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  • BlackBerry : My Snapshot. [View instapost]
    Thanks for your comment Alansmithee.
    Well, I believe my CrackBerrian status is clearly exposed in the additional disclosure, but you're perfectly right about the thread at CrackBerry (*). Are you one of our usual visitors ? You may expose your nick then, as mine is strictly the same. I believe your short history here does not reflect your real profile, does it ?

    Now for people you describe as weak, to the point of investing based on forums posts in a fan dedicated web site ... I'd suggest you rewind to OP (and probably tens of other posts) and read the huge warning.
    As much as I'm concerned with some of "us" losing (paper or real) money, I've never read anyone complaining. I believe you think people are dumber than they are.

    The "$100 party" you're referring to is more a funny gimmick than anything else. And nowhere you'll find someone giving a timing close to anything "soon" in our pleasant exchanges about it.

    "Past revisionist history"; how could it be anything else, since we don't know what really happened? Plus, this is my personal view, not history.

    Z30 has the mandatory specs (and more) to execute anything under BB10 OS in a breathe, even under heavy charge and 8 apps running full multi-task (I mean real multi-task).
    I understand that you may claim the marketing appeal of over spec-ied devices ... I'm talking about user experience; mine is 20 days long already, every day, as my single device. I can testify those specs are perfectly serving the device for two days without charge, hang, slowdowns or reboot.

    "Z30 is a phone that doesn't exist to consumers"
    I believe you've been somehow exasperated by this blog post and forgot to read it fully. Z30 is yet "to come" for many countries and I've clearly stated that promotion was near zero. I don't think either I forgot to mention the company has made errors.

    (*) I support BBRY and I buy shares (, was started Feb 2011 as a reaction and supportive effort, with as few as 5 shares. It's now over 54K posts and 2Mil+ views. As the OP, I've been following it on a day by day basis.
    Nov 11, 2013. 05:56 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Take Advantage Of BlackBerry Pessimism [View article]
    @marcap make it $4Bil cash with tax returns and FF&co (yet add $1Bil debt).
    Nov 11, 2013. 05:52 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Don't Bet On BlackBerry's Last Stand [View article]
    Fair opinion,

    May I suggest - as an hypothesis- to add the possible options bellow :

    1. a counter-balance of $1Bil (tax refund - expected was $500Mil)
    2. Mike L. or any other frustrated bidder running an hostile takeover
    4. The publication of multi-platform BBM figures (some may value these high grade users up to $?? each X 80Millions -as of date)
    5. Major services/products announcements (BES in the cloud and highly *rumored* PlayBook2)
    6. Android market inclusion as in "download directly any Jelly Bean android app to your BB10 devices" ... and the end of the "app gap". [this is not fantasy, still a rumor yet, before the launch of "next branch" BB10 OS :]

    Those currently holding in the $10s, simply guessing some day BlackBerry value will be over book value ($16 - $18 ?) again may, in shorter term (2-4 Q ?) enjoy a fair return.

    You've probably understood that I'm not a trader; yet I'm aware there might be other stock to invest in , at lower risk. But at the current valuation - almost equal to their cash in hands - I believe the reward may be quite astoning. Astronomical ? Well ... yes, I may target the moon ... ;)

    Disclaimer: I am long BBRY and long supporter of BlackBerry.
    Sorry for my English.
    Nov 8, 2013. 11:36 AM | 11 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The Future Of Research In Motion [View article]
    About Samsung Knox, it appears that it's simply ... not ready and it will be limited to few Sammy devices. Not really a BYOD/MDM competitor ... and have zero "real life" proof of efficiency. How could we possibly compare it to BES ?
    Nov 6, 2013. 04:55 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Take Advantage Of BlackBerry Pessimism [View article]
    let's use the proper words. Download figures virtually means nothing, unless you remember BBM has been downloaded 10million times in the first 24hrs of availability, and two weeks later is still in the top 10 free apps worldide - figures that would have make any whatsapp-like company skyrocket in WS love.

    It is 20 million ACTIVE USERS in a week (sorry for cap e.g bold) that we're talking about ( It means that BBM user base grow 33% (from 60m to 80m) in a week.
    What does it tell us ? That the BBM/BlackBerry brand has still a strong value + positive recognition and while many have left, they still regret several features/usage they had and loved on their previous devices.

    Besides the "trojan horse" theory, it's also a good point to bring interest from former consumers who, obviously, don't even know what a BB10 device looks like ... more: that it could even exist.

    Bottom line:
    What device in the world - whatever its product name in the range - do you name with its brand name besides BlackBerry's? Harley Davidson's and Stetson's?
    How comes nobody gives a dime for brand valuation; did everyone forgot about marketing and branding lessons ?
    That alone could/should count in a significant % of book value. And it's not because the BBRY ticker is killed by (many) analyst that it is not in the top recognized brands (BlackBerry and BBM) in the world anymore.

    obvious disclaimer : I'm long BBRY.
    Nov 6, 2013. 03:42 AM | 12 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Take Advantage Of BlackBerry Pessimism [View article]
    Thanks George,
    as usual, your article gives a possible perspective I share.
    Nov 6, 2013. 03:27 AM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The Future Of Research In Motion [View article]
    Sorry if I did, I didn't intend to manipulate anything. I just believe it is this "sum of features" all together in a single application that makes the difference.
    Then WhatsApp ... well ... I did used it on my first BB10 device and all I can say - as a user - is that the copycat is far from the original.
    Nov 5, 2013. 09:45 AM | 5 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The Future Of Research In Motion [View article]
    Please note it's 20 million additional BBM Active users (from 60mil to 80mil in a week), not downloads. These 20mil are iOS and Android users, not BlackBerry's.
    One also have to think about monetization other IM don't offer, such as channels (still beta) but also BBM Money (popular where WS omits to watch :

    No, BBM isn't just "another IM". Its legendary low-cost, fast and proven (D/R signs) delivery, files transfer, screen sharing(*), voice/video conferencing(*), group management and overall features make this a real communication tool, expandable - under BES environments - for unmatched secured communications in enterprises.
    (*) Expected on iOs and Android by the end of the calendar year.

    Also while I admit there are solid competitors (mobileIron to name one) in the MDM/BYOD segment, pretending they *all* compete and match BlackBerry BES10 level of security/integration is illusion. In fact none really does, all still *compare to* BES as it is - as of date - the only real proven safe reference in this area. If you've noticed the e-advertising campaign MI is rolling right now, you know what I mean.

    BES10 Balance ( may be the "next thing" anyone annoyed to carry multiple devices would rave for and BES10 secured containers for iOS and Android devices will solve current administrators headache and expenses.

    In the Cloud area, the BES10 solution is arriving (, with very easy set up and fairly aggressive pricing, targeting mid-sized and small companies, a segment where room is free (or such).

    We have to wonder what would happen if a solid alliance in the enterprise area pops. We saw that, apparently, no big firm was tempted by BBRY as a whole. But new CEO and BOD may turn this to a partnership or find equity partner(s) in very specific areas.

    Next weeks/months/years will be fascinating.
    Disclaimer : I'm (very) long BBRY.

    P.S: please excuse my approximative English, not my mother tongue, obviously !

    Edited: sorry, I forgot to thank you for the interesting developments at the end of the article.
    Nov 5, 2013. 09:29 AM | 14 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • SAP uninterested in BlackBerry, BBM sees mixed and fake reviews [View news story]
    Yada-Yada ... here we go with a round of *selected* news.

    SAP not interested is old news.
    Harsh reviews from theVerge, yeah ... not so harsh in reality, but what to expect from them ?
    The inquirer ? oops, your link is directing to google cars ... ???
    BBM fake reviews has nothing to do whit BlackBerry. It has to do with the poor monitoring of Android markets in general and these were both positive and negatives reviews.

    Now, the reality :
    1. P. Watsda is nowhere praying for funds: and we may see a bidding war soon.
    2. BBM multi-platform is live and BBM should go from 60 to above 100Million users in days (if not already). BBM-x app is ranked #1 top free download almost everywhere in the world, both for Android and Apple devices. One of the most successfull app launch *ever*. THAT alone would have excited the street if it wasn't BBRY, the most bashed stock.
    3. OS 10.2 has been released worldwide (except U.S.A, should drop in November) and improves almost everything greatly.
    4. Z30 (the phablet / 5" display) is out and will be exclusive to Verizon for the U.S with a nice $199 (2yrs contract) price in November:
    5. BES 10.2 is on its way with tons of enhancements
    6. BES "in the cloud" is on preview
    Oct 28, 2013. 02:01 PM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • SAP uninterested in BlackBerry, BBM sees mixed and fake reviews [View news story]
    Merrlin; just visit with your wife's Android device browser. Easiest and safest way to go.
    Oct 28, 2013. 01:44 PM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Taking BlackBerry Private Makes No Sense [View article]
    No manufacturer except Samsung make a dime selling Android phones. The day - sooner or later IMHO - Samsung drops Android (->Tizen) the app market is dead and pseudo-consistency of OS equal to zero. It will then go back to "nerds only" niche (no offense intended with "nerds", I pretend I'm one).

    P.S: The irony is, besides Samy, the only company to make $$ with android is ... Microsoft (patent fees). OMG these guys are evil-good ...
    Sep 17, 2013. 12:53 PM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Taking BlackBerry Private Makes No Sense [View article]
    Sep 17, 2013. 12:47 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Taking BlackBerry Private Makes No Sense [View article]
    Going private would have an immediate and great advantage.
    Get rid of the current public perception witch is now nothing about the products and services capabilities but all about stories like yours with various levels of accuracy (to stand humble as I'm not an expert).

    What have we heard from BlackBerry ? Not much. In purpose.
    "Niche player" has been hear though. To me, it means "Enterprises"; the segment where BlackBerry is still the reference and have proven efficiency and security advantages.
    And they don't have to sit on hundreds of billions to do so. Whatever cap you calculate as the current one can be enough.

    Can't beat apple and Samsung for consumers ?
    Focus on enterprises, make alliances (MSFT mobile penetration in enterprises is small), stole the market and earn piles of cash with services revenues and CALs (Android, iOs ... WP8?). That's where they used to build their strength, that's where many expect them to be undisputed #1. Loyal customers, fans, Joes and *apps* will follow (BES10 Balance / BBM may help a LOT).

    Last but not least : Stock is "tanking" and they do nothing about it ?
    What if it is on purpose? ... just sayin'.

    Two years ago we had the DOA gimmick, then the 70% chance bankruptcy song, then the "OMG they're selling" headlines, then the "no one wants it" dance ...
    Funny how many "experts" still consider MM Heins, Boulben and Watsda as "chicken born this year". I'm not. Definitely not.These guys are eagles.

    Discl: Long (BBRY)
    Sep 17, 2013. 12:35 PM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • BlackBerry's 'Strategic Alternatives': There Is More Than Hope [View article]
    French govt - and I assume many to come - forbids the use of personal devices and tablets (read: ipad) and claims mandatory use of encrypted devices (read: BB). Spinning wheel, thank you NSA !
    Sep 13, 2013. 06:23 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Reports: BlackBerry looking to find buyer by Nov., Microsoft "keeping an eye" [View news story]
    damm I liked by error ...
    Any serious bidder HAS the figures already.
    Sep 4, 2013. 06:55 PM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment