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  • oldorv
    $MDCN, ANYONE SEE A BOTTOM? is it worth owning at all for, say maybe, .02?
    Dec 15, 1:35 PM
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    • heights808: Any insight into why it is tanking? Re-upped at .1 cause I thought that was bottom. Wth is going on?
      Dec 15, 3:12 PM
    • oldorv: back when matt finston wrote his glowing analysis I owned it for a couple of weeks; bailed pretty quick and didn't lose much--still watching
      Dec 16, 9:24 AM
      • oldorv
        $TAUG long. just added another 10,000 shares at .0185. Don't miss the boat...
        Oct 15, 10:21 AM
          • oldorv
            $TAUG, is this the best .02 stock out there? I think it may be one of the very few mj penny stocks worth a buy-n-hold investment...
            Oct 8, 10:10 AM
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            • Perkins Cove: And no, I didn't hold it underwater....
              Oct 8, 11:03 AM
            • Mikie713: I agree, Oldorv, long $TAUG, but obstacles. It may be a couple of years away from really taking off.
              Oct 8, 12:45 PM
              • oldorv
                $VPOR, yesterday price dropped 20% with 47,000,000 shares traded. yes sir, the games are on-- play it,peeps. Today should see a rise again.
                Oct 8, 9:21 AM
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                • Econ Student: It was debt holders dumping no doubt about it.
                  Oct 8, 1:35 PM
                • JLay36: and dumping some more. I love and hate this stock sooooooo much.
                  Oct 8, 2:56 PM
                  • oldorv
                    $AWGI, can anybody explain the recent crazy price action? something strange in the neighborhood, something weird, but it might be good...
                    Oct 3, 8:38 AM
                      • oldorv
                        buying opportunity or a race to .000? $CBGI, $EAPH, $ERBB, $GRCU, $ICBU, $TAUG, $VPOR
                        Sep 8, 11:20 AM
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                        • Econ Student: In 2012 elections pot stocks went up 400%. I'm going to hold at least until the elections.
                          Sep 8, 3:09 PM
                        • Mikie713: I don't think I'd go near $cbgi. The others are all a hold, if already own. Yes, Econ, elections should spur some movement.
                          Sep 8, 6:10 PM
                          • oldorv
                            long: $EAPH, $ENRT, $ERBB, $FITX, $GWPH, $FITX, $IGRW, $MCIG, $PHOT, $SKTO, $TAUG, $TRTC, $VPOR... Surely there's 2 or 3 winners in there???
                            Jul 21, 10:00 AM
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                            • jj3223: TAUG is my best guess
                              Jul 22, 12:43 PM
                            • FChildr131: Is SKTO out of business?
                              Nov 27, 5:57 PM
                              • oldorv
                                $PHOT up 25% today [at the moment] $SKTO up 22%, I know; dumb and dumber. I no longer trade these, I just hold 'em long until...
                                Jul 18, 12:10 PM
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                                • oldorv: they either go to zero or they make me money-- its fun either way, just the potential and all. I do this but I DO NOT recommend it to you..
                                  Jul 18, 12:13 PM
                                • i'm in the same boat with $PHOT
                                  Jul 18, 2:16 PM
                                  • oldorv
                                    $ENRT, I was late to the party yesterday but still managed gain over 20%. Yeah, I know profit takers will take that much back today.
                                    Jul 15, 9:23 AM
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                                    • Mikie713: Me too, but there does appear to be profit taking today. down to 10-13 in 2 wks? Hope not. News yesterday does make this stock legit tho
                                      Jul 15, 12:33 PM
                                    • Econ Student: Good luck. I'm in at higher prices than you are. I think we have a winner. Check out $LXRP too. They have 3 chances at a MMPR license.
                                      Jul 15, 2:54 PM
                                      • oldorv
                                        'buy' rating from barchart: $TAUG, $EAPH, $TRTC, $GWPH. also rating $VPOR a 'hold.' [soon to be a 'buy' sez me]
                                        Jul 7, 8:46 AM
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                                        • oldorv: pretty close to worthless. The thing to do is buy some of these startups and then just WAIT. [of course this is just one old guy's opinion.
                                          Jul 8, 9:41 AM
                                        • oldorv: good luck to all
                                          Jul 8, 9:42 AM
                                          • oldorv
                                            $EAPH, $IGRW, $VPOR, Long! all 3 showing signs of recovery today. I'll stay long.
                                            Jul 1, 1:06 PM
                                              • oldorv
                                                keep on rockin' in the green world: $FITX, $GWPH, $MCIG, $PHOT, $TAUG, $TRTC
                                                Jun 27, 9:52 AM
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                                                • K.C: :)
                                                  Jul 1, 3:07 PM
                                                • traderim: kc is that your name or the place you live
                                                  Jul 6, 6:30 PM
                                                  • oldorv
                                                    $VPOR, $IGRW, $FITX, $EAPH, getting ready to rock some green this week...
                                                    Jun 23, 10:15 AM
                                                      • oldorv
                                                        poor old $MCIG, $TRTC, $PHOT...RED..
                                                        Jun 23, 10:09 AM
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                                                        • oldorv: I doubt i'll live that long, Pete, you might though, Young'un.
                                                          Jun 24, 7:30 AM
                                                        • kahoward2734: $PHOT It went Green right out of the gate this morning !
                                                          Jun 24, 9:33 AM
                                                          • oldorv
                                                            $SKTO up 2%, $TAUG 20%, hot damn, & $ERBB 12%...
                                                            Jun 23, 9:52 AM
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                                                            • oldorv: within 1st half hour-- of course, its the last half hour that matters...
                                                              Jun 23, 10:01 AM
                                                            • oldorv: $SKTO up 13% AT THE MOMENT; YOU GO BIG GIRL.
                                                              Jun 23, 11:27 AM
                                                              • oldorv
                                                                $ERBB volume nearly double of $FITX, $MCIG, $PHOT, & $TRTC combined... what's that about anyway?
                                                                Jun 18, 3:49 PM
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                                                                • JSCTech: oldorv..its im assuming because they have so much investment interest but.. TBH i would like to know aswell.
                                                                  Jun 19, 1:14 AM
                                                                • oldorv: good luck ya'll
                                                                  Jun 19, 7:49 AM
                                                                  • oldorv
                                                                    Long: $EAPH,$ERBB,$FITX,$IGRW,$MCIG, $PHOT,$SKTO,$TAUG,$TRTC,$VPOR
                                                                    Jun 11, 10:23 AM
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                                                                    • BK Stocker: SKTO?
                                                                      Jun 16, 6:14 PM
                                                                    • oldorv: what the hell was I thinking? I dunno
                                                                      Jun 17, 9:56 AM
                                                                      • oldorv
                                                                        today I sold ALL my pot stocks: $EAPH, $ERBB, $FITX, $MCIG, $PHOT, $SKTO, $TAUG, $TRTC, $VPOR...I'll just wait a while to get back in.....
                                                                        May 19, 3:47 PM
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                                                                        • oldorv: and may be again next's up to the stocks, not me
                                                                          May 21, 9:38 AM
                                                                        • JCStyles: Wanted to do the same.. I've been on "vacation" since the downturn. Now is not the time for it. Too much bleeding out and news is now bad ha
                                                                          May 21, 12:51 PM
                                                                          • oldorv
                                                                            PotStocks: not for the timid. I'm holding these losers and will continue holding: $EAPH, $TRTC, $FITX, $MCIG, $PHOT, $TAUG, $VPOR & 3 MORE..
                                                                            May 16, 11:12 AM
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                                                                            • Tri Duong: why do some people put their email as their screen name?
                                                                              May 16, 2:15 PM
                                                                            • oldorv: they are only "currently losing," there is enormous potential for enormous winning and I will be there. I'm still up big YTD. hi, Erdal-Tri
                                                                              May 18, 8:36 AM
                                                                              • oldorv
                                                                                pot-stocks getting their groove back: $EAPH, $SKTO, $STEV, $TAUG, $TRTC, $VPOR and more...
                                                                                May 14, 10:21 AM