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  • Report: U.S. Re-Takes Lead In Clean Energy Race From China, But Not For Long [View article]
    I'm sure the 2012 elections have a lot to do with the expring clean energy subsidies. Americans interested in clean, sustainable & renewable energy should email their Senators & Representitives. Tell them to reinstate these 'clean energy initiatives' before the election, 'Or Else'. I have & I vote!
    May 1, 2012. 10:08 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • A lithium-ion battery manufactured by A123 Systems (AONE -1.9%) is behind the injury-causing explosion at a General Motors (GM +0.6%) battery lab, according to reports. [View news story]
    It has already been determined that the GM lab failed to follow procedures after the crash test. The battery fire did not happen until 2 weeks after the vehicle was put into the storage lot. There were zero safety issues related to the battery during the crash & for 2 weeks afterwards. The technicians failed, not the battery!
    Apr 12, 2012. 11:01 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • 7 Ways To Play The Advanced Biofuel Revolution [View article]
    Along with investing in advanced biofuels, send an email to your Congressmen & women. Tell them to pass the 'Open Fuel Standard Act of 2011'. This will help create a market for biofuels.
    Energy should be The Number One Issue in this election cycle. This 'oil war' is not sustainable and neither is a petroleum based economy.
    Apr 4, 2012. 10:19 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Electric Drive - Still Crazy After Five More Years [View article]
    Are you saying that the used oil is a now a toxic waste because the ICE combusted an alcohol fuel, when it was not before? Methanol is an alcohol, which is boidegradable. Petroleum is a pollutant, at any point from well to disposal. Maintenance of an ICE is reduced when burning a clean fuel, such as any of the alcohols and/or natural gas. More complete combustion, less particulate emmissions, etc. Less frequent oil changes and longer lasting engines when they are properly adjusted. The main component that needs to be changed in the fuel system is a plastic part. See the above post:
    Mar 28, 2012. 10:23 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Electric Drive - Still Crazy After Five More Years [View article]
    @Glen Doty, Mr. Robert Zubrin conducted an experiment last fall, where he drove his 2007 Chevy Cobalt on 100% methanol. The results were published in the National Review Online.
    Mr. Zubrin posted a chart of his miles per gallon, his price per gallon and his miles per dollar. He also shows emmission test results of 3 fuel mixtures.
    His results show a more efficient combustion of the 100% methanol fuel with the less BTUs, when compared to the regular E10 from the gas station. His price for the renewable fuel was better than yours also.
    Mar 27, 2012. 07:03 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Electric Drive - Still Crazy After Five More Years [View article]
    @Glen Doty,
    Both ethanol and methanol are toxic when mixed with gasoline. The mileage is less per mile, but better per dollar.
    Mar 27, 2012. 10:31 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Electric Drive - Still Crazy After Five More Years [View article]
    I can't dispute the savings of hybrid electric vehicles over pure battery electric vehicles. There is another diference between the Prius and the Volt. This is the gasoline grade required for the internal combustion engine. The Prius uses regular unleaded gas, the Volt requires premium gasoline. I believe the reason is that the Volt is a higher compression engine, so requires a higher octane fuel, like premium unleaded or E-85 (85% ethanol/15% gasoline). E-85 is a higher octane fuel and is a bit cheaper than regular gasoline and quite a bit cheaper than premium gasoline using different octane boosters. All of the 'hybrid electric vehicles should also be able to use renewable, sustainable, advanced fuel types. Using M-85 (85% Methanol/15% gasoline) would save even more money per mile than E-85. For those trying to reduce the imported oil imbalance, alcohol fuels are domestically produced.
    Mar 26, 2012. 12:04 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Time To Take Profits In Clean Energy Fuels [View article]
    Natural gas can also be used to make Methanol, which is a liquid alcohol fuel, similar to ethanol. Methanol can be used in 'Flex Fuel' vehicles if certain plastic parts in the fuel line are provided and the Engine Control Module has a software upgrade. While you are calling your congressmen, tell them to also vote for the 'Open Fuel Standard Act of 2011'. This will mandate that a percentage of new vehicles sold in the USA be made to run on fuel other than gasoline or diesel. Many of our advanced, renewable fuels qualify. Ford Motor Company engineers invented the modern 'Flex Fuel' vehicle.
    Mar 25, 2012. 12:34 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Fuel Cells: Driving Towards A Cleaner Future? [View article]
    The websit for NH3 as fuel is:
    Hydrogen is what fuel cells typically use as fuel, but the hydrogen can be supplied from Methanol, which is a simple alcohol in liquid form. These fuel cells are called methanol reformer type fuel cells. They are fueled with methanol, the reformer splits the hydrogen from the methanol which is then used in the hydrogen fuel cell.
    Mar 19, 2012. 11:01 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Fuel Cells: Driving Towards A Cleaner Future? [View article]
    Annhydous Ammonia (NH3) is the most efficient carrier of Hydrogen. NH3 can be transported in a fuel tank in liquid form at only a little over atmospheric pressure. NH3 can be made from atmospheric Nitrogen and atmospheric water (H2O) using distributed (unused) renewable energy. Wind and solar power that is excess can be used at times when the grid has less demand for the power, saving the wind & solar production in the form of hydrogen. The same principle as a battery. Saving the energy to use later.
    Mar 19, 2012. 10:53 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • How Social Media Can Help Fix America's Foreign Oil Crisis [View article]
    @ART005, I am also a fan of Distributed, Sustainable Electrical Generation. Solar PV on rooftops should receive Government subsidies to encourage the fastest adoption of this technology. Solar thermal, flat-plate colectors are another, cheaper option. Using solar energy to heat air or water that can be stored within the home and used to displace energy used for heating hot water or for space heating. For information on solar thermal, flat-plate collectors; check out 'The Mother Earth News'. I built my first solar heater in 1976 from information I got from that great publication.
    Feb 14, 2012. 12:55 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • How Social Media Can Help Fix America's Foreign Oil Crisis [View article]
    We all need to contact our Senators & Congressmen and TELL THEM to pass the NatGas Act and the Open Fuel Standard Act of 2011 before the election or they will be unemployed! Let's remind those folks in DC just who they are working for.
    I have sent my message to my Idaho Senators and Congressmen. I have also sent emails to local newspapers, but it seems only advertisers get much notice.
    To tie Natural Gas to the Open Fuel Standard, I would tell you that the most common method of producing Methanol is by reforming of natural gas. Methanol is an alcohol fuel that can be used in gas tanks of flex fuel vehicles today. The fuel system is designed for it and the 'engine control unit' that controls the engine, can make adjustments to the fuel/air mixture automatically.
    Feb 14, 2012. 12:39 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Another EV Survey Cites Range Anxiety - Tesla Still Looks Like A Buy [View article]
    @DougKing: Maybe if you take the whole cost of developing the Volt over a 12 year period, pay for building the new factory, pay for the manufacturing materials and labor, then divide by the < 20,000 vehicles sold the first year. Don't forget this investment is a long term investment. This factory should be running for years, upgrading as more efficient production is realized.
    The Nissan Leaf factory in Tennesee is just getting into production. We'll see those sales numbers grow too!
    @GeeWow: The Coda uses a Chinese built glider with Chinese sourced batteries, but an American made drive motor. UQM Technologies has a very good product, with motor sales to some quality vehicle companies.
    @DAG1996: AONE seems to me to be a company with a good future. That said, 'Do your own due dilligence please.'
    Feb 3, 2012. 12:00 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Another EV Survey Cites Range Anxiety - Tesla Still Looks Like A Buy [View article]
    I live in a small Idaho town. I drive diesel trucks for a living. I can't wait to be able to drive a alternative fueled hybrid electric truck. Most of the people that live in town that work in town shouldn't have any range anxiety. Our town is mostley within one square mile, so it's a short commute. In the summertime, I ride my bicycle to work. For those that work out of town, it is an 80 mile round trip commute to our closest 'big' town (population 28,000). So even with some limited shopping after work, a Leaf with 100 mile range should not be a concern. Since a Leaf can be plugged into a common electrical outlet for a slow charge, most commuters should be able to recharge at work. I live about 5 miles from a big hydropower dam on the Bonneville Power network, so we have clean, sustainable electricity.
    In the Northwest we are building up a huge capacity of wind power too. In fact, last spring (2011) Bonneville Power had more power from the hydro than the could distribute, so they cut off the power from the wind farms. Our weak link in our power system is transmission and distribution. We have a lot more supply than demand!
    Feb 3, 2012. 11:45 AM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Dark Clouds Threaten German Clean Energy Ambitions: Global Implications [View article]
    @DRich: Arista Power (aspw) has a mini-grid solution that is being embraced by the US Army... &
    Their mini-grid technology they highlight is related to the price difference between 'Peak Demand' times of the grid , like in the summer afternoon and the 'Off Peak' times, like at night.
    Arista Power have an energy storage trailer that can be configured to charge from the grid or any renewable energy source. This energy is used during peak demand times, when the cost of electricity is highest. This saves the owner of this micro-grid money and reduces demand of the grid for everyone else.
    Jan 27, 2012. 01:35 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment