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  • nclsamy
    $LF not looking good. Luckily very small position.
    Feb 12, 4:20 PM
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    • oneotherfool: I'm at least glad I didn't add on the way down. I had a normal position.
      Feb 12, 4:29 PM
    • nclsamy: I'm still thinking whether to sell or add. I don't think they will get any love soon.
      Feb 12, 4:35 PM
    • Xvansan: I think it's worth an add if you can get it at $6. May turn into a long term hold but, sales will pick up. Slow quarter all around
      Feb 12, 4:47 PM
    • nclsamy: Xvansan, thanks for posting. IMO there are far better alternatives out there for long term. $LF is only a trade for me. I thought the market
      Feb 12, 4:58 PM
    • nclsamy: dragged it down too much, but the earnings were disappointing. I'll try to read more about future prospects then make a decision.
      Feb 12, 5:01 PM
    • wheelz23: I stopped paying attention to LF because I thought people would use apps on their ipads and smartphones instead
      Feb 12, 5:26 PM
    • Xvansan: I bought it when OM did. Small position and he usually finds some quick gains. But sold last week worried about earnings
      Feb 12, 5:27 PM
    • Xvansan: I do agree there is increased competition. I believe LF will have to switch to apps for iPads and leave the devices behind
      Feb 12, 5:28 PM
    • nclsamy: Bailed at $6.40.
      Feb 13, 10:07 AM
    • Xvansan: I think that's a good move NC. I see this as dead money for a while. They missed by 100%. Weren't even close. Better options out there
      Feb 13, 10:08 AM
    • Xvansan: The institutional investors will have to bail slowly. Takes a long time to unwind all those shares
      Feb 13, 10:09 AM
    • nclsamy: Thanks, X. I still expect some downgrades after that rough numbers. I may be wrong, but I wasn't comfortable with the position.
      Feb 13, 10:11 AM
    • Xvansan: The only hope was an earnings beat. I see this going below $6. Today is probably short covering. There was a lot of shorts
      Feb 13, 10:15 AM
    • Xvansan: Were you playing DGAZ? I got back in at 3.75 (19% lower than where I sold last week). Heat wave is coming. Could make that 10% back easy
      Feb 13, 10:16 AM
    • nclsamy: Not in $DGAZ yet. I may get in soon. Good luck! Monster swings on that one.
      Feb 13, 10:23 AM
    • Xvansan: I'd wait till after 9:30. If we get a drop definitely get in.This will be back above 4.50 next week possibly 5. Anything under 3.75 is great
      Feb 13, 10:28 AM
    • Xvansan: Keep an eye on DGAZ. Looks like its moved down a couple cents since the report
      Feb 13, 11:28 AM
    • oneotherfool: Are you on central time, Xvansan?
      Feb 13, 11:37 AM
    • oneotherfool: Just bailed.
      Feb 13, 3:57 PM