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  • nclsamy
    $UVXY Wow... O_O
    Aug 24, 9:26 AM
      • nclsamy
        $SPY $UVXY On the updated SA quote page, Stocktalks section is sent on the bottom of the MORE list while everything on the front row is PRO.
        Jul 13, 5:35 PM
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        • nclsamy: No problem, PC! I am watching and learning. Have a great day!
          Jul 15, 6:27 AM
        • wheelz23: Samy, looks like SA switched back to the old way...maybe one day they'll learn not to try to fix something that's not broke...doubt it
          Sep 8, 3:58 PM
          • nclsamy
            $UVXY Sad times especially for people in Greece, but let's take a moment and remember 1980XLS
            Jun 29, 2:03 PM
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            • nclsamy: LOL :)) no idea how to rephrase it in 140 characters. Nonetheless I am pretty sure 1980 is enjoying this day
              Jun 29, 2:10 PM
            • Grand Nagus Kelly: Feel like a jive turkey but I'd forgotten about him.
              Jun 29, 2:36 PM
              • nclsamy
                $WMB 5 days ago a big trader bought 25000 Nov $49 calls at $2 for a total of $5M, yesterday it received a buyout for $64/share. Wow...
                Jun 22, 12:21 AM
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                • oneotherfool: Samy, I'm sure they got "lucky" :)
                  Jun 22, 9:32 AM
                  • nclsamy
                    $WMB On 5 days ago a big trader bought 25000 Nov $49 calls at $2 for a total of $5M, yesterday it received a buyout for $64/share. Wow...
                    Jun 22, 12:20 AM
                      • nclsamy
                        $DFRG ripping. Thank you, OM!
                        Apr 23, 2:26 PM
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                        • oneotherfool: Amazed at how flat this has been trading. Stuck at $20 with not much movement at all regardless of the market.
                          May 19, 9:40 AM
                        • nclsamy: And now it looks like breaking down... Not good. I am looking to buy it back. Sold at 20.4 a month or so ago.
                          May 21, 12:04 AM
                          • nclsamy
                            $DTO $DWTI Congrats on the trade, guys! One question: How come both are moving the same %? Shouldn't one be 2x and the other 3x oil? Thanks!
                            Apr 8, 3:24 PM
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                            • nclsamy: but now I am back. Yes, oil co's looks like they bottomed. Congrats on winnings! Thank you, PC!
                              Apr 8, 3:55 PM
                            • x oil -field: Lovely photo of both of you. Congratulations.
                              Apr 8, 4:28 PM
                              • nclsamy
                       $SLCA $CBI One of my favorite articles: 5 Qualities of all great traders. I am stuck at number 2) Confidence
                                Feb 25, 5:29 PM
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                                • Perkins Cove: Samy, as I do not want to monopolize this thread, I will continue via Message.Other than to say the obvious, "Success breeds success" (grin)
                                  Feb 26, 1:06 PM
                                • Perkins Cove: A special thank you from me to wheelz23.
                                  Feb 26, 2:00 PM
                                  • nclsamy
                                    $Z Yesterday trader bought 2000 Jan16 $150 calls at $9.3 for a total of $1.86M. They are worth $3.6M now. Someone is having a good day...
                                    Feb 18, 3:37 PM
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                                    • rodh7858: Immediate profit. In hindsight yes but how to interpret these option actions correctly and in a timely fashion is the big question.
                                      Feb 18, 9:05 PM
                                    • nclsamy: I am trying to figure it out, but so far I would have been much better if I simply followed the trade "blindly".
                                      Feb 19, 1:42 AM
                                      • nclsamy
                                        $FMSA At $13 Jeffries gave it the buy rating. Yesterday they downgraded it to sell. Impressive timing...
                                        Feb 3, 9:58 AM
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                                        • Roy Pope: 6 days till earnings. 2 days till MACD bear cross. Just saying. Stay alert.
                                          Feb 4, 12:29 PM
                                        • nclsamy: I may be wrong, but I expect some short covering into earnings.
                                          Feb 4, 3:28 PM
                                          • nclsamy
                                            YTD: $USO Down 16% $UNG Down 1% $SN up 18% Impressive! (No positions)
                                            Jan 26, 3:04 PM
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                                            • pokalolo: When oil falls into the 30s things will get clearer >)
                                              Jan 27, 5:04 AM
                                            • Roy Pope: Avg cost to produce oil in US $33.76/barrel. Price can't fall into 30s. Production will shut down first.
                                              Feb 4, 2:54 AM
                                              • nclsamy
                                                $ARRY Unusual bullish options activity with more than 2.5k Feb15 $4 CALLS bought yesterday. Now it's up 45%. Coincidence? Yeah right.
                                                Jan 23, 9:54 AM
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                                                • nclsamy: No problem! Yep, market isn't going anywhere.
                                                  Jan 23, 10:28 AM
                                                • det9: " have I ever caught a high flyer" ... Nah.. For me.. But I catch plenty going down:)
                                                  Jan 28, 9:59 PM
                                                  • nclsamy
                                                    $FXE $UUP $NBG $1.16 trillion will flood the Eurozone. The Euro is near 11 years low vs. USD and the Greek people are heading to vote on
                                                    Jan 23, 4:41 AM
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                                                    • Perkins Cove: Long term I totally agree with you Poka. But it won't go in a straight line, right? I do believe in your "mid-thirteens" call eventually.
                                                      Jan 23, 6:04 AM
                                                    • Perkins Cove: As a trader, I really don't care what the price of gold is, only the direction it's going in.
                                                      Jan 23, 6:16 AM
                                                      • nclsamy
                                                        Amnesty: Nigeria massacre deadliest in history of Boko Haram
                                                        Jan 10, 6:11 PM
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                                                        • Perkins Cove: One patient, one plant. Who knows...might be the salvation of Earth. Key is, never give up. No matter the dire situation...never give in.
                                                          Jan 12, 1:18 PM
                                                        • nclsamy: ^This is saved. Thank you a lot, PC! My day just got better! Amazing what one can learn on a finance site :-)
                                                          Jan 12, 1:49 PM
                                                          • nclsamy
                                                            $USO Trader buys 10.000 Feb15 $21 calls for $1.03. Bullish activity. $1 Million bet.
                                                            Jan 2, 2:13 PM
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                                                            • oneotherfool: For all we know, this bet was a hedge against a larger short position? :O
                                                              Jan 12, 8:51 PM
                                                            • wheelz23: cashing in hedges = a sign that a bottom is near, now just let me know when that happens...thanks :)
                                                              Jan 12, 10:58 PM
                                                              • nclsamy
                                                                $SPY Any other users who miss the fact that "My feed" stopped showing the comments to stocktalks of the people we follow? I really want to
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                                                                • Ocean Man: Eli - users Thad Castle, Experienced Analyst, and Professional_Tradr are all the same person and causing trouble on Stocktalks.
                                                                  Jan 2, 4:07 PM
                                                                • nclsamy: It seems to be fixed. Thank you, Eli!
                                                                  Jan 6, 9:45 AM
                                                                  • nclsamy
                                                                    So much for my theory that $SLCA $FMSA $HCLP $EMES should trade together. I am holding $SLCA and got stopped from $FMSA. It seems that
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                                                                    • wheelz23: this year, he's pumped at least 3 companies that filed for bankruptcy, WTSL was one of them...$LAS $ATEA $YGE look at the charts on those
                                                                    • wheelz23: $dss another one of his picks, SA shouldn't allow this
                                                                      • nclsamy
                                                                        $USO $OIL United States : EIA Petroleum Status Report
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                                                                        • pokalolo: be healthy wealthy & wise.. Always the best.... Dr ?
                                                                        • nclsamy: yes, health comes first! I have to keep reminding me that. Cheers, guys! Have a wonderful rest of the day!
                                                                          • nclsamy
                                                                            Anybody else have problems deleting his comments? I just wanted to tag a stocktalk to receive alerts for new comments, but couldn't delete
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                                                                            • nclsamy: It worked and now it seems to be working on the isolated thread as well. Thanks, PC!
                                                                            • Perkins Cove: You got it bro. Have a great rest of the day !
                                                                              • nclsamy
                                                                                Many thanks to Southwest Michigan Trader for the $FMSA idea. Working great!
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                                                                                • nclsamy: Easy come, easy go.
                                                                                • oneotherfool: Oh wow! Sorry....oil is getting another hit today!