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Ray Tapajna - Tapart News Editor

Ray Tapajna - Tapart News Editor
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Editor, Artist and Advocate at Tapsearch Com World Journals. Online since 1998, now have 1000s of Resources online. Bio at

With the investment community now divorced from production, we explore the value of workers and labor as a money standard. Economies based on making money on money instead of making things are burning out. They had to be bailed out by President Obama and President Bush. However, both ignored the millions of workers who lost their jobs with many losing everything due to free trade practices. The Trade Deficit has broken records since 1994 and represent a loss of trillions of dollars in value forever. All these imbalances remain as we wait for ...More
  • Description: Journalist.
  • Interests: Forex, Gold
Tapsearch Com Tapsearch Com, Tapart News, Ray Tapajna Chronicles and Arklineart, online since 1998, covering global economic issues via published letters and articles mixed with Ray's thought provoking art. As a completely free courtesy, you can enjoy many totally free web services and items to promote your business or ...More
Ray Tapajna Living Journal Keeping History Straight Ray Tapajna, an advocate for workers dignity, fair play, fair trade, local value added economies and the free enterprise system, online since 1998, convers the issues and problems related to the global economic arena.His main site is at which is now a history of free trade ...More
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