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  • Nokia (NOK) is working on a Windows Phone containing an image sensor similar to the 41MP sensor found in the PureView 808, The Verge reports. The site adds the phone will use an aluminum body and be sold by AT&T later this year. The 808's camera was widely praised, but its use of Symbian and a mediocre display hampered sales.  [View news story]
    It's about time Nokia is going to kill the competition

    Not that Nokia wouldn't be a leader in mobile imaging already but when Verge saw 808 camera they said "Nokia is so far ahead of competition it really has no competition"
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  • Global Trends Will Boost Nokia's Margins In 2013  [View article]

    If Jessica Alba can carry the device, anyone can
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  • Nokia's Shares Are Benefiting From Irrational Exuberance  [View article]
    Tomi Ahonen will keep on being negative about Nokia until they get Symbian back, so his sources are usually irrelevant.

    I guess the biggest news was that Nokia is no more negative, not the sales volume which exceeded estimates.
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  • How Stephen Elop Destroyed Nokia  [View article]
    I don't know, it's sort of hybrid of Windows Phone and Android, more features than Windows Phone, which means of course not so easy-to-use
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  • Global Trends Will Boost Nokia's Margins In 2013  [View article]

    "Lumia 920, which had a polycarbonate body, could not compete with the iPhone 5 aesthetically"

    What do you mean? Lumia 920 just won several design awards e.g. from International Forum Design. Some people might even think it is better designed than iPhone 5, which digital icons don't match at all with the physical body. Lumia 920 follows more Dieter Rams principles than latest iPhone
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  • Nokia (NOK) jumps 6.3% after being the subject of a number of articles describing the strength of the Lumia line, including from SA author Muhammad Bazil, who writes that "Nokia's much needed breakthrough could be somewhere in China." The Lumia 920T sold out within just two hours of its Shanghai debut, "underscoring huge demand for the device." Also see here and here[View news story]
    Yes, maybe the news are related to queues and sold-out status in China. There are also news like "Windows Phone fastest growing operating system of 2012 with 290 % growth"

    The first one tells about interest towards Nokia, and the second one hints about the sales volume
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  • Nokia's Much Needed Breakthrough Could Be Somewhere In China  [View article]

    It's always nice to pick up past recommendations later on, and pretend to be wiser than other people. Here, let me do some second-guessing too

    Anyone, who knows anything about phones, would have noticed on 2010 that the Nokia's flagship device N8 had the most unconvenient OS ever built. Even I changed to iPhone, after using Nokia devices for 11 years, despite the more advanced features and build quality on N8. Back in 2010 I thought Nokia will never reach the quality (usability and design) of iPhone. Luckily 2010 was also a wake-up call for Nokia, Elop came in and started a whole new chapter in the company's history.

    In 2012, a miracle happened. Nokia introduced a highend design phone, which was actually easy to use and was equipped with world class features. Lumia 920 could compete against any highend smartphone on current market - and beat them in most cases. I'm sure there are also other people who agrees on my opinion today, which is why things are a bit different than in 2009 and 2010 when Symbian market share was already in decline.

    I'm not going to dig up every post, but there are not only SA users but also analysts who have recommended on selling NOK when it was below $2 and buying AAPL when it was above $700. Today, iOS is an outdated OS and its market share is in decline. Things remind pretty much the year 2009, don't you think? There's only a couple of exceptions:

    1) Unlike Nokia in year 2009, Apple does not fit in TOP-20 companies today with its non-existent patent portfolio, and if it wants to keep up with the competition, it has to start to spending its billions.
    2) Unlike in year 2009, there is Steve Jobs no more, who could do magic without big R&D budget
    3) Unlike in year 2009 it was possible for Apple to steal the technology without penalties. This is not possible anymore. They have to pay royalties or put money into R&D

    You also seem to forget, that the more Apple earns, the more Nokia earns. If Apple sells over 100 million iDevices, they will be pay around $1 billion to Nokia.

    NOK for $6 on Q2/2013.
    Jan 1, 2013. 10:59 AM | 6 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Nokia's Much Needed Breakthrough Could Be Somewhere In China  [View article]
    According to Sohu, Nokia's biggest factory located in Beijing can produce 600,000 Lumia 920 a month.

    In below article it is estimated that Lumia 920 production was launched after the release of the device in September, which makes up to 2,4 million Lumia 920's to date. Seven other Nokia factories can produce together on estimate a bit over 1 million Lumia 920's so the amount is most likely around 3,5 million units of the flagship device. The whole Lumia line would be in this case around 5,5 million units (especially Lumia 800 has been doing relatively well after discount prices). Estimates are based on the fact that the 7 global factories have the capacity of 25 % of the Beijing factory
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  • Apple's Decline: Thanks, iPad Mini  [View article]
    @Dialectical Materialist

    "I think I'll be happy to wait and see the actual sales numbers and judge what kind of loyalty decline Apple is suffering from."

    So you don't care what the actual customers think about the device?

    "When you read a sentence like that, do you see that as a sign that fewer people are using iOS?"

    No, but there would be probably more people using iOS, if there weren't any brand loyalty decline. And that's one of the reasons Apple is not able to reach the estimates done by analysts

    "Nokia could do very well with these entry level users."

    Well they have done that already. Nokia could do very well with its mid-range and flagship phones as well, thanks to it recent deal with China Mobile, which Apple has not yet been able to make, despite many years of attempts

    "I suspect it would show huge growth in traffic. 22% of 150 is more than 24% of 100. Apple can do just fine with a smaller slice of an enormous pie."

    So you don't think that there's nothing to worry about when a market share and brand loyalty are declining? When is the time to worry?

    The smartphone market is growing and at the same time economical situation makes people to choose cheaper smartphones. How's the U.S. economy looking at the moment?
    Jan 1, 2013. 09:36 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple's Decline: Thanks, iPad Mini  [View article]
    @Dialectical Materialist

    There's another statistics which shows iOS market share has been declining past 30 days.

    "There may be pockets where customers say they will buy something else -- and the poor economy of Western Europe seems as likely a place as any for this phenomenon"

    So bad economy is bad for Apple? And the companies, which have wide array of devices ranging from feature phones to highend smartphones are in better position? How's the U.S. economy looking at the moment?

    "A survey in Western Europe is one way to measure sentiment."

    What do you mean? The loyalty decline was both in the Europe and the U.S.
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  • Nokia's Much Needed Breakthrough Could Be Somewhere In China  [View article]

    Here's the last news concerning Nokia for the year 2012:

    Lumia 920 tops AT&T Amazon best seller chart again
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  • Nokia's Much Needed Breakthrough Could Be Somewhere In China  [View article]
    I'm happy for you Cindy =) Happy new year!
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  • Nokia's Much Needed Breakthrough Could Be Somewhere In China  [View article]

    "NOK is still realizing a drastic decline in Symbian sales and that comparison has killed the comparable numbers the last few quarters"

    But on the other hand, in the last 30 days, Asha line (S40) has been growing faster than Android, and actually Symbian was also growing for some reason (discounts?). It is great to see Asha is eating Android market share and also giving more time for Nokia's transition phase
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  • Apple's Decline: Thanks, iPad Mini  [View article]
    @Dialectical Materialist

    "If they are selling more iPhones than ever before (and they are), then how exactly does this translate into a "loyalty decline"?"

    This how
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  • Apple's Decline: Thanks, iPad Mini  [View article]

    "But for the past 21 months or rather 4 years my Mac's have had never been demolished like the Samsung Series 5 was in routine use"

    I have been using Lumia 800 for a year, without any bulky covers, dropped it 20-30 times, no scratches, no nothing. I consider this as a normal mobile phone use. No-one can say iPhone 5 could take such hits without damaging the anotized aluminum or the glass in top/bottom of the back


    "I think there's something rotten when Google subsidizes Apple's competition by giving them Android at no cost"

    That's called open-source. Someone might say Microsoft and Apple are rotten since they don't let developers to touch the core code.

    "Much (most?) of the recent decline of Apple's share price is because of profit-taking and fear of the financial cliff"

    Most of the recent decline is because of failure to achieve the estimates done by analysts, failure in Chinese market area (still no subsidized device on China Mobile) and lack of innovation in the iDevices, such as iPhone 5, iPad mini, iPad 4th generation. The last one is one of the biggest reasons to iPhone brand loyalty decline, which is happening for the first time in history of humankind
    Dec 31, 2012. 09:05 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment