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  • BlackBerry's Acquisition Of Virtual SIM Start-Up Enhances BYOD Offering [View article]

    Not sure if this is short squeeze just yet. Volume today was below average. Shorts are likely waiting for QE hoping poor phone sales and/or low BES 10/12 adoption will be reported? Suspect that if/when short squeeze hits we will see volume triple what we saw Thursday.
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  • BlackBerry's Acquisition Of Virtual SIM Start-Up Enhances BYOD Offering [View article]

    Here's another link which perhaps takes things out of the context that Movirtu was only meant for the indigent.

    Don't know, sounds pretty cool to me....
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  • BlackBerry's Acquisition Of Virtual SIM Start-Up Enhances BYOD Offering [View article]

    Another knock on BBRY. You failed to mention potential downsides of having two SIM slots. For example, what's drain on battery with two SIM card slots vs one SIM? Why have two slots when software can handle it?
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  • BlackBerry's Acquisition Of Virtual SIM Start-Up Enhances BYOD Offering [View article]
    @Andy Goldmark

    I would say exceeding expectations....

    My understanding is that in Asia, users often carry two SIM cards for the same phone. This would be a convenient alternative aside from obvious advantages for business.

    As noted elsewhere. CA state just signed legislation that companies pay for employees who use personal phone for business use. BBRY Balance and this product would split devices and split costs so enterprise is not paying for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

    Also, noted that video on Passport is 4k. Don't know how many users have tried 4K video. I recently purchased the Sony 4K videocam. Plugged into my 26" Sony HDTV the replay looks like the Discovery Channel.

    BBRY may be saying "it's all business", but as all of these pieces keep coming together, ie Secusmart, Movirtu, Amazon Appstore, 4K Video on Passport, BBRY is becoming very appealing for both enterprise, prosumer, and consumer. GoPro, Samsung have 4K resolution, iPhone 6 tops out at 1080.

    Look forward to more news on BBRY Blend.

    Progress on BES 10/12 adoption will be key come QE. With each of these advances, device sales remain a metric many key on, but with increasing transition to services device sales are proportionally less important to overall future of company.

    Seriously, where are they finding these companies. Dual SIM function is great. Did not hear a word of this from anyone on SA posts. In addition to Secusmart purchase, I think MoVirtu is another purchase that Apple-IBM wish they had gotten their hands on. I'd have to think they were aware of the companies, but an oversight (for them) to let them get into BBRY's camp (and great step for BBRY)...

    There will be ups and downs, but overall future looks more and more promising and has got to be getting increased consideration of major enterprise. These developments can't be looking good for MobileIron, Good Tech, etc....appearing more and more like one-trick ponies perhaps good for small companies that don't want extended features, but not "best in class" as BBRY is clearly intent on rebuilding.

    One solid building block after another. What a welcome relief from 2013 with one piece of bad news after another.

    Last week I guessed that BBRY would have some news coming out of CTIA regarding progress. We did not get that regarding BES 10/12, phone adoption, etc. Still will be looking for that pre QE if JC sticks to practice over his first 9 months providing indirect glimpse of QE a few weeks ahead of actual report.
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  • BlackBerry Passport: Biggest Tech Flop Of 2014? [View article]

    Yet again another biased article that tells only a fraction of the story..."your story", the story that props up Apple and disses Blackberry as a company and its products.
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  • BlackBerry Will Benefit From Deal With Verizon [View article]

    Part of the belief in JC is in response to the miss-statements and general cluelessness that came from TH. I understand there are some who are sympathetic to him, and I can't tell you EXACTLY what he was responsible for in a positive way at RIM, but I can state a number of things that TH did as CEO, also at a time when BBRY was clearly spiraling down during the gap from BB7 to BB10 devices:
    1) Promised that BB 10 would be iOS and Android killer
    2) No obvious concept of the importance of apps
    3) Total shunning of enterprise by focus on consumers, trying to replicate iOS and Android, developing BES 10 that forced enterprises to have RIM/BBRY servers separate for legacy, just "assuming" that everyone would "go along" with the game plan and completely out of touch with enterprise end users who weren't keen on having multiple servers for legacy and BB 10 OS devices.
    4) Release of BB Link desktop software that did a better job syncing with iTunes than it did with MS Outlook. Incredible. BBRY refusal to do any direct tech support and forums a mess. Wireless providers AT&T and Verizon teams literally clueless about what was a missing vs broken feature. Begging to get put through to BB tech support, always helpful and calm, but one could only speak to them with a ticket number from provider (otherwise $$$)
    5) BBRY, the "king" of security, told end users who had done USB sync for their devices with prior BB Desktop SW that desktop software, BB Link, would no longer sync directly by USB. Only way to sync BB 10 device was via hotmail, yahoo, google, etc "cloud" account. The user forums were brazen enough to have moderators who were calling end users basically morons for not syncing via the cloud and "who cares" about putting all your contact/notes etc in the cloud. Finally got fixed, so for those who were patient their personal info never made it to "the cloud". Who releases software these days with fewer features than the last version???
    6) Stupid first ad with man running through streets on fire as symbol of keeping things "in motion"
    7) Alicia Keys...totally useless
    8) Promising that BBRY would sell 10's of millions of Q10 devices
    9) NO indication that investors would get blind sided in June 28 2013 QE. Audio of Q/A sounds like a wake. At the time I posted that it was likely that TH was told at the time that he was going to be fired in the near future. TH never heard from again about anything, basically believe he was told not to speak to press/in public
    10) Releasing earnings, without notice 1 week before scheduled QE in Sept 2013, again with trash of stock price. Totally unannounced
    11) Announcing company was "up for sale" with no clue as to what anyone would want to purchase given how badly previous 6 months had been handled
    12) Totally incompetent BOD.
    13) I could go on...

    In the fall, Watsa takes charge, fires TH, brings JC on board.

    Total change in company mgmt, clarity, focus, resignation of numerous ineffective executives, replacement by former Sybase/SAP colleagues, "retirement" of Alicia Keys from BBRY, and bam, bam, bam, new products coming out, alignment with Foxconn, purchase of Secusmart, no hype, no BS, clarity with investment community (which apparently was the case at Sybase consistently.....), and all of a sudden software getting much better, tagging onto Android apps from Amazon (and potential marketing alignment as a result), improved relations with Verizon, distancing from AT&T (all talk, no action) and T-Mobile, modest/staged introduction of Z3 in various countries, with BES 10/12 server able to handle iOS, Android, all BB OS's, windows AND single server, not multiple servers, focusing on areas of strength....

    So, much may be redundant, but I hope to have illustrated why people believe what JC says and what he will deliver. None of the BB longs know how this will turn out, IMHO, but there is a very strong belief that JC understands the industry, where BBRY has opportunity, where he can strike now vs later, etc.

    The Passport will probably be the first real test as to whether he has gauged end user needs.

    The adoptions of BES 10/12 will bet he next test as to whether enterprise has confidence on BBRY products and sees a role for them. If BES 10/12 adoption goes well, enterprises that want "end to end" solutions will be able to choose Z10, Q10, Z30, Q20 (Classic), Passport, Z3. That's a pretty good lineup for anyone who wants BBRY end to end. And Amazon app store is plenty good for most users needs

    There is no doubt BBRY provides the most secure mobile platform, bar none. Perhaps it is foolish to think that matters to anyone, most BB longs guessing it matters a lot.

    I use Z10, Z30, iPhone 5 daily. I also use Lenovo Thinkpad and relatively new MacBook Pro Retina 15". So, I'm device agnostic...just want the best. For me, for communication, Z30 and Hub simply blows away iPhone, which I keep for apps (less and less as I add from Amazon app store for Z30). I have yet to have a friend with iOS device who has downloaded BBM and used it for phone communication with me via BBM not be totally blown away by is that good.

    At any rate, the contrast from TH to JC stands behind much of what you are hearing and why people "believe" what is coming out of JC's mouth is the real deal. Hope we're not disappointed. Longs will be hosed if it is ultimately BS. If not, longs will be handsomely rewarded long term and those short are in for a severe beating if things happen quickly. We'll see
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  • BlackBerry Will Benefit From Deal With Verizon [View article]

    Don't disagree with a cautious approach. Having tracked BBRY on and off for years, then intensely for the past 2 years, the "objective" view expounded so often is watch and wait.

    Don't know if you use BBRY devices currently. There is a world of difference in software, response to customers, management ownership of issues, even things as "trivial" as replies from investor relations. The software was promising from the start, now looking more and more polished.

    The iOS8/iPhone 6 release are obvious factors looming on the horizon. As much as people say can't compare the two companies, reality is Apple is a giant company at this point. At the same time, being a giant company doesn't mean the release of killer products (Microsoft as the prime example). As a longtime Apple user and one who appreciates the elegance and "invisible" simplicity of the devices, I wouldn't sell them short (figuratively), but we are still waiting for a killer product since Steve Job's passing. That was many moons ago. You'd expect more with all that money and raw talent. And there's no denying that share buybacks have helped keep the company in a positive light.

    In short, I think the lack of a "bump" recently has more to do with consumer, not enterprise, importance of privacy, and the (literally) huge expectations of what iPhone 6 will bring. We'll find out soon whether enterprises have opted out of BBRY and moved to other platforms, or whether JC has been able to keep them on board for BES 10/12, at least in the US. Adoption of BES 10/12 in other countries seems to be terrific, esp India.

    There is a conference next week that BBRY execs are speaking, CTIA. If history is a guide, JC dropped some hints about 3 weeks before last ER that he had upped survival from 50% to 80%. I think as someone who has shown sensitivity to keeping analysts and investors informed of the company's progress, I think that we will see some indication at CTIA where things are heading. And if you missed it, about a month or so ago he gave a Bloomberg interview in which he indicated BES 10/12 adoption was going quite well. He's not prone to BS. We'll see, but it helps explain why JC has many believing.

    As an aside, I've been asking friends to download BBM for their iPhone and they are literally blown away by call quality. I anticipate more will adopt, just a matter of getting the word out.

    So, phones, software, BES 10/12, BBM...not leading to overnight miracles, and competition always a major factor, but there is considerable promise of success whereas a year ago we were looking at dismal failure and death of the company.
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  • BlackBerry Will Benefit From Deal With Verizon [View article]

    Agree demo mode on BBRY is terrible.

    I remember first time I saw iPod in a store, had lots of great songs, TV clips from popular shows, etc. All you think about is how cool. BBRY demo mode, last I checked, was a painful, boring, and frustrating waste of time, gave no idea how phenomenal the Hub is, etc... I don't even recall if the browser was turned loose. Go to an Apple store and you can check your email or compare reviews of store products on Amazon. Now THAT'S an in store demo. Major work needed on this if BBRY wants to increase consumer sales. The BBRY demo mode is about as much fun as using a bricked phone
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  • BlackBerry Will Benefit From Deal With Verizon [View article]
    BBRY is not going to make the same mistake they made at time of Z10 and Q10 release. Nothing is going to get promoted/released unless the system is primed. JC has this clearly in view. Whether he succeeds or not we'll see (I say he will), but IMHO he is rebuilding BBRY one solid block upon another, not the house of cards approach TH unfortunately took. JC is only taking steps that have a very, very low probability of failure, and that is why the BBRY community has rallied behind him. Marketing will kick into gear as needed, when time is right, and only if jump start is needed. Also believe JC would rather have word of mouth than $$$ marketing campaign at this point and as long as BBRY is making steady progress.
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  • BlackBerry Will Benefit From Deal With Verizon [View article]

    Nice thought, but your investing approach failed last QE. Remember that "earnings miss"?

    Guess the hedge funds didn't get the "inside word" then. Why should they have it now?
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  • BlackBerry: Why You Should Never Follow The Herd [View article]

    Thanks for having an open mind.

    The imaging portion is already being addressed on many fronts, including systems that automate uploading of CD images by clerks into the hospitals main imaging repository. There will be a need to view CD images "on the fly" but that also will dissipate as there is greater interconnection using VPN's among institutions, even competing ones.

    Regarding the display, the larger and the better the resolution, the more desirable, no two ways about it. Whether viewing images, editing notes, placing orders, you can never have too much real estate to work with: tablets are a pain in comparison.

    Regarding keyboards, they will be critical until true voice recognition is feasible and accurate.

    As far as a mouse, we may see changes using touch screens, but there are so many tests that one can select from I'm not sure the mouse will be displaced.

    Healthcare is catching up, has a ways to go. Lots of room for improvement on the tech front.
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  • BlackBerry: Why You Should Never Follow The Herd [View article]

    Great link. There is real possibility there. Wonder if JC will work to integrate this with efforts at SAP Healthcare.
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  • BlackBerry: Why You Should Never Follow The Herd [View article]

    Does Apple also have an app for their "secure" iOS ecosystem that will keep patient records more private than celebrity photos???

    Unfortunate day for those affected in the photo breach: no escaping Apple has some explaining to do besides blaming it all on bad passwords. Very embarrassing for Apple.

    Really hard to see it any other way, though I'm sure you'll do your best...
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  • BlackBerry: Why You Should Never Follow The Herd [View article]

    If you only read my posts....

    In all seriousness, as I do believe you read them, as I read yours, you are now talking about two completely different items. The one you point out is one I already pointed out...that iPads can be used by medical students, patient instruction, simple questionnaires, etc. I already pointed out there is a role there, as well as for the execs that who often run hospitals and are often as not are using Macbook Air's, laptops, netbooks, Surface Pro's, etc. It's just not the docs, etc. For example, as I pointed out already, there are wonderful anatomy apps, 3 Dimensional, that as apps are pre-loaded on the device. Very different than streaming CT scan results on some "g" band network and writing a lengthy progress note.

    This is completely different from what you suggested as the future earlier using iPads in a completely illogical scenario regarding ongoing patient care.

    So, let's be clear about the point. The point you made about the role of the tablet in active patient care is limited. The points I made multiple times elsewhere for tablets whether iPad or not, Surface Pro, etc can fill a niche elsewhere.

    Don't change the subject mid-conversation to defend your position. Patient issues involving HIPAA, meaningful use, business analysis are handled far more easily on desktops with large displays. If you don't understand this, sorry. Theese matters are very different than educational projects or other limited uses, not the backbone of the "new era" of the EMR as you so clearly envisioned.
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  • BlackBerry: Why You Should Never Follow The Herd [View article]
    @Randal James

    You're not half kidding. At least in the days of paper charts, it would have been almost impossible to mistake one patient's chart for another. With notebooks, netbooks, tablets, that essentially all look the same, the possibility for "sharing" one of these devices, or "assigning" a device to a patient would leave lots of potential for inefficiency and error.
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