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I teach others how to become financially independent by creating their own dividend machine.Being able to have your annual dividend income MORE than pay your annual living expenses is how I define it. This book teaches you how to save money WITHOUT changing your lifestyle ,just the price you pay... More
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  • Obsessed Internet ass clown Paul Price is CHEATING THE SYSTEM here

    Today this person gave me more than 100 thumbsdown and over 250 this weekend

    Ironically I have the lowest score on seeking alpha even though I am one of the few that have become financially independent solely from investing

    Paul Price is suddenly a top 100 commenter with a gain of more than 300 thumbsup in the past month and over 125 THIS WEEKEND alone


    Coincidence you be the judge?



    Jun 21 10:57 PM | Link | Comment!
  • Dr Paul Price stockdocx99 and his multiple aliases are at it again

    How do I know Mr Price is the person who has given me over 150 thumbsdown in the past 24 hours?


    Very simple. He is very upset that the website illustartaing his MORE than 2 dozen stocks which dropped over 60% featured on my posts has cracked the top 1000 out of over 750,000 on squidoo.Thanks in large part by those who have clicked on the squidoo lens and its google ads and then emailed it to others


    How do I know its the despicable Paul Price alias Stockdoc alias Misty B

    Well Ill report some facts and let you decide


    1) Saturday is one of the lowest volume days yet my comment straem went down 150 in less than 24 hours and everyone one of my new comments has at least 3 thumbdown along with many older ones


    2) my comment stream is the lowest on seeking alpha and in 2 weekends I got over 500 thumbdown despite the fact I am FINANCIALLY independent SOLELY from investing

    3) Paul's personal comment stream increased over 120 yesterday despite the fact he has only written 5 new comments in the past 7 or 8 days and has increased over 300 thumbsup in the past 3 weeks DESPITE the fact that he has only commented on about 15 articles in the 3 week span


    4) of course now he is in the top 100,displacing more deserving people who are actually liked by the readers

    5) Now you can judge for yourself if you think that this is a coincidence or not?


    If you think this is misuse of the thumbsdown system then please report him and his aliases to seeking alpha and let them investigate his sudden incraese in thumbsdown and my sudden thumbsdown increase

    Most of his articles on here have been shunned lately because many have realized how poorly his elections have done in the past 12-24 months.Lately he has done better because the general market has increased,but one would have already been bankrupted by his AIG CFC KEM MER YRCW,LIZ etc selections

    My theory is that I would be one of the top commenters without my over 1000 thumbdown from one man and of course more peopel would be exposed to his disaterous picks on my website many of which have dropped over 80-99% percent

    What is even more comical is that this despicable man is going to be a speaker at that money show in Las Vegas this summer

    If you are disturbed by this man despicable incompent man and don't think he should be speaking call the money show at 1-800-970-4355 and express your displeasure

    They are presently trying to document his supposed 10 million dollars that he has made investing

    I cant believe they are paying him, but after you read his selections on my website you will see he has no business teaching anyone how to buy and sell stocks or options

    The person who sold puts and bought calls on CFC when it was 30 should not be happy they were put CFC at 27 dollars instead of 30 should they be?lol

    Tags: SLM, AIG
    Jun 21 1:26 PM | Link | 1 Comment
  • Paul and his multiple aliases are at it again

    All todays posts have at least 3 thumbsdown and my overall total of thumbsdown is over 50 in less than 24 hours


    Seeking alpha can research this info very easily


    Ironically I am one of the few readers to be financially independent but yet i have the lowest comment stream because of one man who between he and his ailases have given me over 1000 thumbsdown .

    He is slowly giving himself thumbsup so he can distort his record


    Those who have visited my website realize how many stocks he picked that are down over 80%

    Jun 19 2:42 PM | Link | Comment!
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