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  • Baxter Splits: Let's Take A Closer Look [View article]
    I have been purchasing shares of Baxter since 1977, but stopped purchasing shares of the company in 2001 because I simply had too many eggs in one basket.

    Though I have never purchased any shares of Cardinal, CareFusion, CVS or Edwards, I own significant shares of each of them as the result of past spinoffs from Baxter.
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  • UAW itching for a fight over two-tier wage system [View news story]
    Tdot, You are correct, but you are speaking about the agreements between companies or entities (a construction company and a government, or an electrical contractor and a company). In this conversation, I think we are discussing agreements between a company and it's employees (an automobile manufacturer and the assemblers of the automobiles).

    If I offer a contract to a company for bid, they set the cost I will pay for the job being completed on time. They usually pad the bid to assure they will not come out on the short end. If they overrun the contract, they sacrifice some of their profit or could actually end up loosing money. I am protected by a contract cost and the employees of the contractor are paid by the hour including overtime pay when applicable. So both the employees and I are protected. Only the contractor is at risk. On the other hand, if the company comes in under budget the employees were paid by the hour and I still owe the contract cost, so the company comes out on the long end of the contract.

    In 30 years of working with contractors I found that the best way to stay on schedule and to get the best cost for the job was to have the electrical, mechanical, plumbing etc. contractors bid the job. They would provide the bid and then I would select the best bids and award the job to the best bids. We would then run the job on a time and materials basis. That allowed the contractors the ability to make a profit while protecting them from a loss and assured me of the best overall cost. The employees still got their pay per hour and overtime to boot.

    In 30 years, seldom did a contractor actually exceed the bid cost and no job ever exceeded the overall bid cost. In every case, my company got a lower cost than going with the locked bids. None of the contractor companies lost money on a single job and all of the contractor employees got their full pay plus overtime when needed. Some jobs did require significant overtime, but not once did any project not complete on schedule.
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  • UAW itching for a fight over two-tier wage system [View news story]
    Lemm, All of my replies have been based on personal experience and I may add that it does not take much of a man to call someone a liar when he is not looking him in the face.

    I have had jobs a lot worse than the greeters at WalMart, but I worked my way out of them, and I did it by working hard and avoiding unions at all cost. It was my experience with unions which told me very early in my life that I was better off working at a lower wage job and working my way up than settling for a union job. I always thought it was better to work for the person who paid my wage than to be beholding to the crooks who run the unions.
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  • UAW itching for a fight over two-tier wage system [View news story]
    Brea, I have spent my life avoiding Unions as much as possible, and I have never been a slave or anything close to it. I have found that once I got my foot in the door and didn't have a union member telling me to slow down, I managed to impress my bosses and in fairly short order I was recognized and promoted. It took a while, but I do not know ANY union members other than the crooks at the top who are better off than I, and I definitely started off at the bottom.

    My recommendation to any young person with a decent work ethic would be to get a non-union job and work your way up the ladder.
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  • UAW itching for a fight over two-tier wage system [View news story]
    So you expect to be paid to do the job and then be bribed to do it on time? That fairly well sums up the difference in union thinking vs. real world reality. That's the reason people avoid unions and union workers.
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  • UAW itching for a fight over two-tier wage system [View news story]
    Most organizations sets standards for jobs. Those standards are set from time studies and include extra time for reasonable inefficiencies. The pay for completing the job on time is and should be your pay check - not a bonus. People who can not perform the job need to find another job. Those who consistently perform better than expected need to be promoted. That may not be the way it works on a union job, but it is the way it has always worked where I have worked.
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  • UAW itching for a fight over two-tier wage system [View news story]
    Once again, we have to listen to a union member criticizing WalMart. The reason is that WalMart is the biggest private employer in America and the gangsters leading the unions want more money from workers. You hear WalMart this and WalMart that, but you hear very little of that racket coming from actual WalMart workers. Every time I hear about a planned demonstration at WalMart, I make it a point to be there at the appointed time so I can see what a Union Organizer looks like in person, but nothing in the way of a demonstration ever materializes. Given the choice of working for WalMart or for a crooked Union organization, I would definitely go WalMart or McDonalds. I wouldn't run into people telling me I couldn't do some simple task because that wasn't my job. I wouldn't be told I had to call a union electrician to plug something into a 110 vole electrical outlet. Give me a non union job any day and don't send ANY union workers to my job site. I will not put up with them.

    After being exposed to union nonsense early in life, I have made it a point to choose positions where I would not have to deal with unions. Now 47 years later, I have avoided all union companies and I have never hired a union worker. I have hired people wanting to get away from unions and I can't think of a one who ever went back.
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  • UAW itching for a fight over two-tier wage system [View news story]
    God Bless the USA indeed!, but you are trying to make it sound like the problems with the unions are like problems everywhere else (the lazy 10%). Well the problem with the union may be with the lazy 10%, but it is the 10% of union fat which has been layered between the workers and the management to be sure that efficiency does not creep into the system.

    America did produce great automobiles back in the 50's and 60's. Back then Toyota was a piece of junk that no one owned unless they couldn't afford a real car. That was back before the gangsters who run the unions got control of the auto industry and inefficiency, alcohol, drugs and prostitution on the parking lots and surrounding several plants became merely something to look the other way about. These are not isolated (one off) occurrences and if you have worked at one of the major assembly plants and know nothing of them, I suspect you are not being truthful with yourself, or you have your head in the clouds.

    It's hard for a union worker to become a true part of the solution to problems and the development of better efficiency and quality when there is an entire layer of fat there to prevent improvements to the system.

    Back in the early 70's, I walked onto a job and five minutes later the union leader and the entire union team walked off within five minutes. I had not said a word to any of them more than good morning or something to that effect. After they walked off, the foreman informed me that they had left because I was not a union worker. None of them knew me or what I was there to do (about a 15 minute job). None of them could do it or tell me how to do it when I told them what I was doing, but they wanted a union worker from 110 miles away to be called in order to do the job which I would have probably had to tell him how to do when he got there.

    My boss was called to the sight, and thank goodness he told them they had to be back on the job immediately after their 10 minute break was over and that if they were not back on the job or if they walked off again, they were fired. He also explained that the completion date for the project would be moved forward by two weeks and weekly reviews would be held to assure the project was on schedule so he would have time to hire other workers in time to assure the project would be completed by the scheduled completion date (just in case they fell behind on the newly established schedule). For the rest of my time with that organization there were no union workers hired for any jobs.

    These are not isolated occurrences and they are the reason a lot of Americans will NOT deal with union workers.
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  • UAW itching for a fight over two-tier wage system [View news story]
    The only thing the UAW will accomplish is to get more automobiles manufactured in Right To Work States and off shore. Detroit can not afford this controversy.
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  • Coca-Cola: 5 Reasons To Remain Long This Iconic Brand [View article]
    "In fact, the management of Coca-Cola has even projected a 10% compound annual growth rate that will extend till 2010 for China." I have the same question as kindsvjh. First stock I ever bought was KO in 1975. I still hold ever share I ever bought plus a lot of split additions.
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  • Ford to invest in Ontario plant [View news story]

    I'm not sure where you are coming from. I bought Ford five months ago and thus far it is up 27.13% and pays a 2.3% dividend. I'm looking for a dip to buy more. What has been the cause of your unhappiness with the stock?
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  • Wal-Mart Clears The Way In Washington [View article]
    Sounds like you should use that price match thing. No store I know has the lowest price on everything. At my Wal-Mart the checkers frequently wait in the aisles and wave me to a check-out with no line and I never wait more than a couple of minutes in line. Sounds like I should keep going to Wal-Mart and you should shop somewhere else that makes you happier.
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  • Wal-Mart Clears The Way In Washington [View article]
    Hope they got a long term commitment on this. Otherwise they may find themselves presented with a re-neg at the grand opening of the fifth store. Once the doors are open, what a politician SAID doesn't mean anything.
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  • Baxter International Could Pay A Big Premium For ICU Medical [View article]
    Baxter's Headquarters are located in Deerfield Illinois rather than Deerfield Michigan.
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  • Wal-Mart (WMT +0.9%) says it will give up plans to expand into Washington, D.C. after the city council passed a bill to hike the minimum wage to $12.50 per hour. The controversial measure contains a provision exempting companies with unions from paying the higher minimum wage. [View news story]
    Wal-Mart did the same thing in Chicago. They moved store locations literally down the street into adjacent cities. Took most of the jobs with them. Now sales which would have gone to Chicago are contributing to the sales taxes of other cities. I hope Wal-Mart shuts down all the projects in DC. If they have a store scheduled to open tomorrow, I hope they close it. It isn't that far to Virginia and Maryland from DC. I also hope they favor the citizens of those States when choosing employees. If you reward governments that discriminate against business, you get more and more discrimination.
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