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  • J.C. Penney Bonds Offer 9% Yields [View article]
    Because Ron is depleting non core assets and cash by spending on his tried and failed ideas plus huge loss of earnings, how long will the board let him go before it fires him? Or, maybe he will manage to stack the board with Ackman and others and they can really run this thing into the ground. JCP is nothing but a clothing company with dozens of aggressive and intelligent competitiors, not a company with innovative tech or exclusive products like apple. Changing the labels on their low end goods is no way going create a turnaround. Ron's already proven that the consumer and JCP customer is far more intelligent that he is. Maybe a mall in mall in mall in mall might work.
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  • J.C. Penney Bonds Offer 9% Yields [View article]
    In the Middle of a Turnaround, you're kidding, right? Good one!
    More like a spiral into the middle of the earth. Oh, come on, give Ron some time, like three or four years, he can do it. 9% junk bond yield with 10 year note at 1.82. Of course, BUY BUY BUY JCP. Yes, there is a chance JCP will successfully transform itself, about a 15% chance.
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  • Is Ron Johnson's J.C. Penney A Buy? [View article]
    Two quarters of good growth then into the stock, otherwise it is just Vegas roulette. Probably be two years before any substancial reliable growth. With dozens of good companies out there with excellent dividends forget JCP. Why go down with the ship? As for the insiders buying, oldest trick in the book. Create the image that insiders know something really good that the stockholders don't know then sell into the pop. How do we know these were not stock option exercises?
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  • Shares of J.C. Penney (JCP -0.9%) bounce around with chatter on a LBO disrupting the Ron Johnson bash-a-thon for the moment. Option activity is elevated, as speculators get their bets in before the wheel stops spinning. [View news story]
    Why would a prudent knowledgeable investor roll the dice on JCP and wait two to four years for a turnaround that has less than a 50% chance of happening, one only has to read history. Certainly those who bought and held the stock long all the way down are hoping and praying for a turnaround. I'm guessing that many of these upside down stockholders have three or four new pairs of Levi's in there closet. And who could believe that Ross, TGT, WMT, M and the dozens of other aggressive retailers are going become complacent and wait for JCP to catch up. One million free haircuts and same store is down over 20%. LOOK AT BEST BUY TODAY.
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  • Shares of J.C. Penney (JCP -0.9%) bounce around with chatter on a LBO disrupting the Ron Johnson bash-a-thon for the moment. Option activity is elevated, as speculators get their bets in before the wheel stops spinning. [View news story]
    Levi Bar is a table and half body manequins. Kohls also showcases their Levi's on a table and also has manequins.
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  • Shares of J.C. Penney (JCP -0.9%) bounce around with chatter on a LBO disrupting the Ron Johnson bash-a-thon for the moment. Option activity is elevated, as speculators get their bets in before the wheel stops spinning. [View news story]
    Yeah, that LBO is the daily hype and insider rehtoric in attempts to puff this loser stock so Ackman can get his $25 back before he dumps this stock too. JCP, turned into worst retailer in all of retail history by RJ.
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  • Update: J.C. Penney - Substantial Upside With Solid Margin Of Safety [View article]
    I stay in cash until it does go to 15 and if it never gets their I've lost nothing. Use long puts, spreads, straddles, etc. if I see the opportunity with favorable odds. When I'm in cash I'm not at risk, with interest rates at nothing and low inflation what have I lost? Their are hundreds of good companies out their to invest in without the high turn around risk of JCP on the long side. I had mutual funds worth $100,000 in year 2000 with 50% in S&P 500. I sold those funds in April 2012 for 99,000. Twelve years of following the buy and hold hype and how I would be rewarded if I just held on, a 12 year investment lost me $1,000. They were good funds and well diversified, US and globally. There are millions of stories out there exactly like mine. I shorted JCP with long puts and bearish put spreads starting at around 36 in the spring and shorted it all the way down and made some good money. If I would have listened to the always bullish gurus I would have been killed buying calls or the stock long. Before I go long JCP I need to see the turn around actually happening into at least two quarters, otherwise my experience shows that it is just Vegas roulette. Thank you for your article.
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  • Update: J.C. Penney - Substantial Upside With Solid Margin Of Safety [View article]
    Of course, buy the stock at 23 and ignore the next year when it goes to 15 because you are a long term investor. Brokers been telling their clients that for years because that's all they know. Why not buy it when it goes to 15 and hold it without an eight dollar loss.

    JCP is one of the very worst retailers out there and if you think it cannot go lower you are pulling the wool over your own eyes. The skeleton pile is a mile high with companies that cannot go lower. Turn arounds take real innovation, not free hair cuts, juice bars, center courts and Santa Clause. Get real.
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  • J.C. Penney - Weak Quarterly Results Offset By Comforting 2013 Outlook [View article]
    After the short squeeze then what? For every short that bought to cover on Friday, over 40 million shares, their was a very anxious seller frantic to get out. Ron Johnson's word in no good. At quarter one he gave fabricated guidance, on hope and prayer rather than reality and honesty. How may investors lost millions on that fabricated guidance. Now investors are to believe he's telling the truth? Refreshment bars, center courts, free hair cuts to kids, Santa, Levi bar. Everybody is going to be hangin at JCP, spend the afternoon kicking back at JCP relaxing in the mall. Half million hair cuts and traffic was down 12%, yeah that's working. And sales down 21%, oh yeah, there's real value here. All the hype and spin like above, frantic to keep the stock price up, will eventually fade, it always does with these turnarounds, just look at BBY five year chart.
    Aug 12 10:10 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Shares of J.C. Penney (JCP) run up a 5.2% gain after Ron Johnson runs out at least a few shorts with a renewed bout of confidence in an earnings CC (I, II) following another quarter with an over 20% loss in sales. In a nutshell, RJ says the company will "stay the course" - despite the revenue tailoff - and tips off that August numbers are improving. What's next: Look for another Bill Ackman defense (Ira Sohn presentation .pdf) [View news story]
    If not for RJ's Apple reputation and Ackman building him up, Ackman hoping to get his investment back before the really big JCP decline, Ron would have already been gone. I've invested in stocks over 30 years, through the dot.coms, never seen a mainstream company so severly decline in performance so quickly. Glad I was short most of the way down. Don't be fooled by the gurus and Ron, this stock is going to 15 and probably go red by today's close. We'll see.
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  • Ron Johnson is on the mike at the J.C. Penney (JCP) earnings CC (webcast). The embattled exec starts with a quick admission of past mistakes and an unfortunate alienation of core customers before hitting his "transformational" stride. Despite the direction the RJ rhetoric goes, the company pulling away its guidance is going to be the headline that resonates. JCP -8.7%[View news story]
    Yeah, like they did on Borders.
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  • The board at Best Buy (BBY +0.6%) wants to wait until after the company's earnings report release, scheduled for August 21, to send in bankers to talk to founder Richard Schulze's buyout team again. At the first go-around it became apparent that Schulze planned to lower prices at Best Buy without any major cost-cutting, a move that a private company could pull off easier than a public one. He would also like to Apple-ify the BBY shopping experience, a la JCP's Ron Johnson. [View news story]
    I can see that, follow the lead of JCP's Ron Johnson. Wy, it's simply Brilliant. Whoa, wait a minute. Ron drove JCP's stock price from the 40's to 20 and says a sucessful turn around will take four or five years. That's a 50% loss in value. I find it hard to believe that Richard can find investor's to put together an $8,000,000,000 buy out who would be excited about replicating Ron Johnson's performance at JCP.
    Mr. Ackman says when JCP turns around he will make 15 time on his investment of around $25 a share. That would put the stock at $375 a share. Are you kidding? JCP is just another clothing store among dozens of innovative competitors. Best of luck BBY (and JCP).
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  • Earnings Preview: J.C. Penney Reports August 10 [View article]
    I watch and invest in a group of around 15 stocks. JCP is fundamentally the absolute worst of the 15 based on much of what is stated above. When I first started watching it at $38 I couldn't believe what a roaring short opportunity it was. Thestreet stayed on JCP sell this morning, very interesting read today at I have been short the stock since $36 and staying on the short side possibly into the mid teens. We'll see. The groupies still love it. I just wonder if Ron got that little boy hair cut at a JCP salon.
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  • Best Buy (BBY) moves up 20.1% premarket off of a report that founder Richard Schulze has put together a buyout offer at $24-26 per share. [View news story]
    Everytime I buy anything electronic, I go to Best Buy to look and compare first. I have four HD TV's and all were purchased at other than Best Buy at lower prices. Same for a new Dell computer six month ago, came from Sams Club at $125 savings over Best Buy. Any small peripherals, switches and so-forth Best Buy usually are out of at the store. Eight sales people on the floor, they act you are not there. Have to almost beg for help. The two stores I go to, it appears around 20% of shelves are always out of stock. Try buying HD cables at Best Buy, priced way higher that Costco or Sams.
    Beginning of the year I did buy a Dell laptop at Best Buy but returned it because the next week Office Max had the same laptop at $100 less. I've tryed over and over to buy at Best Buy but it's as if they are already out of business. Schulze spent the last five of six years running the stock price down, why would anyone think he can now turn it around.
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  • Fitch cuts the rating on J.C. Penney's (JCP -1.4%) credit to BB- from BB+ to reflect its view that top-line revenue will be "materially negative" right through the back-to-school and holiday seasons. It doesn't appear the ratings agency is a Ron Johnson-fanboy: "The recent revisions around the promotional stance and messaging could further exacerbate traffic trends." [View news story]
    What a shocker! Who could've seen that coming, huh.
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