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  • Windows Phone Finally Turning The Corner In The U.S.?  [View article]
    The office licensing issue is irrelevant to WP8 since it's included with the OS (there's no way for OEMs not to have it preinsalled on their phones)
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  • Goldman Sachs And Morgan Stanley Are Backing The Truck Up For Nokia Shares  [View article]
    Microsoft never officially confirmed a surface phone, they haven't canceled it either. That's their plan B, in case the OEMs can't move devices. nothing's change there.

    The Samsung Ativ S wasn't announced for any US carrier. It's supposed to be released in a week, but it's unclear if and where it will show up in the US since the 3 major carriers supporting WP have already released their phones. That doesn't mean Samsung won't release it.

    like others mentioned in comments here, if you saw that info somewhere real, post a link, if not, then stop making stuff up
    Nov 21, 2012. 09:33 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Will Microsoft Surge Ahead With Its New Tablet?  [View article]
    No software is bug free, I mean, Mountain Lion already has two updates.
    The question really is, does it answer peoples needs better than the ipad. Microsoft's problem is that tablets will eventually take over PCs for a lot of uses.
    People might still need a PC at work, but at home where they check email, browse the web and watch videos they can live with a tablet.

    A tablet with real Office is a great selling point for a lot of users. That's what Microsoft should push. And their plans for ios/android versions of Office should be pushed back until Win8 is established (or at least cost more and have less features)
    Oct 12, 2012. 08:34 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Steve Elop Is Killing Nokia? I Don't Think So  [View article]
    The leadership before Elop was hired was blind and ignored the market changing around them. If they stayed, Nokia would've been gone by now, their mapping business sold off, their IP auctioned off and their brand nowhere to be found.

    Elop cleaned house, cut costs, changed priorities and moved the company in a direction that might work. Under him, the company only droped 80% in market value and not the 100% it would've dropped since it was making irrelevant products.

    The whole Elop discussion right now is silly anyway, in three weeks the new WP8 phones will be released, if they can't ride the windows 8 wave to sell some WP8 devices, the discussion will have a place, but right now the changes he's leading are still in progress
    Oct 12, 2012. 01:24 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Steve Elop Is Killing Nokia? I Don't Think So  [View article]
    As far as point 2. Communicating that the 7.5 phones will get an almost identical 7.8 upgrade would be lying, not a good tactic at all. 7.8 has one minor feature from WP8, the new start screen. It doesn't include all the really great features.

    Announcing in June that the Lumia 900 won't get the update that's arriving in November was very early. It hurt sales for sure, just like the iPhone 4 leak hurt the 3GS sales (which is why Apple was so mad at Gizmodo). Microsoft made that announcement but Nokia was there to play along. The other option, hiding that fact from customers, would've been worse in the long term.
    Keep in mind they didn't sell that many 900s before the announcement anyway
    Oct 12, 2012. 01:18 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Ilari Nurmi, Nokia's (NOK) VP of product marketing and the exec responsible for its smartphone strategy, has left the company for unknown reasons. Nurmi's departure comes as speculation grows CEO Stephen Elop will get axed next year if Nokia's Windows Phone 8 sales disappoint, and 3 months after chairman Risto Siilasmaa talked about having a "contingency plan" (believed by many to be Android) should WP8 fail to meet expectations.  [View news story]
    Yes, it's done all the time, I know that because most ads have a disclaimer. "Images simulated", "Sequences shortened" etc. This one didn't.

    When the bicycle teaser showed up a few days before the event, I commented on some forum that it better be shot with the 920. If you're showing off a feature like OIS and not using the actual device, it's misleading. and since it didn't say anywhere that it's simulated, I assumed it's real.

    I don't think the Lumia marketing was good before with the 900, they couldn't get people to buy it. A change was needed anyway. but this might have been the final straw
    Oct 5, 2012. 05:37 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Ilari Nurmi, Nokia's (NOK) VP of product marketing and the exec responsible for its smartphone strategy, has left the company for unknown reasons. Nurmi's departure comes as speculation grows CEO Stephen Elop will get axed next year if Nokia's Windows Phone 8 sales disappoint, and 3 months after chairman Risto Siilasmaa talked about having a "contingency plan" (believed by many to be Android) should WP8 fail to meet expectations.  [View news story]
    Wow, this is so misleading. "Ilari Nurmi, the Nokia (NOK) exec responsible for the company's smartphone strategy"? you mean the guy in charge of marketing, not strategy. that's too different things.

    Strategy would imply they're not happy with the choices they made and are making changes (or that he was pushing for something other than WP which would mean senior execs aren't happy with that platform).

    The reality is, here's a guy in charge of the failed marketing of the Lumia line, probably was responsible for the fake video fiasco (even if he didn't know about it, he's their senior smartphone marketing exec, he should have).

    So he got fired for bad performance, it happens. how do you go from that to the speculations about Elop being next?

    Seeking Alpha is becoming an amateur FUD spreading site
    Oct 5, 2012. 05:33 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Stephen Elop has until early to mid 2013 for Nokia's (NOK) fortunes to reverse, otherwise his job will be at risk, analysts and investors say. However, they're not holding out much hope that Nokia will have a particularly good Christmas, especially with Apple and Samsung dominating.  [View news story]
    I think it's ~10$ per iphone sold
    Oct 5, 2012. 05:27 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Why Microsoft Should Buy Barnes & Noble Now  [View article]
    These new tablets are not win8 versions of the Nook, they're still Android tablets. It's a big mistake to have on the first line of an article.

    The collaboration between the two companies on eReaders still didn't deliver anything and will probably take time. In the meanwhile, Amazon is already doing some of the things Microsoft and B&N were talking about (Audible+Kindle immersive reading)

    I agree that Microsoft needs more retail stores where they can properly display their products instead of trusting other retails chains and carriers with their PCs, tablets and smart phones. I just don't think buying a book store chain is the way to get there.
    Sep 26, 2012. 07:42 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Why Microsoft Should Buy Barnes & Noble Now  [View article]
    I've been to plenty of Apple stores and a few MSFT stores, I've never seen a line at either (except around Apple product launches). When did you see a line to get in to an Apple store that wasn't people waiting to buy a new iphone/ipad?
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  • HTC announces the eponymous Windows Phone 8X and 8S. The phones feature relatively modest 4.3" and 4" displays, respectively, and are powered by Qualcomm (QCOM) Snapdragon processors. After handling the 8X, The Verge's Tom Warren thinks its design and weight allow it to hold own against Nokia's (NOK) Lumia 920, even if its camera is inferior. Nokia isn't amused by the announcement, and probably isn't happy with HTC's marketing deal with Microsoft either. (Stephen Elop[View news story]
    OK, There's nothing new here, NOTHING.

    HTC made windows phones all along, so did Samsung. They were both in it before Nokia woke up and decided to join. The fact that they're still in the WP camp is good news for NOK investors, it means more than two companies believe there's a future with WP.

    It's not like these two Android only companies decided to start building WP8 devices out of nowhere. Nokia has been competing with them nicely so far and outselling them.
    In fact, when the Lumia 900 was released, on the same day, HTC's TITAN II was released as well. both on the same carrier, AT&T. Nokia didn't even notice there was another phone there, pretty much like the iPhone and Android didn't really notice the Lumia

    The only thing Nokia can be upset about is that HTC realized people want a selection of colors, so instead of only having black phones, they have them in four colors including the bright yellow Nokia was showing off with the 920 and a blue that reminds me of the 900 cyan color.
    That, and the fact that HTC announced their phone will be coming to AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon while we still have no clue about Nokia's phones

    Still, the Lumia 920 is way ahead with wireless charging, OIS for the camera and the Nokia apps.

    As an owner of both an HTC HD7 (yes, a windows phone 7 phone from HTC) and a Lumia 800, there's no question in my mind which phone will sell better.

    If you're a NOK shareholder, and this news surprised you and you're jumping up now yelling SELL SELL SELL, you're clueless and really should sell.
    Personally, I am long on NOK and will wait until I see actual results from the Lumia 920 release
    Sep 19, 2012. 01:54 PM | 8 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Microsoft: Defenestrated By A New Paradigm  [View article]
    once again we hear about the end of Windows and Office. and once again, it's unlikely.
    Sep 19, 2012. 07:02 AM | 6 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Did Lumia 900 Enter The Indian Market Too Late?  [View article]
    Middle East didn't make sense for the current Lumia phone because WP7 doesn't support Arabic and Hebrew. The WP8 devices will be released there (I saw a posting somewhere that it's expected by the end of this year. of course the holiday season timing makes the western markets a priority over the middle east)

    As far as the pricing, phones outside of the US usually cost more. Even in Europe they usually pay more than the US.
    You can't compare prices like that, you need to compare the cost of similar phones in the same market.
    Also, the release timing you mention for the Lumia 920 is for the US/Europe and not for India.

    Since you mentioned Apple, I'll use them as an example.
    Right now, it seems the best price for an iPhone 4S is just under 800$. That's a few days before the new iPhone is available in the US and Europe.
    As far as the iPhone 5, they expect it to be around 830$ but there's no clue on when it will be available. It wasn't listed with the countries in the first two waves of releases.

    So it appears to be the way things are for India. Phones cost more, a lot more if you consider they make less money, and these phones show up much later.
    In that market, should Nokia have released the Lumia 900 at the same time as the US? wouldn't that mean splitting your efforts between the two?
    How many more phones would you have sold?

    Here's the bottom line, if Nokia thinks they can sell the Lumia 900 for 200$ less than the iPhone 4S in India even with the lack of WP8 update support, they should try it.
    It's easy to lower the price if you couldn't sell enough, it's a lot harder to raise it after you showed you're willing to sell it for less.

    as a shareholder I'd rather they try to sell it for more first.

    btw, this is really just excess inventory they want to get rid off. They really can't sell these phones in the western world with the new phones coming out so soon
    Sep 19, 2012. 06:57 AM | 6 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Nokia Drops Price Of Lumia 900: Lumia 920 Coming Sooner Than Expected?  [View article]
    it was actually released last week already, was strange seeing them demo that as a WP8 app
    Sep 11, 2012. 10:24 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Nokia Drops Price Of Lumia 900: Lumia 920 Coming Sooner Than Expected?  [View article]
    ok, so WP8 didn't RTM yet, that's about the only true statement you made (and even that one isn't clear, there's no way of knowing where they are, last I heard they were already doing tests with carriers)

    Zero apps? not true, there are several high profile partners (such as Audible and Chase) that have been working on WP8 specific apps for a while now (they already demoed their apps in June). so there are several apps already in development that will launch with the phone for sure. Tomorrow, Microsoft will start the process of getting other preferred developers the SDK (I don't personally like this approach but it means more WP8 specific apps)
    At launch you will have plenty of WP8 targeted apps, the only reason for these apps to exist it to showcase some of the new features in the OS (voip integration will be showcased with Skype, wallet with chase and some ticket apps, maybe groupon as well, lots of lens apps from Nokia, etc)

    WP8 is a rushed product? not sure what that's based on but the same can be said about ios6 which was in beta for a while now.

    MSFT went into the OS market with DOS when Apple ruled it, they went into the graphical OS market again when Apple ruled it, they went into the internet browser market when some other company nobody remembers ruled it (yes, they didn't play fair, but no one says they'll play fair now) and they went into the game console market and got the same reaction from people like you (they were told they have no chance)

    Android is a stolen product. They copied features from others knowing it was copied and they just didn't care. so right now Microsoft gets paid for most of the 1.3 million/day Android devices sold. Apple will get paid too, if the appeal in the Samsung case holds. and Nokia, who Apple is already paying, will eventually take their share.

    Android licensing will cost at least as much as WP licensing.
    If Android isn't good enough that it can't survive if companies have to pay to license the R&D other companies spent billions on, then it shouldn't exist. if it's just a cheap clone for companies who can't do it on their own, then let it die (I don't think that's the case, but you seem to)
    Sep 11, 2012. 10:23 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment