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  • Wal-Mart sees another headwind  [View news story]
    Has anyone ever wondered why the shelves are empty and there are no associates to be found. This was done over 5 years as a means to increase profits. How was it done? Management fired over halve of their associates. Most of those Let Go worked for Walmart for over 10 years. Their hourly pay was getting to be livable and they were still getting their benefits were Grandfathered in. Long term associates were costing too much and lowering the profit margin. After all, the investors and management need more and more. To preserve their image as a company that cares for it's associates, management went on the offense with It's saving money for everyone. All you hear and see is "Lower Prices" in all departments.

    Everything is there to read with a little research. Look at the Associate benefit booklet for every year. You will have your eyes opened. Also the new full time for new associates is now 24 hours a week with schedules are never the same 2 weeks in a row!
    Walmart has duped the whole country as well as the world!
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  • Wal-Mart (WMT) reportedly declined to make upgrades at a manufacturing facility in Bangladesh where a deadly fire last month claimed the lives of over 100 people. At a meeting of retailers in 2011, the company said costly modifications at the 4.5K factories in the nation weren't "financially feasible" at the time.  [View news story]
    Another Instance of Walmarts greed! A new Walmart Improvement to Investors Is to pass Equipment that needs replacing In It's stores using Associate bonus funds. One would think that replacing the Hot Bar In a store deli as well as a cart pushing machine would be replaced and payed for be Bentonville, right! Wrong, a Walmart In Middleburg Florida recently replaced these pieces of equipment needed to operate the store and used the bonuses earned by the store associates to pay for them. the store management then warned everyone not to talk about It to anyone or be written up. These days that means being fired!

    This Is just One store. Think of all the funds taken from the associates In the other stores too. It could be a lot of money diverted from associates to Improve the bottom line. Walmart Is beginning to look a lot like the Company Stores of days past
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  • Is Wal-Mart's Evil Image Deserved?  [View article]
    I just finished reading a lot of the posts here and felt the need to jump In.
    I see a lot of praise for WalMart and all the good the company does for our economy and their UNDERSKILLED associates. Many of you are very far from the truth. While some are housewives or displaced from other professions, there are many college educated associates trying to keep that smile on their face while listening to the rudeness of the customers and management. You praise Walmart for being a good citizen In the world and here In the states. There was just one thing missing In the posts. That Is a look at the recent policy changes from Bentonville. These changes are wonderful If you are an Investor or you have Mutual funds. Every change made in the past 3-4 years has been to Increase the bottom line In favor of the stockholders.and the Walmart board of directors. Both are very far from the Everyday policies made by Bentonville. And yes, I am a Walmart Investor! Four years ago, assocates were encouraged tp purchase stock, Walmart DID offer a nice discount. that benefit Is no longer offered. Just two years ago a Walmart associate worked 40 hours a week. Not the case now, There are very few working 40 hours, the new workweek is 24 hours. There are no new hires paid for over 24 hours. The associates who worked as faithful and happy family members were for the most part fired for little reason. They could return at less pay and hours. Many of these good associates could not even collect unemployment benefits without hiring a lawyer. Working conditions are depressing at best. Work that was being done by 3-4 associates is now expected to be completed by just one. If you are busy with customers, tough! that is reason for firing now. It does get even better for the associates though.
    The associates at a Walmart here In Florida were to recieve a quarterly bonus this month of about $490.00. They recieved a notice that to buy a new hotbar for their store deli and an electric cartpusher., their bonus has been used to pay for them!!! SUPRISE. This Is your new Walmart! Enjoy It
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  • NCR (NCR +6.2%) rallies after announcing Wal-Mart (WMT) will install 10K NCR self-checkout lanes in 2013 at 1,200 U.S. stores for an undisclosed sum. The company will be providing engineering and maintenance services along with its hardware. (PR[View news story]
    There goes more WalMart associates fighting to get their Unemployment Benefits! But Is It not all about the Investors?
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  • Time is money: The driving force behind an initiative by Wal-Mart (WMT +0.5%) to test using iPhones as a self-checkout device is financial. Every extra second of transaction time at the Wal-Mart stores, adds about $12M in cashier wages. If smartphones could eventually clip 5 seconds from the average transaction checkout, the company just found about $60M behind the sofa cushions.  [View news story]
    The problem i am looking at Is this. Will the use of devices for checkout cost more employees their jobs or hours worked. There Is no such thing as a forty hour workweek at the retail giant Sam Walton and every associate wre proud to work at.

    Making a fair profit Is wonderful for everyone but the practices enacted has not only Increased returns and dividends but also cost many long time associates their jobs. Mr Jobs seems to view good hard working people as Items on the shelves. move it quick.If this Is the new model for American companies, I pity our workers! And yes i am a stock holder!

    John THarling
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