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  • Buy This Tech King Before A PC Rebound  [View article]
    Buy!!! They have a secret weapon they have been working on and hiding for the last two years- Pen or finger input (computer generated handwritten document "storage and retreival". SurfacePro- look hard for their video on handwiting (they are still hiding the fact that they are the only ons that have the technology to store and retreive handwritten documents just as we can with text generated ones we presently use (word, email etc:; anything we presently type
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  • The Financial Significance Of The Apple Brand Name  [View article]
    See my May 15 comment. Look up their "handwriting" video on the SurfacePro. Hard to find.
    They have yet to mention the capability to store and retrieve handwriting (their secret still). They have tried handwriting recognition with Samsung (Galaxy Note). OneNote for iPhone, iPad. They will own the technology to store and retrieve. That app(new patented technology) will only be available on Microsoft's hardware ( windows phones their tablets or PCs that they are calling "surface" as a brand- the surface of your device is key to their secret weapon- the surface of your computer will be like writing or typing on a piece of paper- plans for us all to go paperless
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  • "With each new generation of Windows Phone, Microsoft not only closes the gap with iOS and Android in important ways, but it also differentiates in important ways," says The Verge in a fairly positive review of Windows Phone 8 (MSFT). It also declares the OS to have the best home screen of any platform, and likes its built-in Office and cloud apps. But it's not crazy about the Nokia-powered (NOK) Maps app, and says there are still "countless annoyances" that hurt the user experience. (yesterday: I, II[View news story]
    Stick with microsoft hardware- they will soon release new technology that will rule the market- handwriting recognition and perfection but more importantly- they will have the only HARDWARE and SOFTWARE that will allow users to easily store and retrieve handwritten documents no differently than we now do with type (word or any document system, social media, email etc
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  • It's Time To Take A Look At Microsoft  [View article]
    You are absolutely 100% correct. They continue to hide their secret weapon, something that they have been working on since May, June of 2012 when they scratched production of their hardware- their Windows phone and what they called their slate. They will rule the market with new technology that involves simple storage ad retrieval of handwritten documents ( anything that you have handwritten with a pen or your finger on your "computer screen" or SURFACE as they have named their hardware). The technology to easily store and retrieve handwriting (on your device screen) does not exist. It all started with OneNote. They are smart, hiding this while expermenting with it by partnering with Samsung (hence the Galaxy Note phone- see other companies advertising pen input on your screen). Microsoft is fgoing to go wild with this- look for their video for the surface pro- handwriting- hard to find. They are still hiding their plans. This stock will soar over the next two years
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  • 2 Stocks That Could Soar On Potential Acquisition  [View article]
    Watch. Microsoft is buying up everything. They have purposefully lagged behind their competitors for the last couple of years while they have worked on the ultimate devices we will all use that others will not be able to copy per Microsoft's genius at patents and licensing agreements
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  • Investors Beware: How Microsoft's Surface Could Be A Game Changer For Intel  [View article]
    Not Price: new technology, patented, that we will all be using on our devices in the future. Price will come down. They are in the testing phase.
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  • 4M Windows 8 upgrades were sold to consumers during its first 3 days of availability, Steve Ballmer discloses at Microsoft's (MSFT) BUILD conference. An aggressive upgrade price of $40 has something to do with that figure. John Paczkowski notes Windows 7 sales (including new PCs) totaled 175M in their first year, and that Microsoft has a total base of 1.25B PCs. Reviewers continue to complain about using the new UI with a keyboard/mouse, but some users like the revamp, and investor expectations are pretty low at this point. (live blog) (more[View news story]
    Microsoft has not yet revealed its new technology that will rule the marketwith its surface pro
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  • Investors Beware: How Microsoft's Surface Could Be A Game Changer For Intel  [View article]
    Microsoft is keeping their secret weapon tightly under wraps. Surface "pro", not yet released, will give all users ability to handwrite on any screen that appears on your phone, tablet, PC etc.. It is new technology developed and highly patented by Microsoft. Microsoft partnered with Samsung two years ago to test and develop this technology on Samsung's hardware ( tablets) as they did with the Galaxy phone. Notice more and more ads for computer hardware and apps showing pens and handwriting. Microsoft is still keeping their perfection of this under wraps. Watch this stock soar over 2 yrs coming. Microsoft retail stores, Microsoft hardware- phones, tablets, PCs etc.. They are one smart company. They have purposefully lagged behind Apple while they secretly develop new hardware and software technology that can not be copied due to their expertise in patenting licensing and partnerships with other companies ( partnerships with expiration dates, yet collecting royalties along the way). They have cleverly controlled their competition- purchasing cloud services, android services....... Again, they are cleverly keeping their secret weapon under wraps yet preparing to rule the market- cell phone, tablets, PCs etc.. It's all brand new touch screen technology involving handwriting storage and retrieval. Those skeptics who are reading this might pause for a second and look around their house, office, classroom, car and notice that pen and paper is still a part of your life (any handwritten notes around you still? Is there a pen or pad in your house or office still?).
    Microsoft's future, patented products will eliminate the need for pen and paper and will restore literacy to America. Literacy: "the ability to read and write". Handwriting is becoming a lost art that Microsoft has recognized will not go unnoticed by educators (all schools). Restoring literacy to America, by Microsoft. Look at the handwriting of our well educated youth who have learned to type with expertise. They (many of us) have become "typists". And millions and millions of people worldwide are not great typists (the 30+ age group). Either way, Microsoft can't loose by supplying the world with and owning the market on computer devices that will allow the user to type or "handwrite" (pen or finger) on any screen and most importantly save it and retrieve it, even by handwriting in your search box, without converting your handwriting to text. This is new technology that has taken Microsoft years to develop and protect. (handwrite or jot down a note on an email, underline or highlight a document, add a signature anywhere, circle something you forward to someone: social media- circle someone in a group photo, adding a handwritten name or joke next to the circled item you want others to see. Only Microsoft has recognized that, yes, we still use pen and paper and yes we circle, highlight, add our notes, signatures to documents etc and forever will. Present technology does not allow us to directly handwrite on anything that appears on our screen and save it just like we do with type. Computer generated handwritten documents presently have to be transferred before being stored and frequently get lost for those of you who have followed the re-emergence of handwriting capabilities on computers over the last several years.
    Filling out a form on a computer- an electronic purchase- Type in name address DOB, etc.. Microsoft's new technology will enable us to write in the boxes or type- no difference. No difference is the secret that Microsoft has been working on- who would not want this option. It's brand new technology and Microsoft will not release it until they perfect it. However Microsoft is preparing (retail stores and Microsoft hardware all of a sudden?). They are smart, opening what will appear to be going out of business or low end temporary holiday retail stores this year as they pick locations for their future permanent retail stores, as they perfect their products. Watch Microsoft. Their plan is not just to enter the hardware market. Come on, it's Microsoft. They plan on ruling the Market (cell phone, tablet, PC etc.. Microsoft TV's next? ( handwrite with your finger on your remote or type. Nice to have the option). Offering the user the option to do either is what Microsoft is capitalizing on, while Microsoft's competitors (APPLE?) has failed to recognize could conceivably put them out of business or hopefully for Apple investors, force them to join forces ( A buy out possibly ) with Microsoft, down the road. Presently MICROSOFT is not sharing their future plans with anyone so to the uninformed observer it would appear that Microsoft is making a last ditch effort to catch up with their arch-rival and biggest competitor, Apple, without much success. Their smart, MICROSOFT, and VERY VERY COMPETITIVE. So smart, that they are purposefully allowing their stock to drop, as Microsoft insiders cleverly and carefully buy up shares themselves without driving up the price of the stock.
    How do I know all of this? Well I spent eight months working with Microsoft engineers and developers on all of the above. I estimated that it would take two to three years to perfect this technology. By June 2013 or sooner expect to see Microsoft stock soar.
    Again for all of you skeptics, I have one question for you to ask yourself. Do you use pen and paper still? If yes, think about Microsoft entering the hardware market like they've never done before and pull up a video demonstration of their surface "PRO" tablet, pen attached to side mount. Pull up a demo of the handwriting capabilities (thickness of screen etc- not easy to find) of Microsoft's Surface PRO and you decide for yourself- New technology STILL in the works, licensing agreements, patents etc.. It's Microsoft, folks. Don't let their holiday kiosk stores fool you. With what they are sitting on, technologically, Microsoft can afford to lag behind Apple and almost appear to be the schleps because Microsoft knows that they have and own the technology to rule the market in the near future and possibly put Apple out of business.
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  • The Financial Significance Of The Apple Brand Name  [View article]
    Watch Microsoft- a new operating system that supports handwriting; sales of hardware, Microsoft retail stores...
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