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  • Are Ford's Minor Hiccups A Sign Of Something Bigger? [View article]
    Ford's replacement of MyTouch with a Blackberry system is a good think, why do you think the good and fast systems are UNIX "iOS"/Linux "Android" based. QNX is a UNIX based OS and has been around for a long time. Even thou Windows has also been around for a long while, its not an efficient OS and the masses are proving it.
    Mar 1, 2014. 06:46 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • So How Can Ford Steal Market Share From Competitors? [View article]
    Bottom line is Alan Mulally was the right person at the right time to turn Ford around. Great leaders like Alan Mulally only come around once and awhile and so I hope management that follows him will learn from him and keep Ford near the top. CNBC did a special on Ford: Rebuilding an American Icon

    Many CEO's should watch this if they are interested in building or rebuilding a company, but too often they are only interested in what Wall Street wants! Short Term Profits in what ever way they can make them and then the CEO moves on without really ever do anything worthwhile other then lining their own pockets with lots of Company $$
    Jun 27, 2013. 06:48 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • When Will People Understand Ford's Debt? [View article]
    Ford has taken the road to make its self Lean Mean & Clean, by Alan trimming all the fat. sure Lincoln has a ways to go, but give them a few more years of new products and I think they will have a nice nitch market. I do think they need a 2dr sports model for Lincoln based off the Mustang platform.
    May 29, 2013. 06:42 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Ford And Lincoln Reveal A Disturbing Trend In Detroit [View article]
    Leave a lot of Ford's good fortunes up to Alan G. McNally leadership since he took over. He is a top CEO, like Steve Jobs was and I also think Stephen Elop at Nokia will be on that list. To The Investing Engineer, I also have been blogging for a rear wheel drive Lincoln sport coupe, that has a retractable roof and would love to see a bigger sedan than MKS, to take back the Lincoln continental sales they lost. FYI the Lincoln MKT reminds me of the humpback of notre dame.

    Maybe they could fix it with the same nose as MKC and hatch of the new MKC
    Jan 18, 2013. 05:34 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Ford And Lincoln Reveal A Disturbing Trend In Detroit [View article]

    Its not so bad if done right, like the new MKC, which looks to be a hit, and I like the tail lights vs the MKT
    Jan 17, 2013. 07:53 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Ford And Lincoln Reveal A Disturbing Trend In Detroit [View article]
    Yes MKT does share the plafrom, but I think a really well done Explorer lincoln clone might do better
    Jan 16, 2013. 08:27 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Ford And Lincoln Reveal A Disturbing Trend In Detroit [View article]
    I would like to see a Lincoln Sports car based on the Boss 302 Mustang platform also, that is stretched a little and comes in a hardtop convertible. I am not sure if it would make sense or not for a new version of Lincoln continental, but I think Ford should look at BMW 3 series lineup, convertible, 4 door sedan and a sports wagon is missing, which could be part of the MKZ lineup.

    I think there is a lot of people who love Sports wagons because they need more then a car and do not want an SUV.

    As to the MKX yes it is nothing more than an Edge, but for now I hope they can ride it out until they redesign it, The MKT has not done anything to excite me either, I would rather have seen a 2013 Ford Explorer with a lot of sheet metal differences with maybe some of what the new MKC has.
    Jan 16, 2013. 05:33 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Ford And Lincoln Reveal A Disturbing Trend In Detroit [View article]
    Ford I think is doing the right thing, invest into a shared platform and make it the best they can, because it is the foundation of any car or SUV. Then make the models that use that platform shine in their own way by being feature rich. I cannot imagine Ford making seperate platforms for Fords and Lincoln, just think of the Extra cost! Everone shares their platforms in one way or another with different brands.
    I do think Lincoln needs an all new rear wheel drive Lincoln continental, built from the ground up.
    I would also like to see Ford move the MKT over to using the ford explorer platform.
    Jan 15, 2013. 08:04 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Buy Ford As European Division Turns Around [View article]
    Well your young and have no engineering experience and will learn that things don't change overnight, we have been in a short term thinking mode for many years and this is why we get our A$$'s kicked by Asia companies!
    Oct 16, 2012. 07:05 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • China And Europe To Rescue Ford Stock? [View article]
    Alan is doing exactly what needed to be done to Ford as with many other companies, trim it down to a lean machine with focus on their main products (Building Fords cars & Trucks). Ford over extended itself back in the early 90's by buying auto companies that were in trouble and at the time they had the cash to do it but they also over extended themselves. When cash got tight they had too many products to service, but this is what happens when a CEO goes on a buying binge for companies when they are flush with cash.

    So if you understand his thinking and vision Alan's is not done making Ford lean, clean and mean! His style of management should be taught at Harvard Business School. Just watch Ford Rebuilding an American Icon and learn what it takes to be a turnaround CEO (leader)
    Oct 16, 2012. 07:00 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • 3 Reasons To Buy Ford Now For A Long-Term Investment [View article]
    I agree with this article, in that Ford has made major changes in fixing their problems and is not done with changing this company into a real competitor. They have the best CEO for the job and his approach is something other CEO's who really are interested in turning a company around should follow. I wanted to buy it at $2.00 a share and was advised against it, well look at it now and then when the world is out of this big financial mess. He still has some work to do on Lincoln brand to find a nitch market for them and models that people want. I think the 2013 MKZ will be a hot seller this year. so I am in for the long haul
    Sep 29, 2012. 06:27 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Take A Look At Ford's 'Looks' [View article]
    I like the new Lincoln MKZ, but I think Lincon needs a better solution for the MKZ & MKT, neither crossover does anything to excite me.

    I would love to see Lincoln make a MKZ Sportswagon like BMW wagons or Audi A3 Sportswagons, I think there are a lot of people that want a car but need a little more and less of an SUV
    Sep 23, 2012. 08:26 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Buy Ford As European Division Turns Around [View article]
    Ford wasn't bailed out and as recalls go every automotive company has them and do thing Fixing Ford was an easy task? Ford had a jerk running the company and when Bill took over he realized that he could not fix it by himself and brought in Alan. Alan trimmed down the size to something they could manage better. Lincoln is not a disaster but a division going thru a transformation and this will take time, could Alan speed this up, yes I am sure he could but at what cost.

    Turning any company around that makes products is not easy and fast unless you gut it and inject a lot of cash into it, and then your into the big problem America has in the first place short term thinking and short term profits
    Sep 22, 2012. 07:58 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Buy Ford As European Division Turns Around [View article]
    I am not a stock broker, but and engineer and can tell you that Alan Mulally was the best thing to happen at Ford. He took a company that was going no where and had to many products and slimmed it down, without US Gov help, so give the guy some credit. Their products are now very good and getting better, and they are trying to rebuild Lincoln with cars like the new 2013 MKZ is a sharp looking car and should sell well, along with the new 2013 Fusion. The 2013 Focus Hatchback is also a great looking car. Alan Mulally made the right decisions by basing the future cars on less number of platforms and I hope he stays around for the next 5 years. I think Ford is missing a sport wagon from its lineup for Ford Fusion and Lincoln MKZ for those who like a car but need a little more room that a wagon gives you. Just take a 2013 MKZ as a Sports Wagon !

    Its not easy for a great CEO to turn years of mis-management around so give him credit for all the work Alan Mulally's has done so far!
    Sep 21, 2012. 09:31 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
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