financial advisor overruled me on LNCO. Barron's or no Barron's, we just do not understand the logic of diluting LNCO's shares for a purchase of another company, as a growth strategy. I'm out of those shares and will apply the loss to short-term gains. I also sold CAT, and made a small gain on that sale. We had a meeting and I gave him complete permission to manage my accounts. He has plenty of research and I trust him and his firm. Good luck to all!
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