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  • Isis Investment In Regulus Valued At $28 Million At Completion Of Regulus Initial Public Offering [View article]
    As most who read this know, ALNY is also a "parent" of RGLS.
    Both ISIS and ALNY have the same Company Founder in common.
    Since only "most" are aware of this , it is up to the professional research analysts to recognize this in their reports and updates.
    This assumes that PEOPLE who found companies are the ones usually held accountable for the macro growth and success of their companies.
    I have seen research reports - 10 to 20 pages in length - which do not even mention the (common) founder's name and or provide any background on the many profitable companies, investments, products and services he has been associated with since even before he founded ALNY at the turn of this century. Check him out. The first thing to do is ask your informed guru friends who suggested you have an interest in ISIS, RGLS or ALNY.They should know the name and tell you his story and what he has done to develop these three companies.
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  • Slow Day On The Street [View article]
    I use the 4 day EMA to get an idea of potential interest from traders to add or liquidate trading position. Your thoughts - not that i expect the whole world to attempt to take too much advantage of this "indicator".
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  • Slow Day On The Street [View article]
    look forward to your next review of the preferred and CWB ETFs
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  • High Yield Dividend Champion Portfolio For October [View article]
    Do you have any similar "system" creating and dynamically modifying a globally diversified income emphasis total return equity portfolio of ETFs?
    Perhaps using the ETFScreen and/or ETFREPLAY services?
    Have you found any service similar to these two ETF services which can be used on common stocks - a service which has a similar "dynamic" strategy for creating and continuously modifying a portfolio of dividend paying (non ETF) stocks ?
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  • Extremely Simple Trend-Following Trading Models Have Dominated Buy-And-Hold [View article]
    I understand that enables one to create their own Macro Global portfolio of ETFs using maybe 10 or 20 diverse but not necessarily correlated and some negatively correlated (equities, fixed income, gold/silver, big cap, small cap, etc) and using one or two relative strength periods of time to dynamically determine and set to pick the one (or whatever number of - example 4) ETFs which are the strongest and to own them until such time as the weakest of the 4 is replaced with another selection from the 10 or 20 being monitored. This the investor is able to invest in and stay with the (example) 4 strongest (in terms of relative strength) through all market environments. It works on paper and the only problem is being able to stay with these top 4 (or whatever number of issues) until "the system" provides a new selection. I often times find myself attempting to out think the system - but this is obviously NOT any fault of the system. Have you attempted to do this for more than just SPY.
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  • Stocks: Don't Get Burned By The Next Bear [View article]
    What you say is great. But any "automatic" sell (if and when it breaks below the 200 DAY MAL) can be "modified" by looking at the June 2012 and counting 4 days before it reversed and thus use 5 days below.
    But looking back only to the August 2011 decline before and waiting 5 days below before initiating defense actions would have resulted getting out AFTEr a tumble from 1370 and past the 1280 when it went through the 200 day -waiting 5 more business day closes would have got you out around 1150 or so.
    I feel these technical indicators are great if used as a signal to become defensive. But I like to use BOTH the LEVEL and the TREND 200 day and the 50 day as i4 indicators and the 50 day above or below the 200 day as a 5th indicator. Thus if and when the MAL of the 50 or 200 day MAL is up each counts as a positive 1 - total 2 if both up from previous close. if the current price is above one or both of the two 50 and 200 day MAL this gives1 point - or two if the price is above both and the last of 5 points would be given if and when the 50 day is above the 200 day MAL.
    If you do this for both the individual stocks and one or two of the most appropriate index benchmark, such a judgement can help tune up or down the level of risk. For those seeking long term holds, perhaps when the above indicators are turning bearish on both the index and individual holdings perhaps the investor should engage in hedging by selling covered calls on their holdings - or by buying some insurance using some of the non leveraged Equity ETFs.
    Just food for thought.
    Oct 2 08:20 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Eurozone Contagion Returns To Markets [View article]
    Interesting to compare $vix vs $spx using StockCharts symbol entry


    My interpretation:
    VIX - and the various "investment" alternatives - VXX and UVXY as examples - during this past month - until today - out performed the SPX with a brief move above the 50 day MAL. It last moved(2 days) above the 200 Day MAL back in early June.
    Perhaps a bottoming phase.
    Sep 27 12:31 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • REM: Sleep Well With This mREIT Trade [View article]
    Today's price action provides another opportunity to buy it at the low $15 level
    Any updates what with today's price action??
    Sep 25 01:51 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Dividend Paying Stocks Outperform In 2011: An ETF Strategy For Benefiting [View article]
    While I am at it, based on a "total return reinvest dividends" in an IRA account, which - of all the ETFs with the word "dividend" in their formal name - would be considered the best 5 based on since 1/1/2008 (4.75 years) Total Return - including dividends - in an non taxable IRA account? and which ones generated their returns with the least "volatility of daily/weekly price changes" or standard deviation.
    This period specifically includes the big bear market thereby helping compare bear market volatility.
    Sep 19 01:47 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Dividend Paying Stocks Outperform In 2011: An ETF Strategy For Benefiting [View article]
    I just used Yahoo Fin to compare charts of the DJI, SPX, SPY, DIA and DOD.
    Using the chart compare, it appears that DOD outperformed the other 4 since 12/3/2007 (Inception of DOD ? )
    But what i do not know, is to what extent does the chart reflect "total return"?
    To be specific, in the case of DIA, SPY, to what extent does the chart reflect just the price change.
    more specically, "What if" I bought equal dollars of each (DIA, SPY and DOD. And what if I reinvested the dividends in DIA and SPY? I believe DOD does not pay dividends.
    At the end of the race (almost 5 years later) who is ahead including dividends?
    Sep 19 01:40 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • A check back to QE2 found stocks rising on speculation of an announcement, and spiking on the day of the announcement - very similar to this time around. The next month, however, saw a sizable sell the news downturn before the effect of the Fed action kicked in, sending stocks on a big multi-month rally. [View news story]
    relatively low volume = buyers (short covering?) not very convincing
    Sep 13 05:05 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Top 10 High Yield And Emerging Market Bond ETFs [View article]
    Symbol HSY (Hershey) should be HYS
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  • 7 Ways To Play The Advanced Biofuel Revolution [View article]
    Happy to see at least someone is now following the pre IPO of Fulcrum.
    I encourage "someone" to come up with a spreadsheet as to the various strengths band weaknesses of the companies in the same sector
    AMRS CDXS KIOR Fulcrum SZYM GEVO et al
    I have been a buyer of all at the initial IPO time period for all - have taken profit but still have positions and have continued to accumulate.
    so - mostly at small profits or a few modest losses - but this is my Long TERM speculative (in my ROTH account) travel budget.
    Apr 11 11:30 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Real disposable income is contracting, housing market data keeps missing expectations, Europe is slowing, the government is about to start cutting back: BAML takes issue with yesterday's headline - Economy of U.S. Enters Sweet Spot. "The range of plausible outcomes is very wide and includes some very ugly outcomes."  [View news story]
    Econodoc might find Charlie Rose's recent interview with Bowles and Simpson a NON POLITICAL discussion of U.S. economics value added - This is a 50 minute interview - not for those who have difficulty concentrating on and understanding sound bites or who like to practice the fine art of executive speed reading skills.
    These two GENTLMEN communicate very clearly that the US - NOT any one past, current or future POTUS - is in dire need of BIPARTISAN co-operation. Again - this was NOT a political biased interview - and should be mandatory viewing by any of those who have a serious interest in knowing the state of the US economy - with or without wearing any glasses.
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  • Lockheed Martin: The Best Defense Play In 2012 [View article]
    Almost simultaneous with the start of talk of "Major Cutbacks in Defense" , the FIFTH Domain of Military operations has come into being. Thus, although there will surly be "relatrively" significant cutbacks in the defense department's Land, Sea, Air and Space programs, there will be a very significant increase in the allocation of funds toward the preparation of the U.S. Defense and Homeland Security Departments to build up our Cyber Warfare defense and offense capabilities of the USCYBERCOM Command under the leadership of General Keith Alexander.
    Past Senior White House Security Advisor and consultant to 3 past Presidents, Richard Clarke, in his Cyber Warfare provides the layman with an excellent description of the extent of this current buildup. In addition he has provided
    two opinion pieces in the WSJJune2011 (China's Cyberassult on America) and Feb 2012 (Cyber Attacks Can Spark Real Wars).
    Two recent articles in the FT provide specifics as to the extent the U.S. will be gearing up Corporate, State and local government, Defense and Homeland Security departments capabilities.The most recent is by Misha Glenny - Who Controls the Internet?

    Thus, IMHO, I would expect that the extent to which any one or all five of these companies invest in current small start up cyber warfare service and product providers or otherwise develop such capabilities internally, these "traditional" denense companies may provide an opportunity for those who believe that funding this new FIFTH Domain will be a potential growing source of revenues and profits.
    Last year, reportedly, there was a significant investment in 10 or 11 of the small companies by some of these five companies.
    It will be interesting to see how institutional research analysts come up with those who seem to have the biggest focus on Cyber Warfare R&D.

    Time will tell.
    Apr 1 10:18 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment