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    Unfortunately David, time is money. Things blow up in the blink of an eye and conversely, opportunities are lost for lack of info. Once-per-day really doesn't work for me. At that point, there may not be a chair for me to sit down on when the music stops. Youv'e been very kind to give me a free ride with all this valuable info for quite a while. At this point, if I have to pay the piper (you) to continue, so be it. Stale news isn't worth anything. Good Night! By the way, the biggest plus of you site, whether I agree or disagree with whats written, it does make me think!
    Aug 28, 2007. 10:17 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Welcome to the New Seeking Alpha [View article]
    Sorry David - Only email that I got today was a short blurb about what's happening at Earthlink. That's been it pretty much since Saturday. I never used to go to the SA site. I got everything I needed from you through emails. I know this is a business and I value what I read from you very highly. That said, maybe the answer is to create a service for people like me and charge us for your emails and premium service. If you could, sign me right up.
    Aug 28, 2007. 05:51 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Welcome to the New Seeking Alpha [View article]
    David - So that's the only way to see David Fry's articles - putting that whole long link in. Is there any way to give me the good old days when I opened my email and had David's daily comments there for me to read at my leisure. Same for David Merkel or Barry Ritholz or all the rest of the gang?
    Aug 28, 2007. 04:20 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Welcome to the New Seeking Alpha [View article]
    To David Jackson:
    I'm trying to respond to your comment to me from 1:58PM today. EVERYTHING IS JUST SO SLOW! Paint seems to be drying quicker than the pages are loading. Did what you said about finding David Fry articles. Was still presented with a long list without any dates. Picked the first as you suggested and got nothing except an error message. Maybe the readers should give you a couple of weeks to iron all the kinks out. At this point trying to get any info from the site is becoming too frustating.
    Aug 28, 2007. 02:50 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Welcome to the New Seeking Alpha [View article]
    A lot of people seem to be impressed with how fast pages load and how slick the site looks. Personally, what was and hopefully will continue to be the most important part of this site is the wealth of info that you can get. I always look forward to what David Fry, Barry Ritholz, David Merkel, Eric Savitz, etc. have to say. Even Cramer. It's become an impossible chore to track down these people. If I search for David Fry articles, I'm presented with a whole slew of them with no dates. I can't determine which is from today. I haven't seem an email from SA since Saturday. People, let's not get so wrapped up with the "sizzle". I WANT MY "STEAK" BACK, PLEASE!
    Aug 28, 2007. 07:39 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment