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  • Vodafone: Emerging Markets Now In Focus [View article]
    @15865932 I used Google Finance for the source of the yield:
    Another factor that makes it a solid candidate for a portfolio is the fact the UK has a lower corporate taxation rate than the USA.

    I know I'm dragging a dead horse here, but if the USA wants more people to invest there, whether they're citizens, landed immigrants, or foreigners, they need to reform their tax code so they can be competitive with other countries. I'm paying a higher rate on my US investments in the form of taxes than Obama does on his income tax, because of his donations. I don't even know if I can claim capital losses on my account for US investments. I should check with my financial planner, accountant or a tax lawyer about this.
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  • Vodafone: Emerging Markets Now In Focus [View article]
    Vodafone Group Public Limited Company (VOD) seems too cheap to pass up as part of any portfolio of stocks, because it is trading below book value, has a P/E ratio below 5, and the total debt to equity ratio is manageable, plus the dividend yield is high (currently above 7%). The emerging markets strategy looks like a good area for possible growth, because the industrialized nations are for the most part, aging, and population growth is slowing, or population is at risk for declining, without immigration. If you're style of investing is value-oriented, you should consider adding this to your portfolio, since the risk is reasonable compared to most telcos.
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  • Seadrill: Sell-Off Is Overdone [View article]
    Well another factor that has led to Seadrill Ltd. (SDRL) shares experience a downturn is the fallout between John Fredriksen and his long time advisor, Tor Olav Troeim.

    Billionaire Fredriksen’s Breakup With Adviser Troeim Hits Shares
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  • Why I'm Buying Up Coal Stocks [View article]
    I noticed you mentioned some coal stocks, but I found some more that weren't mentioned, but maybe you might want to look at them and tell me what you think of the following as coal stocks to buy or at least put on a watchlist of coal stocks in the energy sector, with the ticker symbol enclosed in brackets along with the exchange it trades on. I think ARLP is the best of breed among coal stocks right now, based on fundamentals. I would like to know your opinion if any on the following coal stocks, once you have had a chance to research and analyze them. Take your time. It's not urgent, but I agree with you that there is demand for coal.

    Alliance Holdings GP, L.P. (NASDAQ:AHGP)
    Alliance Resource Partners LP (NYSE:ARLP)
    National Resource Partners LP (NYSE:NRLP)
    Rhino Resource Partners LP (NYSE:RNO)
    Hallador Energy Co. (NASDAQ: HNRG)

    These Coal Stocks Are Rising Thanks to New EPA Rules probably helps strengthen your case for investing in coal stocks.

    I didn't mention JRCCQ, because it wasn't a coal stock I would be interested in, and that's why WLT and BTU I skipped as well, based on their poor fundamentals at the moment.
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  • Ensco Plc: Complete Fleet Status Analysis As Of September 16 And Commentary [View article]
    @mapogda Thank you for that information.
    @Fun Trading, that's true. The problem is taking on too much debt, which can be a problem, which makes SDRL the riskiest of the three, because it's total debt-to-equity ratio is greater than 100, while ESV is the riskiest of the three.
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  • Ensco Plc: Complete Fleet Status Analysis As Of September 16 And Commentary [View article]
    I think Ensco PLC (ESV) is the best of the Oil & Gas Drilling companies in the energy sector. I think these companies are getting hit because the price of crude oil is dropping. Transocean Ltd (RIG) and Seadrill Partners (SDLP) are not as quite as good in quality in my opinion, because of the debt to equity ratio.
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  • Alibaba IPO: Assessment Of Risks, Rewards [View article]
    @alpine BABA faces competition from TenCent, which wasn't mentioned. If you're going to invest in BABA through a proxy, choose SoftBank over Yahoo!. I think Softbank's valuation is cheaper, but their core business is worth more than Yahoo!. YHOO overpaid for TUMBLR.

    Forget Yahoo! Softbank Is the Alibaba Play
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  • Alibaba IPO: Assessment Of Risks, Rewards [View article]
    @Cilean Holdings, you're welcome. If you were going to invest in this company (BABA) through a proxy, I would choose Softbank over Yahoo!, because their stake is larger, and Yahoo! has made some questionable acquisitions like Tumblr, by overpaying for it. This is an interesting company and worth more than AMZN and EBAY combined, but it's interesting Jack Ma mentions WMT as the company he is looking to pattern BABA after, not AMZN.
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  • Alibaba IPO: Assessment Of Risks, Rewards [View article]
    @Cilean Holdings @Don Dion
    I posted this article elsewhere on Seeking Alpha but it was not in a BABA article:
    Four Reasons To Avoid The Alibaba IPO
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  • Can SandRidge Energy Get Its Mojo Back? [View article]
    @TimeOnTarget I just look for stocks that are already doing well and reasonably valued, or are trading at a discount to their intrinsic value, and are beaten down because of the irrational behavior of the market, not that anything is fundamentally wrong with the company itself. Buying at a stock at a premium only makes sense if the stock goes substantially higher from your entry point and then you exit, but it's also more risky. I tried to look for the best of the best, or companies that are on the rise in terms of market share. These tend to be winners for years.
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  • Alibaba IPO: Assessment Of Risks, Rewards [View article]
    Well it is already oversubscribed 3 times. Here's some articles you might be interested in with regards to this IPO:

    Alibaba (NYSE: BABA) IPO Update
    Chinese E-Commerce Mega-IPO Delayed

    Beware: Alibaba IPO isn’t really selling Alibaba

    (BABA) to Offer 320M ADS in IPO; Sees Pricing Range of $60 to $66/ADS
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  • Can SandRidge Energy Get Its Mojo Back? [View article]
    @TimeOnTarget Jim Cramer's advice is hit or miss mostly. Like with any other stock picker, you have to employ due diligence every single time, and do the research and analysis before making a decision to buy or sell. He has actually recommended stocks that trade at reasonable valuations like AGCO at times, but other times, he recommends stocks that trade at nosebleed valuations, or have no history of earnings. He is recommending BABA, but I don't know if that's a good idea, from what I have read about it so far. I would rather own YHOO or SOFTBANK as a proxy for BABA than own the shares directly. I don't know what he is thinking either, since there are better and bigger players like OXY in the space SD plays in, which I mentioned. I wouldn't buy OXY right now either, but I think OXY executes much better than SD. It will cause me to avoid SDR and SDT as well. I like VLO and NOV among the energy stocks.

    If you want to know why I'm avoiding the BABA IPO, this article will explain it:
    Four Reasons To Avoid The Alibaba IPO
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  • Can SandRidge Energy Get Its Mojo Back? [View article]
    @TimeOnTarget Jim Cramer was talking about this stock(SD) on Mad Money because he said Leon Cooperman recommended it.
    Here's Leon Cooperman's portfolio via Guru Focus:

    Leon Cooperman's Current Portfolio:

    As you can see, this is Cooperman's second biggest position after S. Jim Cramer also talked about OXY on Mad Money, but not with reference to Cooperman or SD, but more in general terms,
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  • Alibaba IPO: Assessment Of Risks, Rewards [View article]
    @Pete P. I think BABA should wait for a better entry point, if that's part of their strategy. Perhaps YJ might want to buy shares of YHOO, or each of the companies buying shares of the other, providing the price is right, but I think YHOO is going to sell part of their stake in BABA, which would give them cash to make new acquisitions, spend on capex, r&d, or perhaps invest in other companies like YJ. I wouldn't buy YHOO up here, because most of their value is derived on their 22% stake in BABA. Their core business is about 1/3 of the value of their stake in BABA if the $66/share price is reached during the IPO. In reality, the shares of BABA could skyrocket and reach nosebleed valuations like AMZN, CMG and NFLX.
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  • Alibaba IPO: Assessment Of Risks, Rewards [View article]
    @aksika Potentially $BABA is a much better buy than $AMZN ever was, because $BABA is profitable, and probably will trade at a more reasonable multiple (at least initially) than $AMZN does now. If it weren't for the opaque nature of Chinese accounting standards with regards to certain companies, and the involvement of the Chinese government (although to be fair, these Communists are more receptive to foreign investment and capitalism than the Chairman Mao era Communist), this should be arguably the biggest opportunity to invest ever. As for $YHOO keeping cash overseas, that's not unusual among US corporations. The problem is US corporations are taxed at a rate that is among the least competitive in the world. I haven't even started talking about Americans who live abroad and work abroad but have to pay taxes on their overseas income to Uncle Sam, even though they don't reside or work in the USA. This is discussed here:
    Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act

    People talk about crony capitalism, but what about crony socialism/crony Marxism/crony Communism? The fact is without capitalism, communists/marxists/so... would be worse off, since the private sector tends to create most of the jobs and wealth, which is taxed to help fund governments. The reality is most people work in the private sector.
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