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  • LinkedIn Earnings Preview: Love The Company, Hate The Stock  [View article]
    Definitely agree with this article. LinkedIn proves to be the go-to-source for establishing your professional online profile. Still, the stock is being valued ridiculously high. I'd avoid buying until it levels out to something more reasonable myself. Nonetheless, I am confident LinkedIn is not going anywhere and will continue to remain a powerhouse in the career recruiting world.
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  • A Side-By-Side Comparison Of Star Scientific And ChromaDex  [View article]
    Even at $15M in revenue, Star Scientific would be trading at over 38x times its earnings. 38x might be worth it, and ChromaDex might only be worth an 8x multiple, but it's helpful to realize the premium you're paying for future untested revenue sources regardless. As the author stated, many other companies have promising future products as well that have attracted zero actual dollars of investment despite their potential.
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  • Document Security Systems' Future Depends Upon Patent Lawsuit  [View article]
    DSS definitely has some promising qualities on its side. Although John Cronin should be a big boost to the company, I definitely think the patent lawsuit will help out more. It seems that DSS has the evidence and support to back itself up, and now that the lawsuit has been moved back (http://bit.ly/PXwA23), the company could see potential gains sooner than later.
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  • Arena Pharmaceuticals Weight Loss Drug Lorcasersin Approved By The FDA  [View article]
    Arena is soaring today on the FDA's approval of Lorcaserin. In case anyone is looking for a sympathy play, ChromaDex's (OTC:CDXC) pterostilbene (http://yhoo.it/NCyGi8) and NR (http://bit.ly/NCyGib) compounds are also related to weight loss and have some great study results.
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  • Gold Roundup: Don't Ignore These 11 Stocks  [View article]
    Pershing Gold Common Stock purchased by Coeur d'Alene Mine Corporation. Pershing now backed by Coeur, Newmont, and Dr. Frost. View details here:
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  • Opko Health: Investors Likely To Get Frostbite  [View article]
    This is one of the most irrelevant and skewed articles I've ever read. Based on your previous work, as many have already mentioned, you are hardly the person who should be making comments on the future of OPKO Health.

    I will give you this; you're pretty good at twisting facts and drawing illogical conclusions that perhaps your "followers" may believe. I have to hand it to you, you almost convinced me that Dr. Frost supports fraudulent Chinese companies; that is the way it sounded by the way you reported. The way you write, you'd think Dr. Frost is an investment God of some sort who has a horrible past of failing his "people." Dr. Frost is an individual, a very wealthy and successful one at that, who has made many extremely high-payout investments with his own money. He doesn't force anyone to follow his investments, unlike the way you make it sound in this article. However, he does maintain a large following because of his large portfolio of successful investments, evident in his astounding net worth, whether you like it or not.

    I'm also wondering why you're even criticizing Dr. Frost in the first place. Why do you care where and how much he chooses to invest? You make it sound like a bad thing that Dr. Frost sticks with companies even when they aren't performing that well. Above anything else, it's a sign of loyalty as well as a strong stance of faith from the respected investor who will likely help the company he has a stake in to turn around. As noted by someone above, SafeStitch may have taken a turn for the worse, but since January it has been climbing back up; do you think it'd be continuing to climb if Dr. Frost ditched the company in a rough time? No. And all you can focus on is the companies failure to succeed.

    It seems you really needed to do a lot of research to find poor investments he has made; Dr. Frost has made a lot more smarter decisions than failed investments. Regardless, the ones that have failed don't need to be criticized. Why does it matter if a risk, that was KNOWN to be a risk, ended up not working out? It's his money, and he chose to take that risk. You act like he is to blame for leading on investors who may be following his decisions.

    You are a great writer when it comes to skewing facts and tricking the general public who don't have a basic knowledge of investing or Dr. Frost. Other than that, you're not much. As far as Protalix goes, Dr. Frost has actually made $70 million overall, but of course the only reference you could make was that he lost $300 million in a day. As for most other "losses," you seemed to only claim them in market valuation, failing to denote actual dollar loss, as mentioned above by gregsilver. As far as OPKO Health goes, you again only seem to notice the negatives. First of all, they are in a good position currently, and all you can talk about is the possibility of them failing. Sure, there's a possibility, but there's also a much better chance that they will succeed, especially with the help of Dr. Frost and his will to stick by them even when they're in the gutter. If he wanted to, Dr. Frost could buy back 2/3 of the float, or even the entire float of OPKO Health, which would most likely boost the stock to somewhere around $9.

    Just for the sake of it, here's some more investments Dr. Frost has successfully made:

    -Whitman Education
    -Key Pharmeceutical
    -North American Vaccine

    These probably don't count though, right?

    I'd tell you to do your research next time you write an article, but it's clear that you have. Next time, though, spend more time researching both sides of the story instead of reporting a skewed article that does nothing but make you look like a bashful, immature, and uneducated writer.
    Jun 15, 2012. 03:11 PM | 6 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Microsoft Is Betting The Industry On Windows 8  [View article]
    I think the Windows 8 Operating System is impressive, and proves to be a strong alternative to any Apple OS. Still, Microsoft doesn't exactly have the power to win the industry back from the dominating Apple. On that same note, Apple isn't sleeping through the process, either. They are constantly working on new features and new operating systems to combat their rivals. With Lion, and their soon-to-be-revealed Mountain Lion, Apple is by no means behind in the race. In fact, they're still very much ahead. Windows 8 may very well be a big boost for Microsoft, but it cannot be relied on to hold the company on its own. As long as Macs dominate PCs, Apple will continue to dominate in the operating system industry as well.
    May 29, 2012. 06:24 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Movie studios increasingly target China with marketing tied to new releases with an eye on the explosive growth in theaters in the nation. Though the government only allow studios to walk away with 25% of gross sales, it's 25% of a huge number as forecasts point to China's box-office haul surpassing North America by 2020. Just this weekend, Men in Black 3 brought in $19.5M - marking the 7th best weekend tally ever for a film in China - as star Will Smith made a promotional appearance via Skype to a pleased Beijing audience.  [View news story]
    The Chinese movie industry is growing very, very quickly. Not only is the industry expanding in China, but even Chinese cinema-related companies are expanding in the US. Dalian Wanda Group of China recently bought AMC entertainment (nation's 2nd largest cinema chain) in a $2.6 billion deal. The Chinese movie industry is becoming increasingly important to the film industry as a whole. It'll be interesting to see the effect that has on the way movies are marketed worldwide.
    May 29, 2012. 06:24 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • What Will Facebook's Perfect Storm Of An IPO Leave Behind?  [View article]
    The Facebook IPO obviously didn't deliver on the hype it created. Nonetheless, I think investors aren't giving it the credit it deserves. While a lot of people look at Facebook's random acquisitions of companies such as Instagram and think they are a waste of time and money, they may not understand what Facebook is truly buying. When they bought Instagram, they didn't just buy a way to share pictures. They bought a new audience, more visitors to their site who are going to share more pictures of more products more often. Whether it was worth $1 billion is up in the air still, but I think its clear Facebook is thinking long-term with its purchases. Investors may be wary of Facebook's stock now, but you don't want to miss out on a company that could end up similar to Apple. Invest at low prices now, and you could make a fortune 10 years down the road.
    May 29, 2012. 06:24 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment