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  • Portfolio Prime Directive [View article]
    Faye and Dave:
    Great article with informed suggestions and a nice well thought value added response/feedback.
    Some investors like to use their dividend payouts in their IRA/401k and other tax sheltered retirement plans to provide them with cash to add to whatever stocks they choose. One alternative would be to use the DRIP in IRAs.
    Assuming that I like the portion of my portfolio which is devoted to my "total return" allocation in my portfolio, I use the DRIP calculator in my research to compare and select both current as well as potential new alternative additions to help determine the relative total returns since inception - with focus on most recent history - of the alternatives under consideration.
    Thus, and only for example, when seeking to add to my mREITs, REITs and or BDCs, I attempt to use the results of the DRIP calculator to determine which - within the same sector - have been able to generate the "relatively" greatest returns assuming DRIP is used for the duration. To emphasize long term results, I attempt to use companies which have been in the game since (at least) the middle of this past decade - which will demonstrate how they did during the later years of the big rally which ended with the - 07-08 global financial bear market as well as the significant recovery which has yet to be described as finished.
    Hindsight demonstrates that a "portfolio of just five BDCs" - (I used HRGC, PSEC, ARCC, TCAP, TAXI) bought and held using a DRIP since their inception in the Pre Financial crash period - would have generated significantly superior total returns when compared to virtually any of the equity indexes such as the DIA, DVY, SPY and SDY -in both cases using the DRIP system.
    Your thoughts?
    Apr 3, 2014. 10:52 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Simply Buy The Dividend Aristocrats And Perhaps Beat The Market [View article]
    For those seeking dividends to enhance total returns in an IRA account which enables placing each holding on a DRIP, I believe it will be hard to beat picking
    3 or 4 (for diversification sake) BDCs which have been around since before the 2007-2008 bear market and thus provide a track record which includes both a bear market and a bull market and significant volatility of interest rates.
    A few examples would include ARCC, TAXI, PSEC, TCAP and especially HTGC.
    Check them out from their inception in the 2005 to 2007 and compare them - using the calculator in the DRIP site - vs themselves and DVY, DIA, SPY and SDY and any of the other ETFs which use the word dividend in their title.
    Although each BDC may be more volatile than some of the above mentioned ETFs, by buying a small portfolio of 3 or 4 or 5 as mentioned above, I would suspect that the monthly standard deviation of this self selected small portfolio of BDCs will be
    within the risk tolerances of those selecting a portfolio of individual stocks. And the total risk adjuted return will probably surprise most investors.
    Mar 26, 2014. 11:48 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Retiree Study: Dividend Aristocrats; What's Missing [View article]
    To what extent was a DRIP plan used - or not used - just received cash - and what if NO withdrawals to provide such statistics might be of interest to
    those who have not reached the stage of the MRD requirements in these figures?
    Obviously such a plan provides an important "what if" example for comparison purposes with any equity security which generates any steady or growing payout.
    Mar 24, 2014. 04:28 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Cell Therapeutics: 5 Different Insiders Have Sold Shares This Month [View article]
    for the record, I am long CTIC and have been since 7/29/2013 at a cost as low as $1.09 in virtually all my family IRA accounts - and although I have taken profits during these past 8 months I still have positions in these 5 accounts and my most recent (and highest) purchase was at 4.040 on 3/12. So I have a loss on that position. I sold some - at a loss - a couple days ago when it broke below the steep 50 Day moving average level. The difference is that i am not blaming Insiders. They did not tell me to sell. I guess they forgot to call you about their personal investment decision even though It would have been against the law. But they did report it - as required by law. It is history. My lowest position is up 200%. I am NOT willing to "Blame these guys" for this. It was my decision to but a (virtual) penny stock and take the risk when I noticed that Dr Von Hoff had decided to come aboard as Chief Scientific advisor based on his well regarded reputation and experience.
    Mar 24, 2014. 11:50 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Cell Therapeutics: 5 Different Insiders Have Sold Shares This Month [View article]
    I am not so "sure" which one or which ones of "these guys" are included in your one line negative comment about these insiders "not caring" for their shareholders.
    Are you just a day trader who jumped in and used momentum technicals to buy shares at early this year's prices which were quickly discounting some of the many steps taken by management to return the company to at lest potentially big potential?
    Remember "buy low, sell high and if it don't go up DON't Buy.
    Do you not know that most of those who took profits are paid in cash salary as well as in shares of stock to make up for a salary which would have been bigger if they had not received stock which probably was restricted for a period of time??
    And once in a while, it is prudent to diversify stock holdings even if you are a senior management "insider".
    The stock is up a few hundred percent from the lowest level in five years - from the $1.00 level -
    Mar 24, 2014. 11:34 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Cell Therapeutics: 5 Different Insiders Have Sold Shares This Month [View article]
    Did you just happen to notice the Fantastic Timing of these brilliant insiders last year who sold shares during the first 10 months of the year?
    And they did this at virtually the lowest price in three years just prior to and soon after they selected Dr Dan von Huff as their chief Scientific advisor who is the globally well known and scientific expert in the areas which are most important to their current and potential revenue stream:
    When you buy real estate it is location, location and location.
    In the High Technology, BioMedPharam tech sectors it is PEOPLE,PEOPLE and PEOPLE.
    Mar 24, 2014. 11:18 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The BDC Portion Of My Portfolio [View article]
    The date was the inception of - the first date available for PSEC -
    sorry for delay.

    I have that DRIP site bookmarked.
    I'd like to see a spreadsheet used for all the BDCs - with and without use of DRIP. for 1, 3 and 5 year (3/2009) bear market lows.
    Peak to peak (2007-2009 peak)
    Updated each month.
    Tht would be nice
    Mar 22, 2014. 03:44 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Unilife: CFO Resignation And Usurious Financing Imply Substantial Downside [View article]
    For is interesting to note that that the number of shares sold short remain pretty much the same over the past 5 months - since Thanksgiving. This despite the fact the stock price has doubled from 2.5/share to as high as 5.8.
    Specifically,it had only a minimal increase between the two month double to the mid january high of 5.3.
    Presumably,for those shorting shares believing in fundamental problems - one would expect that if it was a short in November at 2.55 it should be an even more attractive short at twice the price. But it appears that they might be getting tired of being squeezed. Thus, while "average daily volume" has decreased since the usual end of year tax selling, the extent to which the "the days to cover" has expanded and would appear to bring out the short sellers with interpretations of the pending end of the world.
    Eventually this site might reading the views of those who just might have asked the company: For what purpose did the company decide to do the recent financing (?) and to what extent does the company expect a need to ramp up their ability to meet the potentially growing demand by producing additional products from both current and any additional product line revenue to meet what the company expects will be demand for their current and new products.
    Mar 21, 2014. 02:03 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Unilife: CFO Resignation And Usurious Financing Imply Substantial Downside [View article]
    Maybe the author should attempt to learn and understand the extent to which INIS intends to use the proceeds of the financing to increase their capacity to launch more than just one syringe this year and additional different syringes during these next 12 to 24 months which will potentially, at least, provide some future valuation and in the meantime a reason to own the shares now in anticipation of the efficient use of the proceeds of the financing. I am long UNIS.
    Mar 21, 2014. 12:20 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The BDC Portion Of My Portfolio [View article]
    Re the earlier comment exchanges
    (3/16 1:54pm to 9:52pm) relative to the total returns of PSEC and other investments such as JNJ going back to 7/27/04.

    JNJ "wins" both with and without DRIP based on
    $10,000 with DRIP
    PSEC= $19,296 vs JNJ=$22,123
    $10,000 without DRIP
    PSEC = $15,254 vs JNJ=$20,038

    The calculator allows this to be compared based on whatever start and end dates
    Mar 17, 2014. 11:51 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • The BDC Portion Of My Portfolio [View article]
    The web site I attempted to provide in the above comments was supposed to provide the
    I am Not sure why it showed as
    Mar 16, 2014. 11:30 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • The BDC Portion Of My Portfolio [View article]
    I use the following to help compare the results of using DRIP in my holdings of BDCs in my IRA and not having to worry about the growing portfolio of a who bunch of odd lot holdings due to the DRIP. Since these odd lots of holdings do not need to be accounted for - for tax preparation reporting purposes if held in an IRA, I like the result of adding more on dips and this site's computer analysis demonstrates the comparative wisdom of such a strategy.

    Thus readers might consider some of the formulas and values used in this site to create a spreadsheet which you - or they - could update once a month which could be sortable using a few of the column headings enabling the user to rank by various criteria.
    Obviously the spreadsheet enables a user to compare various criteria
    of importance to the investor relative to other positions in his portfolio.

    One of the columns in the spreadsheet could provide a measurement of the consistency and/or growth of the 12 month rolling average past dividend payouts, the growth of past NAVs from equity capital gains vs income stream from interest earned by the underlying financings of the companies, comparison of average monthly change in NAV vs similar changes in other total return equity sectors such as:


    These are among my income generating securities. Most of my "growth" consist of (admittedly) the higher and more volatile BioMedPharmaTech sector.

    I recognize that this strategy of using a DRIP in IRAS has been discussed before but just a thought to consider since I use this DRIP calculator to compare total returns ASSUMING DRIP since ideally I'd like to use DRIP in my IRA since - as mentioned above - it does not result or require me to have to calculate or differentiate gains from distributions of income or short vs long term capital gain payouts and thus reduce the amount of trading when I find a specific BDCs which i can hold and actually take advantage of the up and down price volatility (adding more shares when stock price is down).
    Mar 16, 2014. 11:26 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Digging Through Finjan's Current Litigation [View article]
    I own a piece of this - bought it back when it was commented on in January - immediately following the seeking alpha publication two big up days and the rest of the volume since then seems to have been the buyers who bought were selling
    and now back to before all the hoop la NO ONE who bought it in those two days has a profit at current price of 6.50.
    I guess it is time for another tout - I'll take it - The market makers will like it -
    In the meantime are there any value added pearls of wisdom to add to the fundamental reason to add more to this cyber play? Compare with FEYE


    or ISCI ??
    Mar 13, 2014. 11:31 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • BDC Rankings: February 2014 [View article]
    Re HRZN
    what with a 15 % decline in the past month - and back to the 3 year 11 to the low 12 levels - maybe time to take advantage of babies being thrown out with the dirty water?
    Not sure if "missing by a penny" is good for a 15% discount from recent highs.
    or is there something else amiss?
    Mar 12, 2014. 03:36 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Outside The Box Yield Plays [View article]
    Re HRZN
    anything new other than they missed by a penny??
    Mar 12, 2014. 03:26 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment