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  • Retiree: What Role Should High Yield Play In A Distribution Stage Portfolio? [View article]
    I liked your analysis. As an additional filter, I suggest you use Yahoo Finance to view the 5 and 6 year charts (To include the bear market period) using the compare mode to compare DOD with any one of the stocks mentioned in the above comments with DOD and the following four ETFs: SDY, DVY, SPY, SCHD. Do this for each of the stocks you are considering.The COMPARE mode only enables comparisons to 5 or 6 others. So use the ones suggested as an example of well known and recognized indices and dividend paying ETFs
    DOD is an ETN and thus may not be a good comparison. I included it since it is focused on the 10 HIGHEST yielding stocks in the DJIA.
    Do this to include the two previous bear market years as well as each of the past 4, 3, 2 years and 12 months.
    As many/most of your readers know, DOD does not pay out a dividend but its portfolio is managed and adjusted to reflect the "total return" performance of the 10 highest yielding stocks of the 30 stocks in the DJIA. Note: SCHD is structured to be somewhat similar to DOD But uses the criteria used by SP500 to create a group of stocks which have a 25 consecutive year record of increasing dividend payouts and is similar to DOD in that it selects the highest yielding of these 50 to 75 consecutive increasing dividend payers.
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  • SDY Can Still Make You Money [View article]
    I used Yahoo Finance to compare past 5 years of SDY,DVY, DIA SPY and DOD.
    DOD was up 150% and the best of the others was up 100%.
    I know DOD does not pay out dividends.
    But would it compare with the others if one were to reinvest dividends in an IRA or other tax free return Retirement account?
    SCHD seems to be offering a good return but does not have the 5 plus year record.
    Too bad someone does not structure an ETF similar to DOD - DOD uses the 10 highest yielding stocks in the 30 DJIA.
    A similar (to DOD) ETF could include the top third of the highest yielding stocks of the SP Aristocrats - equally weighted - and reallocated each quarter.
    I am sure such a structure could easily be computer simulated based on past five years.With a current 60 to 75 stocks qualifying for inclusion in the Aristocrats, the portfolio of 20 to 25 would probably be less volatile than the DOD with only 10 issues.
    I'd be interested to know what such a simulation would suggest in terms of both capital gain, income and standard deviation of monthly changes in NAV (assuming reinvestment of dividends) for the past 60 months .
    My guess it would generate even less volatile returns than the DOD, DVY and SDY and would probably have a higher dividend yield. Thus, a potentially superior risk adjusted CAROR for any period greater than 5 years.
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  • Right Now Is The Wrong Time To Be Buying BDCs [View article]
    Great Article.
    I like your spreadsheet format
    I copy and pasted it to my excel.
    It might be of some interest to your readers to add a column between the Target and the DIV and named it the % CHG to measure the % difference between the Most recent stock price and the estimated Target Stock price to which one could add the projected 12 month Dividend yield based on the most recent stock price to determine the projected "Total Return".
    Your thoughts?
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  • Baker Street Capital's Big Bet: The Next Catalyst To Drive USA Truck Shares Higher [View article]
    Does anyone have any response to the tendency of stocks to eventually fill their gaps - like it eventually most always happens?
    The HUGE gap at the end of September - from around 6.5 to 9 - a 40% gap - on about 500,000 shares - ?? and then no price change on virtually no volume - for almost 3 weeks - ?? It will be interesting ...
    Nov 20 10:17 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Are Business Development Companies Obscuring The Cost Of Your Fund? [View article]
    Re FGB - Nine of the top 10 holdings of FGB and BIZD are the same -
    But other than that, it appears from a quick read of the Yahoo Finance quote page that FGB is managed to obtain a total return whereas the BIZD is managed to replicate an index which is weighted in an effort to reflect the weightings of the 26 individual BDCs. Also, of course, FGB is open to include non BDCs in their effort to achieve optimal "total return" . What are some other attributes of both to distinguish the comparative pros and conse between thee two opportunities - for example a closed end structure vs an ETF structure?
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  • Timing Is Everything, And The Time For Coronado Biosciences Is Now [View article]
    Of the approximately 20 million shares owned by institutional and mutual funds shown in today's yahoo finance summary page for CNDO, to what extent did one or more of these SEC disclosed owners sell some or all of their positions on this past Friday and or on this morning's announcement during which shows 16 million as of 11 am ET with a 3.5 mm share at the open.
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  • Coronado Biosciences: A Massive Bear Trap In The Making [View article]
    Of the approximately 20 million shares owned by institutional and mutual funds shown in today's yahoo finance summary page for CNDO, to what extent did one or more of these SEC disclosed owners sell some or all of their positions on this past Friday and or on this morning's announcement
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  • Timing Is Everything, And The Time For Coronado Biosciences Is Now [View article]
    are you still long cndo
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  • Treasury Short End Spikes But Updated Forecast Is Little Changed In Long Run [View article]
    Do you have any graphs or charts which show the trend over next ten years of the current 3.25% bank rate on which Interest only rates apply a margin to derive the effective rates mortgage holders
    pay as interest on their ten year fixed Interest only rate 30 year mortgages which are amortized after the tenth year?
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  • Market Valuation Overview: Still Very Expensive [View article]
    Based on your two recent articles (Indexes since their 2000 Highs- and Market Overview) for past 13 years, what would be a reasonably
    satisfactory goal/expectation for a Compound Annual ROR for an investor's security (equity and Fixed income mix) and Residential Real Estate.
    To be specific, based on these past returns including at least two macro bull markets and two rather nasty macro bear markets what would be a reasonable goal or expected CAROR for an investor's $1,000 over a period of 10 to 15 years?
    Oct 10 12:08 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • What's Driving The Dow Lower? [View article]
    It is interesting to note that Compared with DOD, DIA has underperformed DOD for all periods of time since inception except these past few weeks. I used Yahoo Finance Compare charts.
    Nothing like investing in the DOD profile companies.
    Aug 23 01:22 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • What's Driving The Dow Lower? [View article]
    It was interesting to note that the DOD outperformed not only the DIA but also the SPY and the QQQ for all periods of time since its inception except for these past few weeks.
    Not bad for a buy, accumulate, dollar cost average plan or whatever - but HOLD - do not sell…
    Aug 22 11:26 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Why Is BioCryst Pharmaceuticals At 52 Week High Levels? [View article]
    Any reason - at this time - what with the bio-med tech stock all having the wind at their back - to provide updates on some of the company's mentioned relative to historical facts and trends and management.
    What changes (products in the pipeline, competition, management, R&D findings - during past 6 - 12 months - do you feel will result in most significant ways to change the fortunes of the companies you mentioned in this sector?
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  • Shell Oil Stubs Its Big Toe [View article]
    Any "Guidlines" as to which class - the A or the B - for Traditional IRA Vs ROTH IRAs and other investors of retirement funds vs those who are investing after tax dollars without the wraping of being a retirement plan investment.???
    The reason I ask is that often times authors of items on RDS refer to either the A or the B - rather than refer to BOTH the A and the B.
    Subtle difference perhaps. but thought a discussion by some "informed" source might be usefull going forward.
    Aug 3 10:44 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Will Coronado Biosciences Revolutionize Medicine? [View article]
    I'd be interested in learning the names of "professional" analysts who are known to the investment community - like the 7 referenced (not by name or employer) in the Price Target web site:

    Showing a range of target prices between about 12 and 24 as of today's site above. With a current intra-day low price of $7.87/sh the minimum upside target of lowest estimated 12 is about 50%. As I recall,one long standing BioMed tech service chose CNDOtobe the number one pick of 2013. The first five months indicated the stock could move up on a very optimistic outlook and th=us the above mentioned target prices looked reasonably.
    I believe it would be of interest to those who have followed CNDO for the past few years to learn "who of those who invested in CNDO were sellers? Investors or traders? If investors, what is wrong with the outlook held by those through May? and for traders, or short term investors, what are the specifics as to the bum llkish outlook during the first 5 months of this year?
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