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  • Cyber Security The Next Big Thing In Internet Stocks; Lessons From The Tech Bubble  [View article]
    Did ou forget, overlook or otherwise purposely not include ISC8 (ISCI)?
    Jun 6, 2013. 09:33 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • American Capital Agency And Rising Interest Rates: Cut Your Losses Or Wait It Out?  [View article]
    I note your 3% goal of allotment for your retirement
    How about the other 1/3rd of the investors who are IN retirement seeking a diversified portfolio of securities generating growing of BOTH dividend income and growth of capital.To what extent REITs, mREITS, and HiBred REITS and how about a diversified portfolio of the BDCs?
    Jun 5, 2013. 05:42 PM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Yields Of 10%+: Market Insanity Leads To Huge Opportunity  [View article]
    a few of your list which do not appear to offer 10% + yields

    Jun 4, 2013. 10:08 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The Threat To Mortgage REIT ETFs  [View article]
    Great comments
    Check out the Yahoo Finance portfolio showing percent from 52 week highs" you will see that virtually all of the past few years best performing mREITs is down significantly more (ranging from down 30% down to 10%) than the MORT or REM about 10%.In the meantime both the ETFs have a current yield which may go down from current but the annual payout of each of the ETFs has been and will be significantly LESS volatile than a select few individual mREITS.
    As one takes "prudent" stop losses and reduces positions in this sector, I'd suggest replacing the single stock positions with one of the two ETFs thereby maintaining a relatively high income yield - until the current concerns have been more discounted
    May 28, 2013. 03:31 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Some Buda Wells In South Texas Outperforming Eagle Ford Wells  [View article]
    Any comments regarding the relative price action of both CXPO and MCF - both of which have - since the announcement - not shown a bullish outlook by investors from the 5/30 date of merger month to date:
    During these (only) three weeks:
    MCF moved up 8% to 39.91 and down 13% to new 3 year low of 34.87.
    CXPO moved up from 2.80 - 16% to 3.27 and back down 14% to 2.80.
    May 23, 2013. 01:57 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • A Financial Services ETF Buffett Would Like  [View article]
    Going back to the 2007 peak BRK.a out performed the following of those ETFs mentioned: SPY iyf iyg fxo xlf vfhrfl iat
    Measured Peak(10/2008) to PEAK (Yesterday), of all of the ETFs listed (SPY IYF IYG FXO XLF VFH) , only SPY is actually profitable - up 4% or so while BRK.A is up almost 30 %. FXO is about even. the others are down.
    If you were to have bought BRK.a at the 2009 bottom - March 2009,
    all of the above are up more than the both the SPY and BRK.A.
    SPY is up 140%)
    BRK.a - up "only" 125%
    and once again, FXO is up the most - 250%
    XLF is up 225% and
    IYF IYG VFH are up around 200%.
    based on the comparison service of Yahoo Finance.
    May 16, 2013. 11:22 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • 6 Superstars For Your Biotech Portfolio: John McCamant  [View article]
    I presume you are the son of Jim.
    I used to work with him back in the 70s and 80s and maybe 90s.
    Say hello for me.
    SINCE RETIRING IN 06, I have been in a bunch of Med/BIO's past few years.
    I never stay long enough - tough to hold on in these volatile markets.
    current holdings include
    I network with another broker Jim knew - he is still an active broker - age 80ish - still shows up at 5:30 am each day except Fridays when he goes fishing.
    Maybe Jim would like to get together for a beer?
    I live in Marin, Mt broker buddy works in Napa. Maybe a lunch in Napa would be a fun excuse?
    best to use email when in this "public domain".
    May 10, 2013. 03:50 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Isis Pharmaceuticals Slides A Little Despite Strong Earnings  [View article]
    My thoughts -
    (a) If the forthcoming offering is priced at 19 - a 17% discount from previous high of $22.90 and
    (b) within pennies ABOVE the current 50 DMAL and
    ( c) right at the current "consensus Target Price" of all the listed analysts covering the company
    it appears to have been (coincidentally?) a well thought out strategy of the company and its
    u/w's in pricing the pending secondary.
    As mentioned I was stopped out of my last positions at higher levels using trailing stops -
    but this might be a good opportunity to get back aboard for the next chapter
    in the life of ISIS (and maybe ALNY).
    The current high Target Prices (see the attached) of $31/sh (up 12 and 63% from 19)
    makes for a nice next goal.
    Especially when the stock will have an additional 10.3 million shares for the bigger
    "institutional" buyers who want/demand/need greater liquidity to add to their buy list.
    May 9, 2013. 05:06 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • An Interesting Alternative To Boring International Dividend ETFs  [View article]
    Another subject which does not seem to be addressed by Seeking Alpha contributors is the concept of Risk Adjusted TOTAL RETURN which includes both income as well as capital gain distributions.
    I would suggest that Seeking Alpha might encourage all contributors writing for SA when including performance numbers to assume - for performance measurement purposes - a REINVESTMENT of all income and other distributions.
    I would also suggest that all contributors provide date as if it were invested in an tax exempt IRA/401k investment portfolio.
    Obviously significantly different net after tax returns will vary all over the place depending on the tax bracket of investors investing in their taxable accounts and considering qualified vs non qualified income from dividends and "value of tax losses vs capital gain distributions.
    Also re the above comments about the yields of CVY and LVL, I DO believe that SA should encourage contributors to use a common "definition" of dividend and yield: Some seem to use
    (A)The total past "trailing" 4 quarters or 12 months of dividend payouts divided by the current price
    whereas others use
    (B) the most recent payout and multiply it by 4 or 12 depending on quarterly or monthly distributions.
    It would be NICE to know which method is being used or compared.
    It DOES make a difference.
    Wile I am at it,I also believe that contributors of articles which discuss dividends might provide a measurement of the standard deviation of the past (up to five years) "Rolling 12 months" of dividend payouts and the range between to high and low measurements as well as the most recent.This will help readers understand the extent to which there is a TREND in terms of dividend payouts over the years. Some like "HIGH YIELDS" others emphasize "Growth of dividend payouts" . There is a difference.
    May 9, 2013. 02:12 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • The San Francisco Bay Area's Housing Micro-Climates: A Microcosm Of A 2-Speed Recovery  [View article]
    Any reason you did not include Marin County ? Napa? Sonoma?

    My guess would be that each - in the order suggested each has demonstrated a better "risk adjusted" statistic in terms of
    "Growth" from 2000 to the 07-08 peak in residential home BOUGHT prices for the median priced homes in each county.
    "Risk" from these peak values to the subsequent low BOUGHT price values in 2009 to 2010 period.
    "Recovery" values based on current 1Q2013 Bought price values.
    Duration would be the number of years and quarters between the 2000 Bought Values and The PEAK Bought Values and the Bottom Bought values and the Current 1Q2013 values.
    Thee stats could be compared with California and other States and or other identifiable cities, counties.
    Just a thought.
    Apr 29, 2013. 01:49 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • German Blue-Chips Are Increasing Dividend Payouts  [View article]
    Which ETFs have equity securities considered to be Blue Chips which have a record of investing in Dividend payers?
    Apr 29, 2013. 01:33 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Silver's Support Looking Strong At $22  [View article]
    if you like SLV for all the reasons you seem to discuss - hedging equity and industrial use and supply.
    why not AGQ?
    Apr 26, 2013. 12:34 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • EXCO Resources: Smart Money Believes In This Cheap Stock  [View article]
    Jaimini: I believe your followers - with an interest in XCO - might be interested in any response you might have regarding Josh Young's comments about the "missing analysis of the breakeven point for XCO's drilling, which is likely higher than the current natural gas price" and any thoughts you have regarding XCO's poor "record in drilling uneconomic gas wells".
    At least I would.
    It is hard to believe the 3 sophisticated investors you referenced have not considered such observations - but for whatever reason their Due Diligence researchers have come up with a half full bottle of whisky.
    Apr 26, 2013. 11:34 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • 6 REIT Plays Receiving Plenty Of Investor Attention  [View article]
    To what extent should each of the above mentioned not be recommended for IRA and other tax sheltered retirement accounts due to UBTI or other reasons?
    Apr 23, 2013. 10:05 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Consider These 3 Most Punished Silver Stocks  [View article]
    Compare AGQ with SDLV past three years of bull and bear moves.
    Obvious leverage works
    AHQ was up from the 36 month ago level of 27 almost 8 times to 191 from while SLV was up 3 times from 17 to 48.
    While SLV is back down to 22 while AGQ is back to 24.
    If one hopes or expects SILVER to recover, I would bet on the AGQ horse to earn the award for best return on the investment.
    Apr 18, 2013. 10:42 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment