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  • Agenus: Key Opinion Leader Support Builds For Prophage [View article]
    p man...i believe that is a very valid point....your view an opinion in your last paragraph....i sort of follow that sense of thinking also...C..
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  • Agenus: Key Opinion Leader Support Builds For Prophage [View article]
    LONG IMGN...proud to hear your response..,sort of my thoughts also, the give an take on the opinion and knowledge views from the authors and commentors works to bring about a higher awareness of the subject.....also it brings to light,while doing so...the characters of human nature of these folks.......if you learn to sort that part can get a glimpse of the subject learnin, from all for to be quiet, and LISTEN....but very thankful to all who comment or write the articles.....C....
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  • Agenus: Some More Thoughts On The Potential For Prophage [View article]
    DOC, your last paragraph begins...The other factor that i believe is incredibly important is speed.....You are so right on with this statement and belief..every oncologist worth his salt, will tell his patient,..listen up, and they will say a 2nd time , i mean listen, we ''meaning the doc and you, will have a chance at beating the cancer if you make every treatment visit..and they are scheduled every other day,and some of those days you feel like , they are trying to kill you , in the past, the patients had to deal with this ..but the oncologists knew , the faster they could pump all that chemo into you , the better chance they would have of destroying the cancer activity...this was over 23 years ago ,but looking back, and seeing then...and then now, how treatment has evolved , once you start interfering with those cancer cells, you want to overwhelm them quickly, without killing the patient....thats the juggling act the dr. and patient have to perform.....I also like your points on a persons genes and also work history....these questions are tested and checked and recorded ....and over the years this has given reference to new methods of treatment for different patients see and hear, when you are a patient , where some are just taking certain infusions to keep the pain down, till they pass, the old style therapy , for those who are diagnosed with late stage cancer....the desire to survive while taking surgery, chemo, and radiation has to hold up..but timing is right in there with the treatment......C.
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  • Agenus: Some More Thoughts On The Potential For Prophage [View article]
    I am thankful for your sharing of your knowledge on the methods of cancer development and methods of treatment......would have liked to have had you around 23 years ago when i was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer.....wanted to be told and explained various ways to go about small towns and rural areas of the that time.., the modality was, cut, chemo, and radiation.....if the dr...was skilfull, you were fortunate to be left with some digestive organs ...but then the fun we will inject you with chemo so that we can potentially kill off any residual cancer cells residing in other tissue of your body.....oh, did i fail to mention chemo. kills your healthy cells also.....I guess they just figured that was not important for me to know...might have affected my decision making....then, after working , yes, went back to work 30 days after surgery, my choice, had mouths to feed, and bills to pay....chemo injections 4 days per week for after work each of those days....after the chemo i had 20 minutes to drive home before i would be so weak , to safely drive...would re/energize overnite, back to work....this went on for a 90 day period.....on the 60th day...i had to go on weekends for radiation ..drove 48 miles to a regional hospital for this, and after treatment,drove back 48 miles.....afer the 3rd or 4th radiation i was extremely inflammed in those sensitive areas....still went to work and still had my four chemo treats after each work , why, am i saying all this......its to show how there is a need for these various treatment regimens, for various reasons.....for the patient.....its a quality of life issue .....if he has been given all the treatment options for his type and degree of cancer....this is why i am so thankful today to find people who will share their knowledge of medicine and medical treatment .....thanks again ..C.
    Oct 26, 2013. 02:32 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
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