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  • Barrick Gold: This Stock Is A Buy [View article]
    I have been doing private equity deals...did the largest bank acquisition deal in SouthEast Europe in 2009...You see today U.S. GDP rose just 0.1% for the month the lowest since Dec 2012, and Gold was sent lower on that news! Is that a great manipulation or what? The Gold shall be at $1331 on such a news, what can I tell you, but instead it is going lower right now!? I sold puts on PAAS and EXK (90 puts $5 May), I do not mind owning those companies, they still trade at great discount to the market, as far as the market itself goes, we are headed to a market crash, but the timing is very difficult to predict whether would be in 2014 or in 2015, since the Fed and the big banks are manipulating Wall Street and keep the marker sky-high for a current time...All players who shorted this market are already wiped out...however, when the crash comes in, it will be devastating to ALL players - retail and institutions...
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  • Barrick Gold: This Stock Is A Buy [View article]
    On Apr 15, Goldman Sachs for a 3rd time reiterated its call for gold to decline this year as they project U.S. economic growth to pick up, but the bank listed potential for supply disruptions in platinum, palladium and nickel. As they did on March 20, bank analysts listed a year-end gold forecast of $1,050 an ounce. On March 20, Gold went down from $1391 to $1276 based on the very same call made by Goldman; after that Gold started a very successful recovery up to $1331 when the $1,050 target call by Goldman was made again yesterday, which helped smashing the price of gold down by 45 points in 1 day to $1286 again. This is a clear manipulation of the Gold price, and Goldman must be heavily prosecuted for that - every time Gold is rallying, Goldman manipulates the price down! The core CPI, which excludes volatile food and energy costs rose +0.2% on Monday showing clearly inflationary signs and it does not support Goldman's views that we are in deep deflation, but the opposite - in times of inflation, Gold shall rise not to decline. The American economy is not going to boom in the 2nd half of the year as Goldman says because real consumer incomes have been falling, not rising. If there is no income growth then there is no credit growth either. There are no good paying jobs being offered in the United States - they are just not there. The job statistics are always the same - it’s always low-paying minimum wage stuff. These are also part time jobs, so this is not an income that supports consumer demand. The bottom line is people are really struggling in the U.S. to make a good living. So the U.S. economy is definitely not going to accelerate, Goldman Sachs is one of the bullion banks. Goldman and Co. are totally corrupt, and they are in league with the Fed to keep pressure off the U.S. dollar. The problem for the Fed and Goldman Sachs is that these dollar pressures could be on the verge of exploding. The Fed can print all the money it wants to buy bonds and keep interest rates low, but it cannot print money to buy dollars. And there is some limit as to how much it can prevail on its EU puppet states (in Europe) to supply money to buy dollars. At some point these puppet EU states will realize that the consequences for them may mean a very high domestic inflation. The West may not be in a position to prevent an explosion in the gold price if Russia and other countries drop out of the SWIFT system and refuse to use dollars. The Russian energy transactions are a trillion dollars or more (each year). Well, that’s equal to the amount of QE that was injected into the system annually. So the elimination of that demand for dollars in international transactions would offset a year of QE. So Goldman Sachs, the Fed, and the other bullion banks, are doing whatever they can to stave this off. But if there is a run on the dollar, the gold price will explode, particularly if there is not any gold to speak of in the West. Remember the 70s when Gold exploded from $35 to $850...
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  • Barrick Gold: A Significant Rebound Is In Play [View article]
    Fed won't keep 0 rates going forward, it's impossible, this will send the market to 20,000 ( as Harry Dent predicted for years, but now has changed his statements), and we will have a big crash...nobody wants this...the dollar will eventually collapse among other currencies as well because we are printing billions of it per month with no real value, the Chinese are dumping dollars and buying Gold, and Gold will be our safe haven in the end, real gold, not the paper...I agree with you that GS always plays those "rescue" games...but this shall not happen at the expense of others...this is, of course, my view, I accumulate real gold, Cheers:)
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  • Barrick Gold: A Significant Rebound Is In Play [View article]
    Goldman just confirmed "their outlook" for Gold:

    Goldman's foolish predictions - first on December and January 2014:

    and early today 3 hours ago again trying to stop the Gold rally (at $1342 Goldman came up with this non-sense:

    Those bastards are trying purposely to manipulate the Gold market and to send prices lower and help the dollar. They have no chance, now is the time to buy Gold after this correction, cheers. There is no real recovery here. All numbers are just made up and later always adjusted. Unemployment figures do not take into account the real number of people without jobs this % is above 12%...Unless we change the entire financial system from debt based economy with 17 trillion USD in debt, and centralizing federal reserve on top of it to something better that would enable us to have real budget, pay off debts, and keep NO fiscal deficit, I do not see how this entire ship would survive...Goldman's "recovery" process is delusional and manipulative. We are just prolonging the end by printing billions of dollars per month and keep this sick financial system in place...This whole thing is going to burst BIG time one day. WE HAVE TO BE PREPARED BY HOLDING PHYSICAL GOLD in our hands:)
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