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  • Dividend Paying Stocks Outperform In 2011: An ETF Strategy For Benefiting [View article]
    I just used Yahoo Fin to compare charts of the DJI, SPX, SPY, DIA and DOD.
    Using the chart compare, it appears that DOD outperformed the other 4 since 12/3/2007 (Inception of DOD ? )
    But what i do not know, is to what extent does the chart reflect "total return"?
    To be specific, in the case of DIA, SPY, to what extent does the chart reflect just the price change.
    more specically, "What if" I bought equal dollars of each (DIA, SPY and DOD. And what if I reinvested the dividends in DIA and SPY? I believe DOD does not pay dividends.
    At the end of the race (almost 5 years later) who is ahead including dividends?
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  • A check back to QE2 found stocks rising on speculation of an announcement, and spiking on the day of the announcement - very similar to this time around. The next month, however, saw a sizable sell the news downturn before the effect of the Fed action kicked in, sending stocks on a big multi-month rally. [View news story]
    relatively low volume = buyers (short covering?) not very convincing
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  • Top 10 High Yield And Emerging Market Bond ETFs [View article]
    Symbol HSY (Hershey) should be HYS
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  • 7 Ways To Play The Advanced Biofuel Revolution [View article]
    Happy to see at least someone is now following the pre IPO of Fulcrum.
    I encourage "someone" to come up with a spreadsheet as to the various strengths band weaknesses of the companies in the same sector
    AMRS CDXS KIOR Fulcrum SZYM GEVO et al
    I have been a buyer of all at the initial IPO time period for all - have taken profit but still have positions and have continued to accumulate.
    so - mostly at small profits or a few modest losses - but this is my Long TERM speculative (in my ROTH account) travel budget.
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  • Real disposable income is contracting, housing market data keeps missing expectations, Europe is slowing, the government is about to start cutting back: BAML takes issue with yesterday's headline - Economy of U.S. Enters Sweet Spot. "The range of plausible outcomes is very wide and includes some very ugly outcomes."  [View news story]
    Econodoc might find Charlie Rose's recent interview with Bowles and Simpson a NON POLITICAL discussion of U.S. economics value added - This is a 50 minute interview - not for those who have difficulty concentrating on and understanding sound bites or who like to practice the fine art of executive speed reading skills.
    These two GENTLMEN communicate very clearly that the US - NOT any one past, current or future POTUS - is in dire need of BIPARTISAN co-operation. Again - this was NOT a political biased interview - and should be mandatory viewing by any of those who have a serious interest in knowing the state of the US economy - with or without wearing any glasses.
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  • Lockheed Martin: The Best Defense Play In 2012 [View article]
    Almost simultaneous with the start of talk of "Major Cutbacks in Defense" , the FIFTH Domain of Military operations has come into being. Thus, although there will surly be "relatrively" significant cutbacks in the defense department's Land, Sea, Air and Space programs, there will be a very significant increase in the allocation of funds toward the preparation of the U.S. Defense and Homeland Security Departments to build up our Cyber Warfare defense and offense capabilities of the USCYBERCOM Command under the leadership of General Keith Alexander.
    Past Senior White House Security Advisor and consultant to 3 past Presidents, Richard Clarke, in his Cyber Warfare provides the layman with an excellent description of the extent of this current buildup. In addition he has provided
    two opinion pieces in the WSJJune2011 (China's Cyberassult on America) and Feb 2012 (Cyber Attacks Can Spark Real Wars).
    Two recent articles in the FT provide specifics as to the extent the U.S. will be gearing up Corporate, State and local government, Defense and Homeland Security departments capabilities.The most recent is by Misha Glenny - Who Controls the Internet?

    Thus, IMHO, I would expect that the extent to which any one or all five of these companies invest in current small start up cyber warfare service and product providers or otherwise develop such capabilities internally, these "traditional" denense companies may provide an opportunity for those who believe that funding this new FIFTH Domain will be a potential growing source of revenues and profits.
    Last year, reportedly, there was a significant investment in 10 or 11 of the small companies by some of these five companies.
    It will be interesting to see how institutional research analysts come up with those who seem to have the biggest focus on Cyber Warfare R&D.

    Time will tell.
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  • Yelp Vs. Solazyme - 2 Mispriced Companies With Contrasting Future Potential [View article]
    Kevin: I have been following you since you first discussed SZYM.
    I have owned SZYM since it's first IPO day. I have bot and taken profits a few times since. But I have been a net accumulator with my last add in late 2011. I have also been a similar investor in AMRS, GEVO, CDXS KIOR and intend to invest in Fulcrum once it IPO's. Fulcrum registered last September and is due to IPO "whenever".
    It would be "of interest to me. ang by extension, at least presumably, to all your readers , if you were to put together a spreadsheet with various quantitative and comparative fundamental prouduct, services, revenues, earnings and stock capitalization, institutional ownership and insider holdings data comparing these 6 leaders in their specific niche in their small but growing "industry".
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  • U.S. CPI Reading Brings iShares 20 Year Treasury ETF Into Focus [View article]
    I must have blinked - i never saw 125.03 - but I did see 123/42 in November and 123.05 in December.
    But that was then - history
    It looks like 110 is a nice round number to call support - and the 200 Day MAL is also moving up and currently at 110.32 so this level would be a nice first stop - maybe a bounce - but the previous peaks in 2010 in the 96-100 level would make for a more probable buy target.
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  • Looking Like A Bottom For TBT [View article]
    Most observers consider a break based on
    closing prices
    not intraday prices
    the TLT closing low was 111.04
    the TLT day intra day low was 110.95
    a few pennies above
    but whose counting?
    the 200 EMA is at 110.85
    the 200 SMA is at 110.16
    The break is in the future - but not yet
    this is not to say that it might OR might not happen
    and if and when it does there will be validity.
    tomorrow looks like the day for at least an intraday penetration if not a closing low break below.
    What makes this interesting is that many times such penetrations - and even closing breaks - below are often times subject to whipsaws.
    Thus, one might consider using a closing at or below the 3, 4 or 5 day EMA on the hedge (TBT) as a signal of a reversal. The 4 day EMA is at 20.08.
    Using the 4 day EMA as a signal to get in TBT last occured on 3/7 when TBT moved above and closed at the 4 DAY EMA at a price level a penny or two below 19/sh. The 4 day EMA is and has been sligtly above the 50 day SMA and thi=us the closing of TBT above the 4 day EMA creates a second tecnical reason to be long the TBT - as long as it contines to close above the 4 day EMA .
    Obviously ANY number of days (2, 3, 4, 5 or whatever) for the EMA can be used. The use of short term EMAs just helps fine tune the actual entry and exit and helps define triggers for such action.
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  • Preferreds More Preferred Than Treasuries [View article]
    Interesting to note that the UP TRENDING 50 day MAL has just crossed above the Down Trending 200 day MAL
    The past three years shows investors have been happy owning PFF when the 50 day and or 200 day MAL is trending up and especially when the 50 day is also above the 200 day MAL.
    And not very happy when BOTH are trending down (starting around late July of last year until late December/early January this year.
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  • Talking With Solazyme's CEO - Comparative Advantage In Tailored Oil Traits [View article]
    I have owned SZYM since it's IPO day -. Same goes for CDXS, GEVO and AMRS. In each case, i sold some near the highs (sold all of AMRS ) but held on to the other three since and have continued to accumulate shares and even bought back into AMRS. - too early - but...
    So I am interested in your views.
    I believe others might like to see a "spreadsheet" format comparing each of the above - plus KIOR and eventually Fulcrum using the Fulcrum financials which are in their filings with the SEC.
    I believe in the potential of their macro picture but I also believe that the delivery of the full potential by each of these companies will continue to provide for a very wild ride.
    Just look at the last 52 week Percent from bottom and percent from top from current levels That is HUGE.
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  • 3 Reasons Tech Could Drive The Nasdaq 100 To 3,000 [View article]
    One might also include the very real expectation that Tech stocks in general and the larger more mature tech stocks specifically, would be reasonably good candidates to start generating a "growing stream" cash flow as dividends to their investors. In the past HI TECH stocks were not bought and owned by investors seeking total return which included current cash flow to the investors. Going forward, with slower expected pure growth expectations during this current and expected long drawn out recovery period by those traditional GROWTH focused investors, it might be nice to know that they will be able to also look forward to receiving potential "current return' during their potentially extended holding period.
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  • Breaking Down The Different ETF Yield Calculations: TIP, HYG And DEM [View article]
    Re the 2010 Morningstar article discussion of the considerations of investing in individual bonds vs using ETFs or Mutual funds to own (corporate) bonds:
    Does Morningstar have an update to this well written - but now dated 2010 - discussion of the investment in individual (2 to 5 year) corporate fixed income bonds vs "managed" ETFs or Mutual funds focused on maintaining a corporate bond portfolio with an average target maturity of 3 years?
    I believe such an article might be of interest to the many investors who are either retired and or seeking additional income as a complement to their growing dividend equity securities
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  • Individual Bonds vs. Bond ETFs: Two Completely Different Animals [View article]
    Does Morningstar have an update to this well written - but now dated 2010 - discussion of the investment in individual (2 to 5 year) corporate fixed income bonds vs "managed" ETFs or Mutual funds focused on maintaining a corporate bond portfolio with an average target maturity of 3 years?
    I believe such an article might be of interest to the many investors who are either retired and or seeking additional income as a complement to their growing dividend equity securities
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  • Dividend Growth ETF May Offer The Best Of Both Worlds [View article]
    Ron: Thanks for this input. Your point is well taken
    Perhaps the effects of waiting once a year to rebalance could be reduced if the portfolio is managed more dynamically and rebalanced once a month or whenever a company declares a dividend payout which is less than the previous month.

    In a similar vein, I would be interested in the concept of buying the SP500 list of individual companies equal dollar weighted and selling one year out of the money (January) calls on the round lots of each of these (50 or whatever number of) positions. But this "strategy" would need some detail work related to the timing decision of rolling at or before the expiration and or what to do in the case of potential early exercise.

    Just thinking out loud.
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