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  • BlackBerry: Don't Get Too Excited About The $10 Mark  [View article]
    Mr. Knowitall,
    Infotainment systems do not share the "lust for apps " like smartphones do. These will be - besides the obvious social and media ones - quite restricted by nature. Thanks God, most countries forbids the usage of distracting activities while driving, so that only (rear) passengers will use these apps. Built-in manufacturers features (remote control, diagnostic, guidance, car-to-car alerts, after-sales ...) are more likely to be appealing.

    Yet, QNX based infotainment systems provide two very useful capabilities thereupon : the mirroring of external devices (the infotainement screen(s) replicate your smartphone's) and the ability to load android applications, either ported or in their native form (apk) [as of date: provided they don't use google services].

    I strongly suggest you have a look at this demonstration; worth a thousand words, as usual ;-)

    Achiles Research: Thanks for this wise view. We suffered enough the gambling and volatility to the point it added infection to the brand and company injuries.

    Discl : I'm (very) long BBRY and $20-25 is my first target.
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  • Fairfax Opens Up BlackBerry Floodgates... Again  [View article]
    Fairfax added extra $20Millions today ... just sayin'.
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  • Fairfax Opens Up BlackBerry Floodgates... Again  [View article]
    The news would be Fairfax added $15million to their position on free market lately.
    We've read so many "falling knife" "cat bounce", "spiral of death" or "bleeding cash" scenario already (I mean for the last 4 years !) that one could reasonably question these.
    BlackBerry didn't succeed as some (I must confess, me included) expected with the launch of BlackBerry10. While truly revolutionary and best of class behind the scene, their new OS learning curve, the few-but-mandatory missing apps added to the confusion and noise ("they're dead already") many spread purposely prevented their new platform to meet the general market. Can't deny that.
    Yet - and still - in a long term (years) perspective, recent focus on enterprises - where you add multi platform services revenues to hardware revenues - can definitely lead BlackBerry back to operational profits, the mandatory step prior any wide offensive out of the enterprise market.
    So what to monitor ?
    BES10 is now out of the trial period and BES10 in the cloud is near to launch. These - both in terms of revenues generation and market share - are the indicators we have to focus on.
    Of course, next device ('Jakarta') success is also an important point, as it will reveal the new entry point pricing and expose more details about BlackBerry's and Foxcon's alliance.
    As a strong (long) holder, that's all I care about.
    Oh, maybe also when I see time scales ("the more shorted ... past two years") stretching ... but this may be my rosy glasses again.
    discl : long BBRY / sorry for bad English.
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  • John Chen's First Mistake  [View article]
    BES10 on premise and BES10 in the cloud (in beta test right now) will tight closely with office365. You can add ActiveSync Profiles.
    BES10 in the cloud + Office365 may effectively be a winner here.
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  • The Defense Department Did Not Order 80,000 BlackBerry Devices, Big Deal  [View article]
    Thanks for this great article George.
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  • BlackBerry: Rebirth Of The Original Gangster  [View article]
    "All of BlackBerry's rivals are into enterprise software, now with the same level of security".
    I had to read it twice ... do you really believe what you're writing ?
    Why aren't they even close to be DOD approved (and in fact nowhere there's a real security risk involved) ?
    Let's be serious.
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  • John Chen's First Mistake  [View article]
    Jan 23, 2014. 12:39 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • John Chen's First Mistake  [View article]
    Sorry, with all respect due, I believe there's a lot of confusion here.
    WP7/8 in Enterprises is near zero.
    Again, Chen does not target the consumers but the enterprises.
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  • John Chen's First Mistake  [View article]
    @Marcap now we know what device is yours ;)
    Don't be frustrated, it will come. But the only place where your reasoning make sense is the customers' one. In the enterprise, Windows is - as of date and I must say strangely - nowhere close to BlackBerry (= 61% market share for Enterprises). Given Chen wants to focus on enterprises, it's not irrelevant to stamp a "later" sign on BBM4WP ...

    See also my other comment below about MS Lynk.
    Jan 23, 2014. 12:30 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • John Chen's First Mistake  [View article]
    In the enterprise, MS Lynk is mostly used over any other solution and, of course, BES is handling it perfectly (even adding an additional security level).

    So, I understand that it is frustrating for individuals (just be patient for a while), but in the enterprise context, as much as I like BBM&Channels (I even wrote a Instablog post about it), it's far from a priority.

    Though, the "Enterprise BBM" concept has been spotted in recent Chen's talk, yet has to be formalized; in this scenario, count WP in ;), definitely !
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  • BlackBerry: Rebirth Of The Original Gangster  [View article]
    OMG, I hit like ... by (huge) mistake ... never mind.

    Those juggernauts have been - as of date - unable to enter the high end enterprise/government market (where the money is). as of date - and I don't pretend it'll be forever - Knox is simply a joke and those with both security/MDM vision are forced to stack layers of additional software with poor control of the devices integrity. Because adding layers can't secure a non secure Os, when BlackBerry OSes (BBOSes and BB10), networks and back-ends have been build from a security perspective from bottom to top.

    "[...] security is hard and it is not possible to condense thousands of person years of learning into 12 short months" J. Sims President, Global Enterprise Services, BlackBerry.
    Jan 23, 2014. 07:13 AM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • BlackBerry: Rebirth Of The Original Gangster  [View article]
    Thanks for this accurate and insightful article.
    As one "contrarian" guy - and in line with your conclusion - I'll add something that will sound weird to most : "scarcity". I believe there's something about this that should be considered on a marketing POV. At early times, sporting a BlackBerry was a distinguishing marker: cost and scarcity (due to emerging distribution channels) where then synonymous of hype; "the happy few": When you had to argue with your boss whether or not you deserved a BlackBerry.
    "Full circle", exactly.
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  • BlackBerry - Carrier Support Is Evaporating  [View article]
    can't beat my LE style ;) Faxbot :D
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  • BlackBerry - Carrier Support Is Evaporating  [View article]
    @kevin : Heins has been misjudged IMHO. I cannot deny sales didn't meet even the lowest expectations but in the meantime - under crazy media and WS pressure - he reinvented the BlackBerry company, defined new processes, rebuilt the supply chain, rolled out 4 new devices, a brand new platform OS10 to BES10, the fundations of cross-platform ... wow.
    I stated many times that he was here for that (tough and dirty) job. He did, and left by the small back door. I for one will yell a "thank you" from the bottom of the interwebz.

    Now Mister Chen has a different profile. And I like him as well. He can now proceed the horde charge. Let's see ...
    update : The shorts "pope", Citron research, seems to agree ...;app=1
    Jan 17, 2014. 02:22 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • BlackBerry - Carrier Support Is Evaporating  [View article]
    BlackBerry does not sale Enterprise devices directly. They do with carriers "in the middle". This article is typical: dealing with consumer markets when BlackBerry strategy is now mostly focused on governments and enterprises (where the money is) ...
    More, this vision of BlackBerry as a "device maker" is now dated, as Chen explained the new scheme and BlackBerry going "horizontal" and delivering value within cross platform software and services like BES and BBM.

    I guess time is needed until Chen's vision is understood ... This may help : . It's a long and precise analysis of what went wrong and where the expectations are. No sugarcoating, Kevin Michaluk's style with René Ritchie from iMore (apple fans community).

    I do understand that $BBRY might not be the star one may want to focus on for a short term trade. But I believe, IMHO, it's pretty unfair to wipe a whole strategy - apparently - ignoring what it's all about.

    To the author : I must admit your conclusion can't be that much discussed, given I omit this sentence : "But the company does not have the resources to develop and market smartphone globally."
    With the new Foxconn deal (which is part of the answer you may want about how they'll stop the "bleeding") $3Bill cash and the Governments & Enterprises focus, I do believe this cannot be stated as such.

    Side note : You also seem to omit the security/privacy consciousness the Snowden case has raised ... You might want to read this (especially the conclusion) :
    Jan 16, 2014. 12:59 PM | 12 Likes Like |Link to Comment