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I started my financial career working for the securities and trading arm of the now defunct Bear Stearns before the dot-com bubble. I am an active trader of the capital markets. I have published several books pertaining to finance, global economics, and equity trading. My most recent book is... More
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  • The Stock Market: Is This Really The Last Hurrah?

    Gregory Mannarino,

    Truth be told I could literally go blind looking at charts, it is a language foreign to most which greatly rewards those who respect the story they tell.

    There is also an old Wall Street saying which goes like this: "you trade the market you have, not the one you want."

    The truth is this, the markets are alive. The price movement of any and all markets involve the conscious thought of each participant, even those trades done by machines. Because auto-trading platforms as well were programmed by a human being.

    So every chart tells a collective story.

    It is certainly no secret that these markets, especially the stock market, is "behaving" in a manner which has raised more than a few eyebrows as of late. In fact every day people walking the street are even taking notice.

    Is a big story about to be told? And what do the charts say?

    Let's have a look.

    The following is a chart segment of the Dow Jones Industrial Average dating from when the Federal Reserve first began quantitative easing, after the last stock market crash. So the story being told by the following chart really begins in 2009.

    (click to enlarge)

    For those of you not familiar with the Elliot Wave Principal, this is a theory which states that markets follow certain patterns based upon "collective investor psychology." These waves move between optimism and pessimism, as a result, these cycles can be seen as a series of impulse waves, five of them as numbered on the chart. These five waves are followed by "corrective waves," three of them, also seen on the chart marked A,B,and C.

    While not fact, I believe that this "theory" has merit.

    Having another look at the chart above, it appears that we may just have completed the first corrective wave, A. If this plays out as I believe it may, we have just entered the next wave, B, a move higher, which will then be followed by wave C, and a large downward move.

    In truth all of this is playing out exactly the way it should as of late with regard to the current price action of these markets. Moreover, it is validating the Elliot Wave Sequence.

    The real question is this: what is the probability that we will soon be facing massive and sustained losses in this market? I.E. a C wave? I believe that in recent history we have not seen higher chances of this occurring.

    I recently wrote an article here on Seeking Alpha titled: "Run! Don't Walk, Away From The US Stock Market. Here Is Why." The premise of that article plays right into this Elliot Wave Theory.

    Moreover, since "The DOW Is Now Down 2000 Points Since I Called The Top Back In May," I believe this theory is more than valid at this time.

    Sep 03 1:36 AM | Link | 14 Comments
  • The DOW Is Now Down 2000 Points Since I Called The Top Back In May.

    People get to say a lot of things and trust me, I have certainly had my share of naysayer's, but the one thing which gives me more credibility than any other analyst on the planet is this:

    I am the only analyst in the world who accurately called the top of this market almost to the day, and that gives me a lot of credibility.

    Where is the proof? And why am I telling you this? (I will get to that later on in this article).

    Glad you asked.

    I posted an article here on Seeking Alpha on May 26th of this year titled: Proof That The Bull Market In Stocks Is Over. (Click on the title link).

    Moreover, the following day I posted a video in which I went over the specific reasons why I would call a market top. Here is a link to that video: According To DOW Theory The Stock Market Bull Run Is Ending.

    Since the 13th of August, I have begun to post the success rate of my FREE and very specific stock picks. At the moment I enter a position I post exactly what I have bought, including the expiration month and strike price. My record is frankly stellar.

    You can click HERE which will take you directly to the Equity List Page of my website and see in real time what I am holding and my record. Or have a look at the screen shot below from today.

    Below is a screen shot of with my trading results as of this article.

    So why am I telling you all this?

    Not to "toot my own horn" so to speak, but because I am trying to make a difference.

    Everything I do, all my work, including my 197 page eBook "Ultimate Guide To Money and The Markets," is FREE.

    Why would I offer all my work for free?

    Because it is my hope that if you are able to profit from my work, that you will donate a portion of those profits to a charity you believe in.

    If you are already familiar with my work then you have heard me say many times that "We Are All Responsible For Each other," and I truly believe that as one of my core values. I am trying to hold to that value by offering my work for free.

    Please pass this on.

    Capitalize On It!


    Sep 02 10:23 PM | Link | 3 Comments
  • Run! Don't Walk, Away From The US Stock Market. Here Is Why.

    *There is something very dark lying beneath the mainstream effort to keep people invested in this market..

    Despite the continued (desperate) efforts of the mainstream financial pundits to try and convince you that now is the time to buy stocks, have a look at this chart below..

    (click to enlarge)

    Unless you want to have your portfolio/investments/retirement plans and the like evaporate, I say now is the time to limit your exposure to risk as much as possible.

    We are clearly at the top of what is the largest financial bubble in human history, a debt bubble, which has subsequently inflated another massive bubble..The Stock Market. (Chart above).

    Make no mistake about it, the Federal Reserve created hyper-inflated debt bubble has indeed caused massive capital misallocations across the spectrum, and incredible distortions.

    *Distortions which will balance out, it is a mathematical certainty.

    The second issue is this: the mainstream financial pundits have a secret, and that is simply this: they need to keep as many people as they can invested in these markets for as long as possible.


    So the Hedge Funds, the investment banks, the richest, and the professional traders can feed off everyone else's ignorance.

    It will be the "regular" working class people left holding the biggest bag of excrement in the history of the financial world when all this plays out.

    Have another look at the chart on the top of this page.

    It will be the working class investor who will be the last to get out, as he always is. A scenario which has been repeated over and over with the bursting of every other financial bubble in history.

    If the mainstream financial pundits have their way, they will have the "regular guy" investor continue to feed liquidity into these markets all the way down. So again the "regular guy" gets financially bled to death, being left desperate and destitute.

    *At the heart of this crime is the US Central Bank, the Federal Reserve, who for the last 7 years has suppressed interest rates to keep the stock market moving ever higher. This machination has systematically and literally robbed the "regular guy" who cannot even earn a return on an interest earning account.

    As the stock market continues it's downward move to fair market value, the regular guy will lose the vast majority of his investments. His wealth will simply and legally be transferred to those smart enough to know how to get it, with the help of the mainstream financial "experts."

    This article is a warning..

    Are you listening?


    Gregory Mannarino,

    Sep 01 8:16 PM | Link | 13 Comments
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