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  • What Detroit And The Stockton Bankruptcy Mean For Bonds [View article]
    Mike the Phd...... your reference to bank robbing and the subsequent infusion of "stolen dollars" being recycled into a local economy is an interesting metaphor for pension income and as an exercise in reference logic succeeds. However, attempting to equate robbing a bank and spending "earned pension income" is absurd. Perhaps you having a case of pension envy isn't.
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  • What Detroit And The Stockton Bankruptcy Mean For Bonds [View article]
    Good post mbradymall...and let's not forget all those "good for nothing, blood sucking parasitic municipal and state retirees" don't live and spend in their own parallel universe !!! those pension dollars buy groceries, fund Home Depot with DIY projects, have their cars serviced, provide for the gardeners, etc each and every month !! Providing dollars for jobs, sales tax revenue, and yes income tax on the very pension paid to them.
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  • 'Savvy Senior' Conservative IRA Portfolio Returns 16.4% In 2012 [View article]
    Excellent article Steve. Your approach and mind set mirrors mine in most respects. One exception to yours in my portfolio mix is a 30% weighting in Municipal bonds. I live in California, with a fairly high individual state tax. My bond portfolio is a 60-40% mix of California State GO bonds and California Tax free CEFS. Most of my CEFS were purchased at substantial discounts during 2008-09. I have bought Cal GO's and substantial discounts (.92) and premium high coupon issues. I don't latter, and all of my bonds have 30 maturities. I sleep well, like you do, and maintain about 80% of the total portfolio in a tax advantaged or tax free status.
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  • California State University Professors Are Better Off Than Their CALPERS Pension Funds [View article]
    This is an interesting comparison. And I am a CALPERS retiree. What does the model portfolio throw off percentage wise on income either quarterly or monthly... Overall return and preservation of capital is important to retirees but monthly/quarterly income is essential.
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  • A New Bucket Strategy? [View article]
    Thanks Roger.. using the bucket analogy put a name to the strategy that I have been using for nearly a year now. You provided an excellent suggestion for the cash bucket, ie. TIPS. I have travel and grandkids buckets as well.
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  • A New Bucket Strategy? [View article]
    Thank you Roger... I started to develop this type of strategy a few months ago but never attached the "bucket" moniker to my various allocations...... the adjective makes it easier to visualize and the TIPS vehicle answered a big question for me.
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