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  • New Models From Honda And Audi Will Consign Tesla And Its Superchargers To A Smaller Niche  [View article]
    What many authors who are anti-Telsa fail to understand is the 100% EV is the only way to go. Hybrids are a compromise that results in a second rate EV and a second rate ICE car. The sole purpose of an Hybrid car is to extend battery range which Telsa is/ has addressing/ ed with a very long range EV (which will get only longer by the shear evolutionary advancement in battery technology) in conjunction with the Supercharger network (which is expanding weekly).

    I am sure the author's grandfather wrote similar articles about how great horses were when ICE cars first appeared in quantity in 1909. Here is a great quote that I always get a good laugh: Henry Ford — 'If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses"

    No surprise I am a Model S owner with over 12K miles logged; many taking advantage of free Supercharging!
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  • Tesla Battery Swap Is A No-Go  [View article]
    This posting does not deserve to be on Seeking Alpha as the writer has no new information to share, and has only made a trivial and uniformed observation.

    There is no doubt that this is the most recent step in a series of moves by Telsa to reduce buyer anxiety over driving an EV.

    The battery swap technology opens the door for straight forward battery upgrades and lifetime battery options that will dramatically protect the resale value of Telsa cars, and if it helps with reducing the "charging time" that is a nice thing too.

    PS. The Model S won MT car of the year because it is the best car available not because it is the best EV.
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  • Tesla Motors (TSLA) demonstrated its new battery-swapping technology last night at an event in California. The automaker is building the service into its supercharger network and claims drivers will be in and out of the EV stations with a fresh battery faster than drivers refilling at a gas station.  [View news story]
    I believe that this technology means my Model S will never have an obsolete/ or aged battery. Sure when your car is brand new you are going to be protective of your battery; but once it is a year or two old who cares? This will also mean that I can easily acquire a 110Kw battery (or whatever the next step up is) when it becomes available meaning that my car will never become battery obsolete. This of course is another revenue stream for TSLA.
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  • The NYT's John Broder takes Tesla's (TSLA) Model S up and down the East Coast from Washington on Interstate 95, where the company has installed Supercharger stations 200 miles apart. Things start dandily enough, but then the weather cools, and Broder has to endure freezing feet and white knuckles because he has to turn the heating off to preserve power. Eventually, he needs a tow truck to pick him up because the car runs out of juice[View news story]
    I am a Model S owner since about two weeks ago and have visited the RT 95 Super Charging stations at Milton CT twice (very nice rest stops by the way). There is no doubt that trips in the 200 mile range (particularly in the cold) require prior planning. The Telsa guys in CA need to give S owners (and auto writers) better advice about battery impact during cold driving conditions (such as do not park the car overnight without it being plugged in!).

    Driving the car is a dream, and this is by far and away the best car I have ever owned (including Audi/ MB/ Porsche). However, I am a pioneer when it comes to long distant driving (for now). When going on longer trips you need to plan more time and ensure you know where charging options exist. The fun part is every time we stop to charge the car we always end up talking about the car with admirers and the time flies by.
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  • Mortgage prepayment rates jump to their highest level since 2005 as homeowners take advantage of record-low rates (and federal assistance) to refinance. At the rate seen in August, 25% of current debt would be erased in a year, according to LPS. Not surprisingly, the mREIT sector - taking it on the chin for the past few days - is lit up bright red again today.  [View news story]
    My take is almost any home owner that could refinanced already has; the record low rates are only marginally lower than where they have been over the last nine months 4% (start of the year) down to 3.4% for 30YR.
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  • The rave reviews for Tesla Motors' (TSLA +2.9%) Model S aren't quite done pouring in after Motor Trend just returned from a Vegas-to-L.A. test drive that proved both the 265 mpg equivalent rating and zero-to-60 mph acceleration in under six seconds are valid. The company has the highly-anticipated Model X slated for 2014 if production wrinkles are worked out. As for cash burn, Elon Musk says as long as there aren't a "bunch of screw-ups," the automaker should be in good financial shape.  [View news story]
    With that attitude you must still be riding a horse instead of a car.

    The Telsa is the gas-less carriage much like the Model T was the horseless carriage in 1908, and I am sure that Henry Ford had to listen to the same comments about his mode of transportation.
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  • Buy Tesla Motors: The Apple Of Automakers Has Only Just Begun To Realize Its Potential  [View article]
    Fun Fact: The first Model T (a bare bones no frills vehicle) cost $850 in 1908 which is well above the average annual income at the time. I am sure that in 1908 people were concerned about there being enough gas stations to fuel up the cars. Now we have the Tesla model S in 2012 (the gas less carriage) facing many of the same issues as the horseless carriage in 1908.
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  • The good news for Tesla Motors (TSLA +0.4%) investors is that reviews on the new Model S are smashing, but the bad news is that a boost in revenue for the company could be slow in coming. A buyer today for a Model S has to plop down a $5K deposit, but the balance isn't due until the delivery date - which currently averages about 11 months down the road. Execs with Tesla say they hope to cut the wait time down to 3 months.  [View news story]
    We ordered and S over Labor Day weekend are are expecting to get it about January 2013. The long wait is due to the backlog of 10K+ orders already placed in front of us. This is what is called an "elegant problem" for Telsa. Just think about $50M in deposits alone for a car that 99.9% of those who "plopped" down $5K have not even driven yet.
    Jun 28, 2012. 10:09 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Tesla's Troubling Risk-Reward Profile  [View article]
    The market for the Tesla S are current Mercedes, BMW & Lexus (and the like) customers who are not put off by spending $70K+ on an automobile. And Tesla taking away 10,000 units (worldwide) a year from the high end luxury market is not that much of a stretch. Porsche alone sells 2,300 cars per month in the US. Plus; the Tesla S will draw from the down market brands by attracting a range of geeks and tree huggers.
    The simple fact of the matter is the S is a great card PERIOD (not just a great electric car). For the net purchase price you get features, curb appeal, technology, performance and practicality beyond any other equivalent car at the same price point. Then add in the saving of an EV vs. a premium gas power car and the clear winter is the S. These aspects appear to be overlooked by the article.
    Telsa is the “Apple” of the automotive industry. Just walk into any one of their new “main street” stores and the experience is the same; which is no accident as the head of Tesla Marketing developed the Apple Store concept. Brands that follow such a customer centric model have repeatedly proven to be a strong differentiator.
    Such a pessimistic lengthily rant against Telsa must be based on a negative bias, and therefore should be discounted by the reader. Furthermore the writer raises more questions than answers and in the absence of real firsthand knowledge about the Tesla manufacturing facility or even sitting in a Tesla S I further question the impetus for the article.

    Disclosure: after sitting in an S at the Westchester (NY) Mall over Labor Day weekend I put down a $5K deposit and cannot wait to the car (eta Q113)
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