Old school

Old school
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I am a Registered Nurse, went back to school at 35, now I could spit and hit 60. If you can make it thru that you can do anything,(4yrs.) Those Instructors thought they were sent by God to weed out the weak Beat alcohol and smokes. I save all my money, drive a 30 yr. old car, buy everything used. Sometimes pay in Silver. Pay Cash and get a deal, pay my rent in cash 6mo. in advance and cut a deal. 5th. Generation Califor. Everyone was in the Marines. No lying. You are your Handshake. I now work in Oakland Jail, I see daily the Product of Socialism. Swim and Free weights. Car/Truck/Diesel. Never waste anything. Catch and Release. Always help old people and listen to children. LOVE THE SOUTH.

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