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  • oldorv
    $MJNA.PK, as a former believer i just want to say i'm now staying away. Just too many questions about the company. Good luck to those in it.
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    • Mike Perinotti: Couldn't agree more. I said last week the initial hype is over for $MJNA.PK and other marijuana stocks. I'm staying away until more news out
    • Doughja: Initial hype? Where've you been? $MJNA was big back in 2009, now with legalization the hype is back. Ridiculous 'Johnny-come-lately' opinion
    • oldorv: it's a roller coaster as many stocks are...
    • Mike Perinotti: I'm saying the initial hype from the most recent legislation news that gave it the spark is over. I'm out for now.
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