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  • Why Thinks It Is So Valuable  [View article]
    Well, I must say, as a former user of Salesforce for some years that it is a good software. But also too good for most things. Salesforce is designed to be usable in almost any industry but that also makes it a big package. For many, it is much better to use solutions tailored for their industry. And that is the main competition for Salesforce. For this reason alone it is impossible to understand why they did not jump on $50billion offer. That was a jackpot they refused. They will not earn that kind of money in the next decade from the revenues created in the business.
    Jun 22, 2015. 03:45 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • What Do Nokia's Results Mean For Microsoft?  [View article]
    I agree on this fealing about Microsoft Lumia versus Nokia Lumia. I have bought 7 Lumia phones (3 Lumia 800, 3 Lumia 620 and one Lumia 1020) in last 15 months for myself and other family members. Started with one Samsung droid phone that nobody liked and was used for only a few months before replaced by a Lumia.
    As I and others of my family like the Nokia Lumia I am sure we would not have bought them as a Microsoft Lumia and I will rather wait for Nokia to start smartphone production again or try the soon to be Jolla phone, than buy a Microsoft phone. I have tried Samsung Android phone which was a total failure and Iphone is not at all interesting for me, seems like a toy that is now becoming a fashion accessory for woman. And way to expensive too, I would feel stupid to throw money on an Iphone considering the quality, screen smallness etc.

    It just does not seem right that Microsoft becomes a hardware manufacturer. They are a software company and have their reputation there which is so and so. Nokia, on the other hand is for most people the first choice in quality hardware for mobile phones. And despite of failing the first steps from feature phones to smartphones, Nokia has not lost any of its reputation for hardware quality. That is why I and many others are hoping Nokia will soon again be a player in the smartphone world.
    Oct 31, 2013. 02:15 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Great Expectations: The Apple Story  [View article]
    The mistake Apple did is in the price of the 5c, it is a $550 versus $650 for the expensive version for UNLOCKED phone in the US and the prices are higher in other countries. For a 2 year contract phone the price is $99 versus $199 in the US. The price difference in the unlocked phone is 50%, which seems to be a lot. But it is mainly in the US that people buy phones with a 2 year contract. In other countries the trend is to buy the phone without a contract. People like to do so because it is much cheaper in the long run and in many countries it is the only option. In the US the Iphone is the far most popular smartphone. So a cheap phone does not really matter there. Most Americans already have one and the sales will not increase a lot with a cheaper version of the phone. In other countries most people are looking at a full price of around $800 for the 5S and 6-700 for the 5C. The cheaper version will be 15-20% cheaper then 5S. That is not a cheap phone at all and absolutely not cheap enough to attract more buyers. In those countries people find lot of attractive smartphones for $100-300. Phones that do all the same things as the Iphone for the average user and are just as useful or even better in some ways. Ignoring this fact is plain stupid of Apple and has already lead to a big loss of money for the shareholders of Apple.
    Sep 11, 2013. 04:19 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Stephen Elop's Mistake At Nokia Could Make Him The Right Person To Replace Ballmer  [View article]
    I disagree with most of this article.
    Windows phone was not a mistake, it was the right choice.
    Microsoft should not develop into a devices and services company. It is a software and services company and should focus on that.
    And if choosing WP for Nokia was a big mistake it can hardly help Elop land the the Ballmer office. Why would Microsoft want a CEO that is known for making big mistakes? After all Microsoft has payed a fortune for the WP-Nokia mistake.
    Aug 28, 2013. 03:34 PM | 5 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Nokia launches "premium" feature phone, eyes auto opportunities  [View news story]
    Looks very nice, it will be interesting to see how well it will sell and where in the world it will sell.
    Aug 28, 2013. 01:49 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Worldwide Lumia 1020 Initial Pricing Suggests Nokia Is Testing The Market  [View article]
    I would not worry about Nokia this year. They are prepared for Christmas shopping season in USA and Europe as well as other areas where Christmas means good phone sales. This year it is not the question if their new phone will be available in time for Christmas or if it will sell well. Now there is plenty of new, state of the art, phones from Nokia in all price categories lined up for Christmas sales all over the world in good time to build up reviews and positive atmosphere around those phones. I think it will not matter if Apple adds one more upgrade to their over prised Iphone. There is nothing revolutionary coming with one more upgrade and unlikely that this new Iphone will increase sales. So there is nothing to worry about for Nokia this year. They have been doing well in distribution as well, getting more big sales channels secured and even started selling Lumias as business tools, as in the Delta contract. That can be a start of a silent success in the corporation market.
    Aug 25, 2013. 08:14 PM | 6 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Surprisingly Enough, Prepaid Phone Plans Have Not Hurt High-End Device Makers  [View article]
    This makes sense, it is always more expensive to buy a 1-2 year plan and a phone with it than to buy the phone and a plan separately. So of course people with money do that, and they also can afford and buy better/more expensive phones. The 2 year plan with phone offers are only for dummies or those who can not afford to save money.
    Aug 24, 2013. 05:49 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • China Mobile hands out $3.2B worth of 4G orders  [View news story]
    Yes, maybe Apple can close a deal in China if they start making phones that can be used on the network.
    Aug 23, 2013. 03:20 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Nokia roundup: India pullout threatened, Moody's downgrades debt  [View news story]
    Read the article, it is about Nokia moving factory from India to China if they do not reach a tax settlement in India. That is positive for Nokia as it will save the company money and make more money for investors. Has nothing to do with phone sales or WP.
    Aug 23, 2013. 03:12 PM | 6 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Nokia 1020 Channel Checks  [View article]
    The price argument makes no sense. This phone has similar price as Iphone 5 and Galaxy 4 and people buy lot of them without complaining about the price or overprice in some cases, still the 1020 is in most ways a better value for the money. I think the 1020 price is fair and people who want to buy Nokia have many possibilities to buy a cheaper phone if they can not afford this one. So I hope Nokia does not drop the price in US, they do not need to sell this phone so badly now when they have lot of new phones and more to be announced next month. People will come to their senses some day and be happy to pay this price for the 1020. I think this will be a long lasting phone that will sell solidly for 2-3 years.
    Aug 23, 2013. 02:15 PM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Windows Phone #2 smartphone OS in LatAm; Nokia scores Delta deal  [View news story]
    I think it is very likely that Nokia will pass Apple as #2 smartphone producer no later than 2015. And of course at the same time WP will also pass IOS as #2 smartphone os. However it is a surprise to me that this is already happening in some countries. The broad range of Lumia phones seems to be driving this change faster than I had expected.

    On the other hand it is very easy to see why this is happening. When Nokia was the king of cell phone producers they had a broader range of quality cellphones than any other manufacturer. Now Samsung is the king of smartphones, and they have a broader range of smartphones than any other producer. Now Nokia is broadening their range of smartphones, have already announced many interesting new phones this year in a very wide price range and 2 or more new phones expected to be announced next month plus a tablet and/or phablet. So soon Nokia will have almost as broad range of smartphones as Samsung. That will soon secure their future as #2 smartphone producer after Samsung. What happens later on is hard to tell. Android is obviously a future problem for Samsung and other Droid producers as it is power consuming, complicated, unstable and expensive processor craving os in comparison to WP8 - a kind of gold digger thing that will surely not last for ever. But more important is how Samsung will face this problem in the future. That is the key to keep the kingdom away from Nokia. Nokia has, despite of hard times, given no discount of their reputation as a seller of quality hardware and with WP they have obviously chosen a quality os to use with their phones. This will pay off nicely in near future, seems to be doing so already.

    Since this Delta deal is mentioned it is interesting to read why Delta is choosing WP phones. It seems to be because of integration with Microsoft software. If this is what is to come it can mean a huge market that is like monopoly for Nokia as the only serious WP phone maker in the world. I have no idea of the possibilities for companies to use a smartphone integrated with Microsoft software as a business tool like in the Delta case. But if this will be the trend Nokia will own this cake and eat it alone in years to come.
    Aug 22, 2013. 03:23 PM | 15 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Reuters: Nokia launching large-screen phones in September  [View news story]
    It looks like full steam ahead for Nokia. Now they are repeating the market approach they used with the cell phones before. Nokia became the king of the cell phone market by producing wider range of cell phones than any other company. And it worked because everyone found a quality built cellphone that was the right one for the person. The price was right and it had the features people wanted. Nokia is finally doing this for the smartphone buyers and I am sure they are doing the right thing and will soon be a major player in that market.
    Aug 21, 2013. 04:43 PM | 8 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Recent Adduplex Data Suggest Nokia Sold Over 2 Million Lumia 520s In July  [View article]
    It is not realistic to obsolete the whole WP7 base. Lot of people are still using those phones. I am sure that a more realistic estimate would be that half of them are still in use, and if you want to be extra careful in your calculations you could estimate that 30% of them are still in use. But to write them off 100% is just totally wrong. I can actually prove it to be wrong as I personally know some people who still use WP7 phones, including myself and my wife and my daughter.
    Aug 17, 2013. 02:24 AM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Nokia Asha 501 And Lumia 1020: 2 Misunderstood Phones  [View article]
    Interesting article here. The bottom line is that the sales of Asha 501 and Lumia 1020 as well as other products all depends on how well the customer base will be informed about the capability of those phones. If the customer base figures out what Nokia is offering then both products will sell well, if people do not figure out they will not buy.

    So in my mind the main thing in Nokia´s future is consumer attention to what they are buying. I do not know what the general consumer thinks before he buys a new smartphone for the first time, but I do know that when you buy your second or third smartphone you do evaluate if your previous experience was good enough to buy the same brand again. And from my own experience, that will turn many people to Nokia again.

    Another question people may ask is about the technology you buy with your smartphone, the camera is important, point and shoot camera sales are falling rapidly as people do not need them if they have a good camera in their smartphone. Very few are stupid enough to decide that if they want camera, they buy camera when they can have good camera for next to nothing by selecting a smartphone with a good camera when they buy the next smartphone.

    Those things and many more, like navigation, music, wireless charging, LTE, best build quality on the market, stable and fast OS and much more is the advantages of Nokia that are and will even further drive it´s future success.

    One of those things I want to mention here, it is the strong build of some of the Lumia phones. This is something that is never properly addressed here or on other sites discussing the smartphone production or market. But strong build and durable smartphones are very important. There is a lot of non suit people around that need durable phones, carpenters, workers, farmers, fishermen and all the other people who do physical work for a living need a phone that will not break or fall apart if you have to carry something and press the phone to hard against your body with the thing you are carrying. I am one of the guys who do physical work for a living and that is a good reason for never buying an Iphone. ALL the Iphones I have ever seen around on my building sites have had broken glass or some metal thing loose around the phone or have been kept all day in the workers car not to be broken at work. This is how badly they are built. Samsung Galaxy I almost never see on building sites but quite a few Nokia 800 and 9xx phones I have seen without no visible damage. But due to general lack of build quality in today´s smartphones the majority of phones used of people around me are feature phones, mostly Nokia. This is how important strong build and durability is - and the experts here should figure out how big proportion of the customer base is those non suit workers that really need build quality. This is more important than many seem to understand, but Nokia seems to know this quite well.
    Aug 5, 2013. 04:51 PM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Nokia Seems To Be Getting It Right  [View article]
    "WP 7 Lumia smartphones were quite buggy" I had no idea about this and still I have and use daily a Lumia 800 and do not notice any bugs at all. But I had Samsung android phone before that for almost a year so that is what I am comparing with. That phone really was buggy.
    Jul 29, 2013. 04:26 PM | 5 Likes Like |Link to Comment