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  • PHDG And VQT: Positive Returns In Bull And Bear Markets  [View article]
    A great example of an article by a smart author who is not trained in accounting, finance, marketing, business strategy, and has no experience (or does not spend time) reading financials and strategy tea leaves.

    On one hand the quant process is brilliant, and on another it is dumb because it does not account for a real life business option (Y Japan and Ali Baba), and a business relationship which is only somewhat implied in the price.

    All in all, time is not wasted, since you can identify these "bubbles" using your algorithm, and then study the fundamentals to see if there is a valid reason for the anomaly. If yes, then do nothing, but if no reason, then short the security and buy the index.....unless of course, you find that 80% index is made of such "bubbles"
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  • This Small Company Has The Magic To Conquer The World  [View article]
    Sophomoric article from someone who does not have the decency to check the CEO's name.

    That same someone, i.e. the author, knows nothing about FCC regulations and the fact that local US-based companies are encumbered when international customers speak to US to other international customers.(CALL asks, and often receives, access revenue from them (if you don't know what access is, look it up)).

    For example, if a person in India calls a person in China, that call is actually routed through several US-based telecom networks, each of which incur costs and pay either one another or CALL....FCC has and will crack down on this BS practice, and CALL will remain what it is - a marginal, inconsequential player in the bottom of the barrel home phone market.
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  • MagicJack: Mobile Apps, Strong Results Driving Shorts Crazy  [View article]
    "It's the shorts final attempt to scare retail longs, don't worry, it will rise soon, probably by the end of the day. No supply for them to borrow, they used whatever they had. $CALL is a buy. If your shares are in a margin account, put them into a cash account and stop loaning them out. "

    This is the most inaccurate, clueless statement that I have read on SA.

    You know nothing about the company, the industry, or trading. If you own shares in a cash account, even if you place a sell order at an unreasonable price, your broker can still lend those shares.
    May 11, 2013. 01:48 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • magicJack And The FCC Loopholes  [View article]
    You complained to SA about the comments and they removed them?

    Let's see if SA removes this one, setting the plagiarism complaint on 911 aside:

    You have no knowledge of telecom. Your USF contribution calculation is totally off-base.

    "This safe harbor rule provides for a 64.9% contribution factor on the provider's revenues to determine the interstate revenues. Assuming MJ would have contributed to the USF fund in 2012, it would have had to write a $15 million check which would account for 34% of MJ's 2012 Operating Income."

    You must disclose how you calculated the USF $15 million "check" figure. Not the 15% rate, but the interstate revenue which is used in the USF calculation. How did you calculate the "interstate revenue"? Which public document did you use to arrive at this figure?

    If you can not prove this figure, CALL should sue you for writing a misleading and inaccurate article, while being clouded by the potential for personal gain, negligence, or both.

    If SA did not ask you to provide this number - they should. But, it is no wonder they didn't, because this industry is not for wannabe analysts and generalists, but people who uderstand the regulations and their implications.

    As a self-deisclosed amateur, you should keep writing about simpler stuff, like Angie's list.

    Good luck, sport.

    PS: In the name of professional and intellectual fairness, I will pick your arguments and figures apart until you have no credibility. If SA removes my comments, which are by the way completely in compliance with the TOS, then I will keep re-writing factual rebuttals, and not just on this article but everything else you write in the future.
    Apr 21, 2013. 03:03 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • MagicJack And The FCC Loopholes  [View instapost]
    You "assume" that the average is $1? NO hombre you didn't assume anything - you lifted the number from my Yahoo post. Poeple on there are already commenting that you lifted the ke figures adn links.

    You are a sophomore in trading and writing and it is no wonder that you steal other people's stuff and then "stand by them". When you graduate, you will look back on this write up and realize that you did wrong.

    You owe me an apology, and rather than whine about my comments to SA, you need to figure out how you will handle their plagiarism inquiry against you.

    PS: How are the $15 April puts working for you?
    Apr 20, 2013. 03:56 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • MagicJack And The FCC Loopholes  [View instapost]
    You should know from my Yahoo posts that I don't write baseless things, and this accusation is not baseless.

    You wanted proof?

    Here is proof:

    Item one: the 911 settlement and the range of 911 monthly fees....sounds familiar?

    "Reply to ARE YOU READY FOR THE SMOKING GUN?by behavioraltrader •Apr 5, 2013 2:36 PM .behavioraltrader behavioraltrader • Apr 5, 2013 3:45 PM

    Ok. here it is.

    Search for CaseActivityID=328591

    There should be only one link to a West Virginia public commission document. But, if you go to the West Virginia Public Service Commission website, you will find the entire case 10-0383-T-C.

    The issue is: CALL has settled a West Virginia public commission case for failing to collect and remit 911 fees, and as part of the settlement it has agreed to collect and remit these fees. In an analysis of over 20 US states, these fees range between $.20 and $3 dollars per month per user, and considering the fact that CALL’s monthly revenue per subscriber is $2.5 dollars (or $1.67 for older customers), these fees have severe impacts on CALL revenue and profitability.

    CALL admits to the materiality of this issue in the current 10-K but still does not disclose the fact that it already is subject to these fees, at least in this jurisdiction, and SINCE 2011.

    Some of the correspondence with Kenawha County WV regarding this issue PRE-DATES CALL GOING PUBLIC!!!!

    Count on lawyers to spread the case and use this precedent in the entire US, where applicable.

    Happy weekend reading!"

    Item two: average cost per month

    "behavioraltrader • Apr 5, 2013 6:13 PM

    CALL has 3 options:
    1. Absorb costs
    2. Pass costs on to consumers
    3. Not provide 911 services.

    At $2.5 revenue per month, how are you going to absorb an average of $1 per customer in 911 fees? You could, an estimated 10M MJ's, say 50% are international, and another 50% are inactive. You are left with 2.5M active users, and at $12 per year, that is another $30M in expenses. Consider that network costs were $29 in 2012....that is a 100% increase in costs. So, we conclude that CALL will not absorb these costs, or it will go bankrupt.

    On the other hand, how are you going to raise the prices by 30%, on average, to conpensate for these fees? In normal course of business (2009 to 2011) they have been signing up 30% fewer new customers year over year, sequentially, without price increases. Can you imagine what will happen if they raise the prices from $30 to $40 to compensate for these costs?

    Can you imagine them doing NOT raising prices, but raising them on activation? Say a user enters a Kanawha County address, the system SHOULD tell him that in that area, there are additional regulatory fees. What will that user do? Return the product, most likely, and complain to the FTC for improper advertising.

    Finally, if they stop offering the 911 service, then all those low income consumers will freak out, without realizing that they should already be freaking out because rather than depending on an always live copper line for 911, they rely on their internet connection, their PC, and on the MJ gadget .

    So yeah, this is definitely an IMPORTANT topic, not just interesting.

    It is a first public admission that even after arguing tha they are not required to collect and remit these fees, they agreed to do just that. THEY HAD NO CASE. THEY LOST. END OF STORY. Smart lawyers will take this to an extreme, and and take them to the cleaners.

    Thanks for your opinon. We will see how the market votes with their wallets."

    Got it? Good.

    Now prove where you found that the 911 fees range between $.2 and $3 per month. Also prove how you calculated the average cost per month of $1. Post links from public documents and your methods on how you calculated them.

    Hint: you can't - the reason I know you lifted the report from Yahoo is that my distributed report has a different average cost per user per month. My Yahoo post is the only place where I wrote $1, and that number has since been slightly revised.

    Finally your analogy to your unaccepted report and Copperfield is an invalid one. Your stuff was probably junk, and got rejected. Not one person has seen it in public. My report uncovered the Kanawha settlemet for the first time, and it was made public, and you stole it, and made it your own.

    SA should be in touch with you soon.

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  • MagicJack And The FCC Loopholes  [View instapost]
    You lifted the report from a user named behavioraltrader on the Yahoo message boards...i.e. myself.

    Your SA contributor status is now at stake for plagiarism....dumb.
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  • 4 Stocks With Significant Short Interest For Good Reasons  [View article]
    I am pretty sick of people using ad-hominem arguments against Copperfield.

    If you need to investigate something, the first thing you need to determine is whether the facts are right or wrong. Each fact I checked, such as the inconsistent SEC filings on earnings, accrued expenses and cash flow from operations are CORRECT. The are based on SEC filings which are available to everybody... filings which are irrevocable, and can not be changed. So before you call them lies or half truths, CHECK THEM!

    I did not care much about the personal stuff in Copperfield, like the women's soccer team fiasco which Borislow caused and other potential character flaws. Adding these vitriolic personal remarks in the research is what is making it sound more like an opinion than fact. That is where Copperfield erred, but they must have started hating Borislow with each thing they discovered, and then they got personal. Big mistake. Had they focused on the accounting and the lawsuits, their report would have been perceived as much more professional and less biased, even though they had a short position in the stock.

    But in the end, who cares about personal stuff? People who are emotionally involved, and that includes the loser bagholders, they care.....They are PISSED at Copperfield for uncovering the accounting and lawsuit stuff, but not pissed at the company for not being tidy in their disclosures. Does that make sense? Not to me. I think there is a breakpoint when the anger will get shifted toward the company, but that might be after a second drop in price and when people know that they have lost an unrecoverable amount.
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  • A Look At MagicJack VocalTec's Current Valuation And Future Prospects  [View article]
    "As I explained in the article deferred revenue is expected to decline as MJ clears inventory in preparation for its upcoming launch, at which point I modeled a substantial acceleration in MJ's revenue implying accelerating deferred revenue."

    Sorry to bother you, again, but this statement has my head spinning, and not much can make it spin.

    Specifically this part: "deferred revenue is expected to decline as MJ clears inventory"

    Are you kidding? With more unit sales of MJ, or as you put it, clearing of inventory, more contractual obligations for telephone service are sold, and so deferred revenue actually INCREASES with each MJ unit sale, and it does not decrease.

    PS: I have been reading SA for a while now, and I have read my fair share of sophomoric articles, but this one actually tops the list. It is a good indicator that CALL is well on its way to single digits. SA should make these authors post when they actually entered in the position of the security they are writing about. I bet that the author bought CALL before the negative allegations, and said "Oh wait, if they can do it, so can I! I will become a SA contributor!" The rest is history. My last post on this article, farewell, and best of luck to you. Don't forget that hubris is your worst enemy when you deal with Mr.Market.
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  • A Look At MagicJack VocalTec's Current Valuation And Future Prospects  [View article]
    Again, sorry to bother you.
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  • A Look At MagicJack VocalTec's Current Valuation And Future Prospects  [View article]
    Actually, they are charges for leased T1's (and other leased lines), collocation fees for placing their switch in a building, their VOIP servers in data centers around the country, and so on. These charges do include the terminating traffic fees which CALL pays to other carriers. That is why they are called "NETWORK and carrier charges".

    You apparently know very little, if anything, about telecom. Sorry to bother you.
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  • A Look At MagicJack VocalTec's Current Valuation And Future Prospects  [View article]
    "A major advantage MagicJack has over its competitors is its ownership of its own competitive local exchange carrier (CLEC) called YMAX corp. This subsidiary ensures free access to public telephone lines for MagicJack customers allowing the firm to boast a 99.99% service availability rate."

    Free access to public telephone lines? Have you checked the "Network and carrier charges" line item in their income statement? It was about 28M in 2011, about 50% of total expense.
    Jan 31, 2013. 10:18 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Only Precious Metals Can Prepare You For The Banking Crisis  [View article]
    BWAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAA... sorry, had to do it - this one of the wrongEST and impractical articles on SA, so I had to laugh.
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  • Visa and MasterCard Deserved a Higher Price  [View article]
    I know, I wrote the comment with a dose of "tongue firmly planted in cheek".
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  • Visa and MasterCard Deserved a Higher Price  [View article]
    "Great" post-event analysis.
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