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  • How Much Can We Blame the Uptick Rule? [View article]
    thanks Fred S. I found the study and I while its conclusions may be valid for the time under study, I question whether or not Werner et al would get the same results during a concerted down turn such as we've had recently, particularly with the growth in hedgies of the past couple of years. Also, the study seemed to focus on a wide swath of stocks, and perhaps, if there's something untoward going on, it may be on a smaller batch of stocks. And along those lines there was no indication of the characteristics of the stocks in each catagory.
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  • How Much Can We Blame the Uptick Rule? [View article]
    A good question from the Bespoke Group, but if they want to headline a good question, one hopes they might have a decent go of answering it. The article does not make a serious attempt to answer the question. As such, it's not much of a serious article. Bespoke can do better than waste our time with such gibberish (and usually does). Or maybe Seeking Alpha could be more selective in what it publishes.
    But it is a good question. Has anyone seen a decent study of the effect of removing short traders' shackles (elimination of the up-tick rule and the SEC's generally ignoring naked shorting)?
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  • Investment Bank Regulation: Beware the Dawn of This New Era [View article]
    Agreed! The Fed seems to have grabbed the regulatory reins in the absence of any other viable player. Sarbanes-Oxley anyone?
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  • Here's Why the Fed Has No Credibility [View article]
    to fjd10595; one of the problems is that there has been too much fedspeak. They all seem to be staking out territory and need to be reined in. Besides, with rates at 3%, there's clearly less room to the downside than before. He was just (unnecessarily) stating the obvious. This is a good example of "less is more".
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  • Here's Why the Fed Has No Credibility [View article]
    The FED's response was not knee-jerk. It was in response to the seizing up of credit markets of the past 2 weeks. Take a look at what's happened to credit spreads.
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  • Loan Modifications and the Mortgage Market [View article]
    what are the tax issues here?
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