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  • Overall country risk improving for gold miners, J.P. Morgan says  [View news story]
    Yes it is! My neck hurts because there are too many cheap miners to analyze! This is a once in a generation opportunity!
    Mar 6, 2014. 11:20 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Capitalizing On Cannabis: Marijuana Investing Moves To Main Street  [View article]
    Add NRTI to your watchlist. They just signed a deal with TRTC. NRTI has other streams of revenue coming in besides marijuana. They inked a deal last year to distribute Martha Stewart vitamins and their sales went up about 17000%. Those sales will be reported during this earnings season for 2013-Q4. They also have some diet lines and other vitamin lines including nutrition, workout recovery and for cancer. The U.S. Army signed a deal with NRTI last year also. West Point uses their brand.
    Feb 4, 2014. 11:24 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • 2012 Stem Cell Standouts And The Outlook For 2013  [View article]
    What's your take on CYTX? They seem to be on a good path.
    Feb 28, 2013. 10:07 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The Implications Of A Positively Correlated SPX And VIX  [View article]
    I bought the TVIX Thursday also. I will buy more on any dips. The European crisis and eventually the US economy will NOT end well!
    Feb 12, 2012. 01:34 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • To Hybrid or Not to Hybrid?  [View article]
    Do you have the "Conventional MSRP" and "Hybrid MSRP" labels reversed? In other words, I can't believe the hybrids are less expensive (as you have listed) than the conventional vehicles(?)!
    Jun 10, 2010. 10:57 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Buy Gold on Weakness  [View article]
    This is a no-brainer!
    Mar 18, 2009. 06:41 PM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Gold and Silver Prices Will Begin to Shine  [View article]
    You're right on the money!

    On Dec 05 01:32 PM Ashmore wrote:

    > I live in Thailand and converted most of my cash into gold. Why?
    > If the banks fail here I will have zero. This is totally on the
    > cards. There would be a lot more casualties in the banking sector
    > if it was not for the aid the US goverment has given this sector.
    > As this recession deepens there is a possibility that a debt based
    > currency could collapse. Any sane person would convert to gold.
    > The safety of gold is a very big selling point. India has been waiting
    > for the price to come to where it is today and NOW they are going
    > to buy phsical gold at a hundred miles an hour. This will support
    > the 750 level. India gold demand however has nothing to do with
    > the price of eggs. A lot of phsical gold is now been bought behind
    > closed doors. The COMEX price is supported by 23 year old business
    > graduates making quick money and a scared US govenment. These guys
    > live in a bubble and have mastered the art of selling long and short.
    > This keeps the FED happy. The big boys (China, Russia, Sovereign
    > Wealth Funds) are in a buying mode. They buy direct and these purchases
    > go under the radar. The big boys are serious and there is a lot
    > at stake. Delivering a death blow to the COMEX is last on the agenda.
    > If the big boys pay betwween 700-850 for gold they are not worried
    > becuse when they hit the trigger it will be too late for those that
    > did not grasp the big picture. The bullion banks know this and that
    > is why they support an argument that gold with soar. They are the
    > insiders. There is a bigger game in play and as long as you have
    > journalists who have no idea and cant even manage their own household
    > debt it hides the truth. The gold price is not following classical
    > movements. This recession has changed the way the big boys look
    > at the USA and believe me they are not happy. The Chinese will not
    > tell you directly to your face of their intentions. They do not
    > like corruption or manipulated markets. The directors of these companies
    > on Wall street would all be sitting in Chinese jails awaiting exection
    > if they were Chinese citizens. UAE countries dont condone this behaviour
    > as well.
    Dec 20, 2008. 02:03 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment