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    • mrmedusa: If I buy 100 sh, div. is $11/mo. How much cash is needed to get that from a good ole Wells Fargo bank account? I added, too.
    • Archman Investor: $PSEC remains a long term holding even if rates were to rise to 4% (The old normal). Ignore the noise. That is just Wall Street jibberish
    • johnnyvolvo: Debt level maybe a little high? But stocks like KO & JNJ at current PEs seem risky & w/less divvy. Didn't PSEC do ok through '08 recession?
    • johnnyvolvo: Still in accumulation mode on $PSEC. Hoping price drops, but like it a lot at these levels too! Thank you FED!
    • mrmedusa: I would MUCH rather have PSEC at 12% and not much price movement than WMC at 20 something % and a 30% drop in share price. Any day.
    • johnnyvolvo: $PSEC pps and divvy was much more stable during the recession than most stocks, and they are in even better shape now. A huge positive 4 me.
    • johnnyvolvo: $PSEC holding up strong, was kind of hoping for a 5 or 10% over correction due to tapering hysteria to add more. May not get it though.
    • johnnyvolvo: Hmmmmm - $PSEC re-approaching buying territory here!