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  • oldorv
    couldn't stay out-...$BRDT,$FITX,$SPLI,$TAUG,$TRTC bought all at open this a.m., all green for the day..better days are back!!!!!!!!
    Wed, 4:16 PM
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    • petenebraska: BANG BANG! ..ah there. What?! PHOT?! NOOOOOOOO!!!! ;-P
      1 day ago
    • Domitian: can't make up my mind where short-term ceiling for $SPLI is. Debating out with a very small gain, or riding the (expected) bumps a bit longr
      23 hours ago
      • oldorv
        $PHOT, my last remaining pot stock--I know how to pick 'em. [not]
        Apr 10, 11:19 AM
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        • oldorv: they are probably as good as any...
          Apr 10, 12:01 PM
        • K.C: yeh and do you know how much the company has in restricted shares?? you might be shocked..
          Apr 10, 12:47 PM
          • oldorv
            $PHOT, Sweet!!!
            Apr 8, 12:58 PM
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            • oldorv: LPS, I must admit I'm pretty fickle and my one remaining pot stock is a day to day thing...
              Apr 9, 8:56 AM
            • Long PennyStocks: I hope that you were not burned too bad, oldorv. I know this is going to hurt me when it resumes trading. I had a decent amount in it
              Apr 10, 1:59 PM
              • oldorv
                $PHOT, good grief! It's a good thing I started out at .09 on this one...but, if I don't see a green day by Thurs I'll be out of pot stocks.
                Apr 8, 10:14 AM
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                • oldorv: It is easy for me to love a stock which is not a financially prudent approach to investing... sometimes you need to take the money and run.
                  Apr 9, 8:51 AM
                • oldorv: I'm still holding my $PHOT but its day to day. But good luck to all you wonderful pot stock investors. Some of you will get rich I think..
                  Apr 9, 8:53 AM
                  • oldorv
                    $IPKW, long--I like the looks of this ETF...
                    Mar 28, 4:59 PM
                      • oldorv
                        $PHOT & $FITX, Long. The glory days of pot stocks have come and gone. It was fun while it lasted but I'm basically abandoning pot stocks...
                        Mar 27, 9:21 AM
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                        • lt1948: I'm trying to grasp Steve Nash's $ERBB, multiple ventures in that company, vending machines, health products - email alerts from them on
                          Mar 28, 12:02 PM
                        • oldorv: as Dennis Miller used to say, "of course, I could be wrong."
                          Mar 28, 12:13 PM
                          • oldorv
                            $PHOT, whew! She's coming back...
                            Mar 25, 10:03 AM
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                            • BuyToSell: like it was all just a bad dream ..
                              Mar 25, 10:34 AM
                            • Hannanmel: yep enjoy the ride oldorv
                              Mar 25, 11:47 AM
                              • oldorv
                                $PHOT, oh, you little heart breaker; come back soon---BUT AT LEAST its a good day to own $ERBB,$ICBU,$TRTC, $MINE,
                                Mar 24, 11:41 AM
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                                • remix20: Agree BTS. You can't keep a good stock down. Patience will be rewarded.
                                  Mar 24, 1:51 PM
                                • cking6178: i love all these discounts!! tripled my position in $TRTC on friday & just tripled my position in $PHOT..thank you very much :)
                                  Mar 24, 2:14 PM
                                  • oldorv
                                    $PHOT, I'm back in long at .64....this stock has plenty of potential; will go higher.
                                    Mar 19, 10:16 AM
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                                    • aaronstolberg: oldorv: I was thinking the same thing today! I almost wish I wasn't so partial to $PHOT, but I am.
                                      Mar 19, 4:46 PM
                                    • oldorv: if it gets to mid .50s i'll add a good bit.
                                      Mar 19, 5:04 PM
                                      • oldorv
                                        $PHOT, .70? I just had to take profits but i'll be back--love this stock!!!
                                        Mar 17, 10:35 AM
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                                        • OldSchoolFool: Just hold onto the stock... you're profit taking only reduces your end profit...
                                          Mar 17, 1:38 PM
                                        • oldorv: all depends...
                                          Mar 17, 1:44 PM
                                          • oldorv
                                            great-stocks-r-us; $GWPH,$PHOT,$SPLI,$TRTC, ALL ABOARD!
                                            Mar 11, 9:54 AM
                                              • oldorv
                                                $PHOT, long. I guess investors are finally over that little dilution scare. This may yet prove to be one of the best pot stocks.
                                                Mar 10, 12:32 PM
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                                                • BuyToSell: definitely - so glad it's seeing daylight finally!
                                                  Mar 10, 12:46 PM
                                                • Hannanmel: see the twilight zone soon hang with phot unless your in a rush to make a little ill wait for a lot
                                                  Mar 10, 8:49 PM
                                                  • oldorv
                                                    Wow and holy cow! What a day to be long $FITX,$PHOT,$MCIG,$SPLI
                                                    Mar 6, 12:33 PM
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                                                    • highonweedcash: Same picks but $TRTC instead of $spli which I'm thinking of getting in to.
                                                      Mar 6, 12:40 PM
                                                    • nic190: Holy PHOT
                                                      Mar 6, 12:56 PM
                                                      • oldorv
                                                        $GWPH,$PHOT,$MCIG,$SPLI, ALL IN THE GREEN TODAY--there is joy in Potville
                                                        Mar 5, 12:24 PM
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                                                        • FEASTorFAMINE: Thanks for the tip, I just don't see enough profit potential vs. a pricey risk.
                                                          Mar 5, 7:59 PM
                                                        • oldorv: nic- this is an awesome ad for GWPH and also for moving American sentiment towards Sativex approval in U.S. I'll stay long $GWPH for sure...
                                                          Mar 6, 7:52 AM
                                                          • oldorv
                                                            $GWPH, on the way to 80
                                                            Mar 5, 11:50 AM
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                                                            • oldorv: i don't mind at all waiting a year for 95...i do see this one as a long term hold
                                                              Mar 5, 12:37 PM
                                                            • remix20: Not bashful about sharing my prices and confident. Let Cramer start talking about GW's future and $70 starts looking cheap. IMO of course.
                                                              Mar 5, 12:38 PM
                                                              • oldorv
                                                                $PHOT ready now for the run to .50? $FITX, headed back above .10? This morning would be a great time to buy these, also $TRTC,$GWPH,$MCIG
                                                                Mar 5, 7:47 AM
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                                                                • Long PennyStocks: Nice PR this morning. I would have love to see more reference and details in regards to the study they mention
                                                                  Mar 5, 9:51 AM
                                                                • BuyToSell: Would love to see $PHOT hold gains above .40
                                                                  Mar 5, 10:48 AM
                                                                  • oldorv
                                                                    $PDGO-OLD, long...
                                                                    Mar 4, 4:53 PM
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                                                                    • oldorv: probable P&D
                                                                      Mar 4, 5:14 PM
                                                                      • oldorv
                                                                        I had 5 pot stocks in the red last Friday which will be turning bright green this week, $PHOT,$NVLX,$FITX,$EAPH,$CBIS... ...let's roll...
                                                                        Mar 3, 8:09 AM
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                                                                        • Suzannecarnline: State of Georgia approves...
                                                                          Mar 3, 6:08 PM
                                                                        • CAKoumentakos: Way to go GA. Now off to the senate. Hopefully it passes and Georgia allows people access to it medicinally to start.
                                                                          Mar 3, 7:53 PM
                                                                          • oldorv
                                                                            $PHOT, I think i'll add at the open today; its time for Growlife, Inc to shine. Also long: $GWPH,$TRTC,$NVLX,$FITX,$EAPH,$CBIS, $SKTO, $JAZZ
                                                                            Feb 28, 8:59 AM
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                                                                            • oldorv: Suzanne-Yes, I'm interested; may buy a little. As usual w/these 'pot' companys, its hard to get a clear picture of what they do -if anything
                                                                              Mar 2, 7:48 AM
                                                                            • oldorv: Their books suck but their potential interests me given their biz plan and good management people, I may buy a little.
                                                                              Mar 2, 7:51 AM
                                                                              • oldorv
                                                                                $CANN, cashing in, up 100% in a week! I may buy back under $10. Now long $phot,$gwph,$fitx,$nvlx,$trtc,#fspm,$eaph,$cbis
                                                                                Feb 27, 9:12 AM
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                                                                                • Newbigtech: $NVLX Watching the climb to the top
                                                                                  Feb 27, 7:53 PM
                                                                                • Econ Student: Check out $AERO as well.
                                                                                  Feb 28, 2:34 AM